ROBOTECH REWATCH 28: Love is a Weapon (featuring: Babies are Adorable)

Robotech will be Rewatched After These Messages

A couple of episodes ago, I mentioned that I remembered the novelisation of Robotech by Jack McKinney as adding a sexual aspect to Rick and Lisa’s relationship during this time – and no, I wasn’t imagining it, thanks Chip for confirming that I was right! (of course I could have gone and just taken the books off the shelf but you know, that requires effort)

Unfortunately, if you do take the reading that Rick and Lisa are currently sleeping together but not actually talking, dating and he’s still acting all lovesick about Minmei then.. yeah, it makes him look like even more of a jerk than usual and her look like a complete doormat. So possibly not recommended.

Miriya_VivaEpisode 30 – Viva Miriya

So what have Max and Miriya been up to apart from having their adorable baby? Turns out they’re both still working as pilots, in this case on a mission under the command of Breetai.

The mission also includes Lisa, Claudia, Exedore and Rick, who don’t know why they’re here when they arrive.

Breetai, who is still giant-sized, is an awkward but affable host as he welcomes them to his old ship. They still don’t know why they’re here – and it turns out that Breetai has requested not only Max and Miriya, but their baby Dana.

Wonder what the occupational health and safety forms for THAT look like.

Elsewhere, in another galaxy, the Robotech Masters are busy trying to synthetically recreate the body of their lost hero, Zor. It’s not going well. It’s worth noting that the Robotech Masters are an identical trio of men, who wear colour coded collars to keep track of which of them is which.

The human-Zentraedi mission has turned surprisingly domestic, with everyone cooing over the baby. Lisa tries to get Rick to speak to her alone in her room, but accidentally pulls rank on him (she’s the Captain) when he hesitates. Claudia ships it.

Rick freaks out, not realising that this a booty call. He thinks he’s in trouble, or that Lisa wants to complain about Minmei. To be fair, that does characterise the majority of their conversations so far.

Lisa tries to have a relationship talk with Rick only to discover that he is the most clueless person in the universe and does not realise they are actually in a relationship. It doesn’t go well and eventually she takes pity on him and lets him flee.

So let’s talk about the mission itself. It turns out that it’s all about trying to reclaim a Robotech factory run by old school angry war Zentraedi. Lisa knows how this sort of thing is supposed to go – they play them some Minmei music, they fall apart, and it’s all good, right?

But Breetai wants some strategic kissing too, as part of the attack and obviously he assumes Rick and Lisa are up for that, because how is this not an effective and appropriate use of senior military officers?

Seriously. Do they not have a porn tape they could play instead?

Lisa doesn’t admit to Rick that this is what’s going on until it’s too late for him to back out – and he is deeply unwilling about the whole thing. Consent issues much? No one else seems to object that he is once again (this is not the first time) being directly ordered to kiss his superior officer against his express wishes.

Seriously. This mission is a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. SO MANY FORMS.

On the other hand, if this mission turned out to be entirely fake because Uncle Breetai also ships Rick/Lisa and either has a bet riding on them hooking up, or just wants them to get their act together, I would not be surprised.

Minmei’s music is blasted, weapon style, into the Robotech factory. Rick and Lisa kiss, causing ‘ewwwwww WTF’ to come from the poor Zentraedi – it’s amazing any of them end up with remotely healthy attitudes towards sex or romance with this kind of shock inflicted on them in the field. (actually that explains a LOT about the Khyron/Azonia relationship_

Two Micronian ships, piloted by Max and Miriya, land in the Robotech Factory at gunpoint. Miriya reveals herself and introduces Max as her mate.

“Show him the baby, Miriya.”

Miriya presents baby Dana and explains the birds and the bees, which freaks the Zentraedi out so much that they surrender. Love, she explains, is the secret of Protoculture.

“Observe the power of Protoculture, the Power of love.”

Claudia jokes that she doesn’t know why they all reacted like that – baby Dana is cute! Can we… maybe talk about how weird it is to be taking a baby directly into the line of fire when they could have just recorded a public service announcement or possibly some form of fly on the wall documentary about Life in the Sterling Household?

Rick still looks traumatised about the whole kissing thing. Whatever you say about Minmei, at least she never forced him to kiss her when he wasn’t into it. I’m beginning to rethink my whole Rick/Lisa ship, which is deeply upsetting to me.

Breetai’s Earth forces take the Robotech factory, and prepare to space fold to move it into orbit around the Earth. It’s a victory for everyone except the counsellors and sexual harassment lawyers, who are going to be having a very busy week.

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