ROBOTECH REWATCH 36: Ground Troops in Outer Space

Marie VolunteersRobotech will be rewatched after these messages!

Always read the fine print before you volunteer for a mission outside your speciality…

40. Volunteers

United Earth Command has lost contact with Space Station Liberty, thanks to the attack by the Robotech Masters who have invaded their space. General Rolf Emerson asked for volunteers for a task force to reconnect communications but has received none except Marie Crystal and her flight team. Dana promptly volunteers her whole squad. No one mentions the fact that they are ground troops.

When she comes to the break room to announce the exciting new mission to the squad, they are pretty surprised. Dana says she will only need Sgt Angelo Dante and Private Bowie Grant for now with the others waiting around to be reinforcements. Angelo is less than impressed, going off on another one of his ‘this girl makes no sense to me’ rants. Aww, Angie.

The top brass (who I can’t help but refer to as the grown ups because Dana and her lot are quite obviously CHILDREN) discuss the team amongst themselves, admitting that both Marie and Dana are incredibly young for command. General Emerson passes this off on the grounds that “Sterling is a tactical genius and Crystal’s attitude is extremely positive.”

High praise indeed.

The next morning, Bowie comes to Dana in a panic to announce that their hovertanks are missing. She comes to investigate and other team members like Sean and Louis share their confusion. They suspect Angelo might have stolen them to screw with them because he’s not happy with the mission (Trust issues much?), but when Dana gets a call from Angelo asking why they’re not at the shuttle already she discovers that the hovertanks have been loaded on to the shuttle.

Dana is cranky at not being kept informed, and she and Bowie end up being late to the mission. Not one to show it when she’s caught off guard, she ends up acting extra nonchalant and bratty, squabbling with Marie Crystal and then trying to read a fashion magazine as they have lift-off into orbit along with a second shuttle captained by Lieutenant Borgnine.

The pressure is a bit of a surprise to Dana, who hasn’t spent a lot of time in space, and she doesn’t get much reading done! Marie laughs at her.

Shuttle 2 suffers a malfunction during the ascent, and ends up crashing and burning. Dana is so shocked at the death of Borgnine and the others that she freezes and can’t take command as she is supposed to.

She freaks out that it was a mistake to come, because she is so inexperienced in space and can’t handle it.

Marie Crystal takes over command and gives orders when they are attacked by the Robotech Masters, but when Dana can’t even break out of her panic fugue to even work her gun, Marie comes over and slaps some sense into her.

Down on Earth, Sean, Louis and Nova join the grown ups who are trying to monitor the operation but struggling because Marie and Dana’s shuttle is so close to the Robotech Masters vessel.

Then there’s lots of shooty explodey goodness (I think this series has a much higher battle to banter ratio). Marie goes outside the shuttle in her Robotech armour – a Veritech, perhaps? To engage the enemy directly while Dana tries to get a message through to the Space Station.

Marie comes under fire from a particularly red Bioroid, the same one that Dana fought down on the surface a few episodes ago, and is out of her depth.

Dana is almost relieved at the sight of the red Bioroid – she has no idea why she has such a strong fear-panic response to him, but she can now blame her combat-freeze on his proximity instead of her own psyche and that gives her confidence.

She goes out in her own hovertank to save Marie and the two of them are victorious in fighting off the troops of the Robotech Masters. Communications are re-established and the shuttle crew goes back to Earth flushed with victory.

But I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen the last of that red Bioroid…

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  1. Mortificator says:

    The novels said Marie’s ride was a model of Veritech called the Logan. I’m not a fan of the design, but fortunately, she won’t be stuck with it.

    That Emerson line’s hilarious, I must have totally forgotten.

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