ROBOTECH REWATCH 37: Prince Charming in a Red Bioroid

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Dana follows correct military procedure for like two minutes in this episode, a personal best.

Episode 41 – Half Moon

Dana Sterling and Bowie Grant are on dirt bike patrol in a wasteland sector where no one has been for ages. I kind of love that whenever the 15th Squadron aren’t in their hover tanks, they are riding massive dirt bikes. Well, they call them hover bikes, but they don’t actually hover and kick up a bunch of dirt, so…

Dana spots that pesky red Bioroid that has been freaking her out in battle. A pretty human-looking boy with purple hair and a croaky voice steps out of it, and Dana suspects he is the leader of the whole Robotech Masters operation. Bowie scoffs at this.

Caught spying on the aliens, Dana and Bowie make a run for it and are pursued by hover tanks actively shooting at them. Bowie is captured and tries to be self-sacrificial, but Dana almost gets herself killed trying to get him back. It doesn’t work.

General Emerson is intrigued by Dana’s evidence about the Bioroid pilot, even if he doesn’t quite believe that the pretty boy is a human like Dana claims, but he refuses to let Dana mount a rescue mission for Bowie. He compliments her on following procedure on returning to base with the information. It must be the first time that Dana has actually done the correct military thing but don’t worry, she’s going to make up for that shortly!

Angelo Dante tries to give her a hard time for ditching the kid but Dana is too busy to let him bother her. She announce the whole squadron needs to “practice midnight manoeuvres”. For once, Angie is totally on board with her ridiculous plan. It’s almost like they’re getting the hang of each other.

Bowie is not having fun as a prisoner. He tries to challenge “Prince Charming” (the purple haired pop star Bioroid pilot) to a punch up, or possibly a dance off. Then he tries to escape his cell only to discover that his prison walls are electrocuted, so shoving a knife into them was a baaaad idea.

As night gives way to dawn, the 15th Squadron are still on the road. Angelo hints broadly that a debrief or maybe a plan would be super great, and Dana tells him to shut up because she’s still trying to come up with one.
Their brief moment of accord is sadly over.

Back in the office, Emerson is trying to come up with a plan of his own, and having about as much luck.

The show has, I’d like to point out, still not acknowledged that Dana and Bowie are Emerson’s foster kids, and that he basically raised them after their parents left the planet. It adds a certain amount of emotional resonance to the whole affair. I’m now wondering if this is ever a thing in the show or like Rick and Lisa’s booty calls, purely in the novelisations. I have a vague memory that Emerson being close to Bowie is cartoon canon, but him having that kind of paternal relationship with Dana is book-only. I guess we’ll find out!

Dana’s squadron camouflage themselves with leaves and wait to make their attack. Adorably, the boys start quoting poetry to pass the time. Dana is unimpressed by their impromptu Shakespeare festival. She has no soul.

“When do we attack, my proud beauty?”

“Undaunted, we advance, to serve the principles of freedom.”

“Forward, through shot and shell, into the mouth of hell.”

“Hey, stifle it! What do you think we’re on here, a manoeuver or a Shakespeare festival?”

Finally they make their move, drawing closer and attacking the Robotech base. Dana and Purple Haired Prince Charming gaze at each other a lot before leaping in to fight each other, Bioroid to Battloid.

Bowie finally wakes up from his electric shock, only to see Dana facing off against his jailor. I love that he always calls her Lieutenant, even though they are childhood friends. She, on the other hand, only calls him Private when she’s pissed off or teasing him.

Delighted to be reunited, they joke about Dana ending up in the blockade, and Bowie providing a character reference… for the prosecution. Truly they are the Lynda Day and Kenny of Robotech.

Emerson and the other top brass are shocked to learn about Dana’s secret mission. They use Nova Satori to let Dana know that the enemy are preparing for a second wave against Dana’s squadron but it’s okay because headquarters have sent her some reinforcements too. (really, is this within the job description of the military police?)

I wonder if we’re ever going to get an episode in which Dana doesn’t in some way go against formal orders… and get away with it? Because it seems like there are going to be no consequences for her taking off with the whole squadron, again.

As the smoke clears from the battle itself, a massive Robotech Masters motehrship rises from where it was half buried in the earth and takes off into space. The humans have won for now (or at least not lost), but it’s all pretty ominous – the Robotech Masters have powers that they ultimately can’t hope to match.

If I were Dana I’d be worrying about my romantic attraction to a bloke who is obviously an enemy to the entire human race, but I’m sure she’ll figure it out eventually.

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