ROBOTECH REWATCH 41: Spies Make Terrible Boyfriends

George is underdressed for his first date with Dana.

George is underdressed for his first date with Dana.

At ease, troopers, Robotech is back.

Episode 46 – Stardust

The Robotech Masters and their amazing clone friends start their scientific experiments on the human hostages, including examination of their memories. They are particularly interested in social habits and the whole weird mating ritual thing that makes it clear humans are very different to Zentraedi.

The Robotech Masters are surprised to discover how little humans actually know about Protoculture, though this will help them with their task – if the humans don’t know much about the protoculture matrix, they can’t stop the Masters taking it back from the ruins of the space fortress.

(Ha, like humans need to know anything about anything in order to ruin your plans)

Still, these humans are a sneaky bunch. It’s time to plant a spy in their midst! Zor Prime is primed and ready to go. Heh.

Meanwhile, Dana tries to stop Leonard and the others from destroying the ‘inert’ pilot fro the Bioroid she captured. The high command gaslight her and refuse to listen as she complains that the pilot is a living being.

Even Emerson gives her a talking to afterwards, and Dana reacts by stomping off and taking Bowie to a nightclub instead of doing their usual hover bike patrol.

Dana swoons over the ‘dreamboat’ singer at the club – Bowie’s friend George Sullivan. Bowie rolls his eyes at Dana’s flirtation, because she is the world’s most embarrassing friend.

We are then treated to the most lacklustre crooner performance of Minmei’s “It’s You.” Come back, Minmei, all is forgiven! Sing your own songs so we won’t be subjected to this again!

George asks Dana out with all the enthusiasm of a cardboard cut-out. There will be no shipping of Dana and George, so don’t’ even try.

“Some people have all the luck. Where did I go wrong?” I’m not actually sure who Bowie is jealous of in this instance, given that so far the only person he’s canonically shown romantic interest in was an enemy alien on a spaceship he invaded so… Still, I had a moment of panic that there might be a previously-unknown Bowie Dana romance hidden somewhere in this show. There will be NO shipping of Bowie and Dana!

Dana sneaks back to say goodbye to George and discovers he is a GMP spy and was only halfheartedly flirting with her in order to milk her for information on the downed Robotech Masters ship.

The Global Military Police have such a wide remit! Secret laboratories, carrying communications from command to the field, catching soldiers who sneak out to play piano in bars. Now apparently they have a whole espionage arm. Though it seems like George is actually spying on their own army which… is odd. I do not trust George unless Nova Satori says he’s okay, because up until now she has been doing all of the GMP’s work.

To her credit, Dana doesn’t throw a hissy fit about George’s sneakiness, but figures out quickly that he can be useful to her. There’s been a lack of communication between Military Intelligence and her own squadron, so she decides to milk it directly from the source in time for the next mission. This is the most impressed I have ever been with Dana.

I am slightly less impressed that she waits until her squadron have actually started their mission, then promptly goes AWOL to grab George. Surely she could have found time a little earlier? Anyway, Dana tries to play dumb for a minute before getting bored and just laying her cards on the table. George retaliates by sharing his tragic backstory with her.

Dana smiles sweetly and pretends to listen to his sob story about a dead little sister, then convinces George to come and help fight the aliens with her. He joins her in her hovertank and uses his cyberhacking skills to figure out the most sensitive areas for Dana to shoot. Because he is the world’s most terribel spy as well as being an unsatisfactory boyfriend, George is promptly plucked out of Dana’s hovertank (seat belts, people, the future needs seat belts) and is killed in action.

What exactly IS the remit of the Global Military Police? Because up until now they have been about dealing with crime and insubordination inside the army, not actual espionage against alien foes. And why exactly was this information not getting through to the 15th in the first place? But, okay. Bonus points for including a hacker on the team in a show made in the 80’s, before the Age of the Geek set in for sure.

During the battle, Marie is shot out of the sky and Sean catches her ship in the arms of his hover tank, because he’s romantic like that. Yeah, I ship them, shut up. They have more chemistry together when they’re not even in the same scene than any number of Dana-George scenes.

Dana gets a direct and powerful hit on the incoming spaceship, but it waddles off back into orbit, seemingly undamaged. Dana is sad that George gave his life for a big fat nothing. He will never be mentioned again.

Man, he was dull.

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  1. My favourite thing about George Sullivan is that his tragic-backstory dead little sister is named Marlene – because they just straight-up recycled the name and motivation for Scott Bernard (swapping out the “tragic-backstory dead sister” with a “tragic-backstory dead girlfriend” just for a little variety).

    It’s like the Second Law of Robotechnology: All tragic-backstory dead female loved ones are named Marlene!

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