ROBOTECH REWATCH 42: The Great Hospital Caper

Hold your position, Robotech transmissions will now resume.

EPS_60_4_9336Episode 47 – Outsiders

Turns out Dana can play piano too! Who knew?

While her boys all sleep soundly, she is up in the middle of the night pining over her strange visions of the purple haired pilot in the Red Bioroid. The narrator suggests that Dana’s human half and her Zentraedi half are at war with each other.

Meanwhile, Global Military Police Lieutenant Nova Satori is on a standard rubble patrol when she finds a surprisingly pretty purple-haired pilot sprawled out on the rocks, waiting for her to take him prisoner.

Apparently the first thing she does is remove his shirt, because he’s not wearing one later when the scientists examine him. Go, Nova!

General Rolf Emerson suggests it would be a very good idea if Supreme Command don’t get their hands on this pilot any time soon, given that they killed the last bioroid pilot they had.

The Robotech Masters are pleased that Zor has been taken into the human base, because they plan to use him as a spy to make the humans lead them to the lost protoculture. They watch everything he does and sees through a sophisticated neurotransmitter.

Meanwhile, Sean discovers Dana fast asleep in the breakroom.

“I don’t want to disturb you, but how long have you been guarding the piano, darling?”

I actually love every scene that Sean and Dana have together. There’s something about a platonic friendship between a flirty boy and a girl who thinks he’s ridiculous that I always enjoy in media – see Howard Stark and Peggy Carter.

Dana brushes off Sean’s concern by teasing him about his love life because it’s always an easy target. Sean snickers that he has no interest in hopeless romances – and Dana thinks he’s digging at her, but it turns out he’s mocking Bowie and all that pining he’s been doing about the green-haired girl.

Note: all the boys of the 15th were up and about when Dana was asleep on the piano, but only Sean was brave enough to wake her up.

Dana tries to get Bowie to talk about his feelings and whether or not there’s some exciting romantic gossip he needs to share with her, but ends up squabbling with Angie about whether aliens are appropriate life partners.

Bowie runs out either crying or supremely embarrassed to be seen with them all. Probably the latter.

Sean, to prove how dedicated he is to non-hopeless romances, tries to visit Marie Crystal in hospital with a big bunch of pink roses and is stopped by a nurse who refuses to let him enter. He gives up after less than a minute of trying and gives the flowers to the nurse instead, blowing her a kiss as he leaves. Marie, who has heard the whole thing, seethes at his lack of commitment.

Supreme Commander Leonard is angry to find out that the scientists (and his own command) have been hiding Zor from him, but he takes their point about his history of “accidentally” murdering prisoners of war.

Bowie is so gone on Musica. He doesn’t actually know her name, so he is pining mostly about ‘my cosmic siren.’ Oh, Bowie.

It all kicks off when a fighter comes out of hyperspace bearing two representatives from the Robotech Expeditionary Force: Major John Carpenter and his aide. Their ship is destroyed and they bug out in an escape pod, parachuting down to Earth. Dana and Sean pick them up and take them to the base.

Dana is worried about Carpenter’s questions to her about morale, because she thinks that the situation is more grave than even she thought. Because she is a goddamned professional (and not because the scriptwriters forgot to include this) she has no emotional reaction whatsoever to the fact that this is the first communication from the SDF3 (where her parents live) for years.

Leonard and Emerson are gutted when Major Carpenter reveals that the SFD3 will be sending no one else back in reinforcement – their own mission is considered more of a priority to General Reinhart, apparently the man in charge of the SDF3. (Which, hello, who is this random person who is not Rick and Lisa? Has there been a coup?)

Zor Prime, lying in a hospital bed with Nova Satori watching over him, dreams in agonised bursts about the history of the man he was cloned from. Elsewhere, Dana has a sleepless night herself, turning the words of Major Carpenter over in her head.


Argh, this was so frustrating back in the day, and it’s almost as frustrating now, even though I know it’s because Southern Cross really had no connection to the old show at all. But – Dana needs closure about Max and Miriya! Whatever happened to Rick and Lisa? Who even is this Major Carpenter?

Never mind. I know you’re not going to tell me, show.

RT-DanaKickEpisode 48 – Déjà Vu

Why do the Robotech Masters call humans Micronians, even though they are the same size as them? Such mystery.

Zor continues to be topless in Dr Cochrane’s laboratory. Nova Satori, whose job description is more varied than any other in this world, volunteers to take personal responsibility for Zor’s deprogramming, presumably so she can make the call on whether he’s ever going to be allowed to put a shirt on again.

Sean makes another try at winning Marie’s heart with a second bunch of pink roses. He does this by dodging the nurses altogether, and announcing a security raid before bouncing into her room, terribly proud of himself.

Marie holds her fury in for about ten seconds before smacking him down for his nurse-flirting ways. They fight over just about everything they can, to make up for lost time. Marie lets her resentment of the 15th Squadron, Dana and Sean and everything else spill out in an angry tirade, and sends Sean packing.

Still, she quite likes the flowers. Mixed signals much?

Sean then intercepts Dana on her way into the hospital and talks her out of going anywhere near Marie in her current mood, which may be the most genuinely gallant thing we’ve ever seen him do.

Later, Dana mopes about Marie blaming her for her injury, and Bowie tries to cheer her up by out-moping her with his disastrous love life. It mostly works.

That night, Dana wakes up screaming from a nightmare about the red Bioroid pilot shooting her dead. She bursts out of her room in her pyjamas, knocking Louis over in her haste to get into the flight simulator.

Angelo’s pyjamas, we learn, have a polo shirt style collar. I don’t know why this is cute, but it totally is. I might as well admit that Angie is my favourite. He’s so grumpy, and having Dana in charge of him makes him extra grumpy.

The boys of the 15th watch Dana bust a record in the battle simulator, cheering her on. Luckily they’re not still watching afterwards, when she gets yet another gratuitous shower scene.

You guys, Dana has now had like three times the number of nude shots that Minmei got, and her series is shorter. What’s that even about? It does mean I have been able to introduce Ms10 to the charming concept of fan service, to the point that she hides her face in a cushion and howls with feminist rage whenever Dana steps in the show.

Sean drops into the break room to tell Dana and the others that he’s figured out the mystery of what’s happening on the ninth floor of the hospital. Nova Satori has taken it over to debrief Zor. Dana is determined to investigate – she is desperate to know if that purple-haired pilot can answer her questions about why he’s in her head.

What follows is a Grand Caper.

Sean is always up for some nefarious activity, and while Angie puts up his usual token resistance, he turns out to be surprisingly good at planning a covert break and enter operation. He gets hold of a truck, and he and Louis pose as repairmen (we come to fix your hospital!) with the rest of the 15th squadron hidden in the back.

Bowie calls Nova away over the phone, actually pinching his nose to make a fake voice, because that’s the level of grifter that Dana has under her command. To make everything even more awesome, Angelo reveals he played Peter Pan in a kindergarten play and has always had theatrical ambitions.


Sean charms Marie into a rooftop rendezvous and she falls for it, the sucker. Oh, he’s going to pay for this one, I hope. He kidnaps her on a trolley, along with his friends in masks and white coats, and they use her as a cover while Dana rappels her way up to the ninth floor with magnetic climbing tools.

Through the window, she sees her purple haired dreamboat and gazes lovingly at him.

Meanwhile, Angie in a dressing gown wanders as if by accident on to the ninth floor and plays a crazy, belligerent patient looking for his wife, in order to distract all the security guards. I love how he resists Dana’s schemes at first and oes into them with greater fervour than anyone else. This is his Hamlet.

Dana tries to stop Zor leaving the room and pulls a gun on him. He anime-leaps her and they have a slow, drawn out fight which is probably also foreplay. She accuses him of being the red Bioroid who fought her, and he is confused and angry because he doesn’t remember much of that.

She actually uses the words ‘you aliens are all the same’ which, aw, Dana, no.

Nova is on her way back. Bowie turns up in a white coat and fake glasses to rescue Angie (or rather, to rescue the many security guards he just beat up) just in time.

Dana and Zor both hear Bowie whistling to warn Dana to leave – and Zor recognises the music as something Musica used to play. Tthis distracts Dana a little too long, so Nova catches her. Dana takes off out the window, with Nova yelling at her.

Everyone else is delighted with their romp, but Dana is thoughtful and melancholy about everything she has learned about the mysterious Zor.

As for Marie Crystal’s response to being used as a prop in Sean’s latest scheme – so far, nothing.

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