Robotech Rewatch 45 – Clone Emotion

hqdefaultHold your position, Robotech transmissions will now resume.

Episode 51 – Clone Chamber

We’d be lost without the narrator, who lets us know that the mysterious flower we found last time is actually the Invid Flower of Life. Dude. Spoilers.

Marie Crystal reports home on the mass casualties they suffered in the assault. They have managed to find shelter in an abandoned research station, and she requests to ship the injured home.

Leonard hears ‘hey we have a military base up here now, let’s use it to launch another assault.’ Emerson despairs.

LEONARD: This is war, man, not an exercise in intergalactic diplomacy.
EMERSON: We haven’t even TRIED negotiations.

Outside the war council, Angelo finds Zor acting suspicious and appears to wake him from some kind of sleepwalking manoeuvre. A startled Zor has no answer for himself but Dana rescues him quickly and talks at Angelo until he gives up. Her argument is that Zor’s memory loss means they should have compassion for him even if he acts super suspiciously.

ANGELO: Compassion for spies? Oh boy.

There is method to Dana’s madness – she wants to invite Zor to a movie. She also makes it very clear to him that the tickets were expensive, which sounds like she’s expecting him to put out. He is reasonably keen on the concept.

Bowie suffers Dana trying on every outfit she has ever owned, and is then flung out without warning. Once is is sufficiently glammed up, Dana emerges from her room only to have Angelo tell her that Zor is on a date with Nova tonight.

She is furious at Zor and Angelo teases her that she has to have compassion for his alien behaviour, right?
Dana smiles sweetly and gets her revenge by ordering him to come on the date with her instead. Yes, I ship them. I regret nothing.

Meanwhile, Musica and Pretty Redhead Boy discover that they have been officially paired as mates. She struggles with this because she is having Feelings, and everyone (including her own sisters and Redhead’s brothers) is horrified. She then starts crying and they freak the hell out.

“If this is a sickness I know who is responsible for infecting me with it.”
Musica’s super romantic recollection of Bowie.

Musica pours all of her disturbed emotions into her music, while the siblings back away slowly. Music with emotions in it? That’s just weird.

Meanwhile, Angelo is a terrible date. He laughs uproariously at how silly the movie is, and infects the whole cinema with his guffaws. Dana smacks him and drags him out.

Nova and Zor have a fancy grown up restaurant dinner, and Nova lets out a bunch of really covert military information in between bitchy comments about Dana. She’s particularly smug that the relief force going to help Marie Crystal’s lot is leaving out the 15th yet again. Speaking of whom, she makes a grand entrance, yelling at Zor (whom she calls an android) and Nova.

DANA: You’re not supposed to like it, you tramp, it was an insult.

Angelo gets pissed off at Zor for not responding to Dana’s shouting, and Zor claims he doesn’t feel well and wanders away from the table, leaving behind the colossal mess he has created.

“Well where I come from, that kind of move is called a cop out.”
Angie is my favourite and my best.

Musica’s disobedience is confusing all of the clones, who lecture her about her strange behaviour in rejecting her chosen mate. She faints in public, and they have no idea how to handle her.

On the moon base, Marie is relieved that the fleet are on their way, and is feeling soppy about Sean which is par for the course when he’s far away. But once the relief fleet arrives, it is clear that the enemy were expecting them. Marie and her people have to “rescue the cavalry.”

The Robotech Masters are cranky that Marie’s support fleet spoiled their plan, and they blame Zor’s information as unreliable. They are also concerned that Musica is one of many of their clones who are starting to show high levels of ‘emotionality’ and counter productive behaviour, similar to what happened when the Zentraedi were exposed to humans.

Their conclusion is that they should go into full production of “Invid fighters” which is confusing – do they mean troops to fight Invid, or troops made out of Invid?

Marie is welcomed home and given due credit for her good work on the moon. To her surprise, she is then greeted by her friends – Sean and Dana and Angie – and bursts into tears when she realises that Sean might actually care about her.

Sean: I’m yours.
Dana: I bet all his girlfriends get the same line.
Angelo: Now Ma’am that isn’t’ very nice.

Angie is more of a romantic than Dana. Who saw that coming?

Back in the break room (and how is it that the 15th get their own room that they never have to share with any other squadron?) Louis brings the dire news that General Emerson (who is, we should emphasise, the Chief of Staff) has been given the job of leading the next highly dangerous offensive against the enemy.
It’s not only a weird military decision, but is deeply upsetting for Bowie, who is now fully established as Emerson’s godson and someone with an emotional attachment to him, unlike earlier in the series.


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