Robotech Rewatch 46 – Drunken Weepy Jeep Song

marie slapsAttention, Micronians! Robotech is back.

Episode 52 – Love Song

Never mind the war, we have important kissing business to sort out!

48 hours before the battle, it’s time for a whole bunch of personal matters to be resolved, including Nova Satori’s sudden high demand as a girlfriend, and the fragile romance between flying ace Marie Crystal and her total hound dog of a boyfriend, Private Sean Phillips.

(Though the narrator does drop in the interesting info-dump that the lack of protoculture is making the Robotech Masters’ bioroid technology more unreliable)

Emerson’s men – particularly young hothead Lieutenant Brown – are worried that he is being sent on a suicide mission because it’s politically expedient, but Emerson is being stupidly noble about the whole thing.

Dana tries to get Bowie to admit he has feelings about Emerson’s mission, but he laughs it off because he’s being a total boy about it.

Nova is informed that her job in the Global Military Police means that it’s up to them to find out who has been leaking information to the enemy. Does she even know that it was her? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Angie catches Zor going to visit Nova again – and suspects him of kissing up to her to get privileged information. Which is sort of sweet that he assumes that’s the only reason Zor would cheat on Dana.

Dana herself turns up in her role as Constant Zor Defender and shouts at Angie for playing detective. She doesn’t even get a smile from Zor for her trouble, as he goes off to see Nova instead.

Nova isn’t allowed to receive him as a guest, and her supervisor suggests that as a member of the 15th Zor might be someone to keep an eye on as a possible leak.


Dana is scruffed by Captain Komodo, a soldier about to go on the next offensive against the enemy. He is in love with Nova Satori and worried that he will die without her ever knowing. Dana is delighted at the chance of some matchmaking and the fact that this would distract Nova from Zor doesn’t come into it, of course…

So that evening after a tough day’s spy hunting (IRONY), Nova finds a beautiful bunch of flowers outside her door from a secret admirer. But of course, OF COURSE, Nova assumes the flowers are from Zor.

Secret admirer trope, people. Never do it. Never ever. It’s a terrible idea.

Turns out that the idea of Zor being in love with her is actually really squicky for Nova (good news, Dana!) who freaks out and starts treating him awkwardly, especially once she realises that she gave him information that she should not have done.

It’s even worse, because in all her distraction over the personal issues, she screwed up the file of Lieutenant Brown, which made it look like he might be the spy. She corrects and reports the mistake, but it’s too late for Brown who has now been left out of the mission.

He gently lets her know that it might be for the best – as all the officers on this mission have been chosen for their loyalty to Emerson, possibly to wipe them all out. He’s grateful for her mistake, if it means that at least one of Emerson’s men gets out alive.

Dana is surprised to see Nova and Brown talking intimately at sunset, and promptly puts her foot in her mouth by saying: “Boy she’s really playing the field.”

Komodo is devastated.

Marie dresses up in a fabulous dress to show off for Sean. She’s ridiculously in love now that she’s managed to suspend her annoyance at him, and he’s managed to avoid being slutty with other girls for at least a week or so. She’s even feeling confident enough to ask Dana, marching past with an armful of roses for Operation Secret Admirer, donate her a flower to complete the look.

Dana is cranky at Marie’s blissful smugness and refuses on the grounds that Sean should be the one buying her flowers.

Bowie’s love affair is mostly with his piano as he thinks angsty thoughts about his godfather, and Musica. Emerson parks nearby to hear Bowie’s piano playing for a little while before returning to his quarters. Awww.

Nova is annoyed at the second Secret Admirer delivery, mostly because she still thinks it’s Zor. But she’s not having the worst night – that honour goes to Marie who has been stood up in a fancy restaurant in her killer dress.

Sean is not quite that much of a jerk – he’s actually waiting in the wings and watching her, about to make his entrance. But just as he prepares to show her he’s there, he is pounced on by a random blonde who is a former flame and won’t take no for an answer.

SEAN’S ANTI-PICKUP-LINE: You’ve got to stop following me, it’s degrading.

As Sean tries to extricate himself from the pushy girl, Marie sees them together and gets the wrong idea. It isn’t helped when the blonde lays a smooch on him. Marie throws herself at Sean and snogs the hell out of him in retaliation, then smacks him around the face and storms off, leaving her pretty shoes behind.

Dana spots Nova having a quiet moment in a darkened carpark and thinks this is an appropriate time to send Captain Komodo over to make his move. Nova promptly punches him because she thinks he is Zor, and Komodo runs off crying.

Confused, Nova finds Dana and only fails to find out what the hell is going on because an out of control military vehicle is reported to her. Hero-style, Nova leaps on her hover bike and takes off. Dana commandeers Lieutenant Brown and his jeep to follow her – and it turns out all of them are pursuing a devastated Marie Crystal, dressed up to the nines and driving erratically through the streets in a military jeep.


Marie is only prevented from driving off a cliff by some quick driving moves from Brown, who cuts her off. They pick her out of the car, drunk and sobbing – a complete mess. It’s Brown who suggests that it would be bad for morale if the hero of the Air Corp was found in this state, and he gently removes Marie from the jeep, then drives off in it himself, taking the blame – after all, it’s pretty understandable that he might want to blow off some steam after missing out on the mission, and he’ll probably only get a couple of days in the brig.

Nova is stunned by his choice, and very impressed.

On the morning of the mission, Dana tries to apologise to Komodo, but Nova turns up to politely suggest that he survives the mission. He’s delighted with that. We never see him again.

Sean meanwhile makes an embarrassing scene trying noisily to stop a stony-faced Marie getting on the transport for the mission, and has to be physically held back by Angelo.

ANGIE: Be a man for heaven’s sake! She’s got more important things on her mind, stupid.

Bowie plays out the episode, as the ships take off into orbit, with some serious music of pain. It’s tough to be left behind.

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    The comic book adaption of this episode had teary Marie and Sean kissing on the cover, which made a smaller me almost too embarrassed to buy it… but I soldiered through for more Robotech.

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