Robotech Rewatch 47: Your Humanitarian Ethics Are Spoiling My War

EPS_66_2_9754Attention, Micronians! Robotech is back. A double whammy of episodes this week – and I’m going to have to do a lot more double eps if we’re going to get through this before Musketeer Space winds up.

53. The Hunters

Once again, the narrator is on top of current events and thank goodness for that. In this case, he’s spotted an Invid Sensor Nebula nearby, scanning for evidence of protoculture. The Robotech Masters’ worst nightmare and all that! (AKA foreshadowing for the next time that they are going to take an unrelated Robotech-ish show and redub it as if it’s part of the same saga)

Dana is enjoying some downtime, gambling chocolate bars against Louis on who is better at a computer game he designed. (Spoiler: it’s her)

Bowie, suspiciously dressed in civvies while the rest of them lounge out in flight suits with pointy bits, slides out to “go play piano.” Until told otherwise I choose to believe he is working a second job as a strippogram. Or maybe he’s working for the mob now?

Louis is so outraged at his defeat that he reprograms the game so that his eyes fire the guns in the game. A couple of suspiciously friendly officers in orange suits are so intrigued that they ask Dana if they can borrow Louis for the Robotech Division because his new game modification is awesome.

Meanwhile, General Emerson and his fleet are off to battle at Moon Base Alice. Marie Crystal and her pilots come under extreme fire.

Emerson ends up attempting to blast the enemy into a black hole. Don’t even go there. It’s crazy but it’s their only hope of survival!

I think everyone should worry about how close a black hole apparently is to the moon, but maybe that’s just me.

Marie Crystal was never a character I particularly noticed in my younger days – I was far more attached to Dana and Nova, the latter because of my mild obsession with blue & green-haired fictional girls. But I’m loving the portrayal of Marie as a tough, cool-under-pressure leader. She’s just so competent! If only she didn’t have such sucky taste in men…

At one point they lose Emerson’s mothership – as in it disappears into another dimension while using an orbital blaster (or warp blast manoeuvre) on the enemy ships – but then it turns up again. I have stopped trying to keep track of how Robotech battle works. Things go foom.

Dana interrupts the 15th’s lunch break to tell them that they will be joining the upcoming space invasion – their hover tanks have been completely remodelled for space warfare.

Yes, since yesterday

Louis is horrified to discover that his game breakthrough has been implemented in the hovertanks to make them more lethal to the enemy Bioroids (yes, also since yesterday). He grabs a flame gun (what, it was just convenient?) and is going to try to destroy the hovertanks. Dana agrees with him (as does Bowie who is disgusted by the idea of murdering aliens) and is only talked out of destroying millions of dollars worth of military hardware by Zor being earnest at her.

I’m starting to suspect there are too many pacifists in this army for it to work at maximum efficiency…
Also, they should make those flame guns slightly less accessible during lunch breaks.

54. Mind Games

The Southern Cross armada gather at Moon Base Alice – all ships that were off in deep space have been recalled (this does not of course include anyone who was a main character in the First Robotech War because they’re in deep deep deep space and inaccessible for reasons).

The 15th are getting cranky and rebellious – and it’s Zor, not Dana, who shuts them all down with yet another a suitably inspiring speech. Sigh. Maybe that guy should go into politics.

Lt Brown (whose name turns out to be Dennis) is shipping out with the 15th and gives a casual farewell to Nova, who is obviously very taken with him. They might have only had two scenes together, but they are basically my OTP in this series.

Broody Bowie is crankypants and Dana tries to investigate only to find out that he has Feelings about Zor. No, not those kind of feelings. But meeting Zor (and unspoken, Musica) means Bowie struggles with the violence of the war and the fact that they are killing people, not creatures.

Dana pulls the ‘I’m half alien’ card in the hope of preventing him from any further outbursts of humanity, but it doesn’t work. Bowie is at heart a reluctant soldier, and it’s taking its toll on him. If only he hadn’t been born into a militaristic post-apocalyptic society in which shooting things is the only available job for high school graduates.

Careers counsellors are severely under-resourced at this time.

Slightly enthused about killing people after Dana’s vaguely encouraging speech, Bowie heads in battle with the rest of them. Time to put these hovertanks into space!


The beautiful redheaded clone boys (one of whom is betrothed to Musica) climb into the new ships developed by the Robotech Masters – referred to as Invid fighters which isn’t going to be confusing at ALL.

Dana and the others are confused by the new ships and new tactics of the enemy – no Bioroids in sight, just armoured vehicles and a trio of what look like mini-Voltrons on surfboards.

Angelo suggests they aim at the faceplates – it completely destroys the ships – but Bowie hesitates, reluctant to kill any clones while he still has soppy thoughts about Musica. Dana reminds him that they are programmed to kill him, which seems to work.

Marie flies in to save Sean after he is isolated from his squadron, thereby proving herself superior to him in every way. Damsel this, bucko.

Alien reinforcements arrive which is a problem for the Earth forces – as Emerson notes, their battle plans doesn’t include provision for withdrawal (which makes it officially a STUPID battle plan). He announces a retreat anyway.

The 15th break into the Masters’ flagship and are doing fine up until Zor has a funny turn and takes off. Angelo is determined to “fix him” because he sees Zor as a traitor now, much to Dana’s distress. He starts shooting wildly in the hope of tracking Zor down… and they come face to face with a Red Bioroid.

The Bioroid opens to reveal Zor inside who makes a speech about how they have fallen into his trap because, you know, he was always working for the Robotech Masters.

No one should be remotely surprised at this turn of events… and yet.

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