Robotech Rewatch 49: Weepfleeing Justice

novaAt ease, troopers, Robotech is back.

Episode 57: Day Dreamer

Supreme Commander Leonard throws a strop about Emerson calling a withdrawal after merely damaging one of the enemy ships.

The 15th, meanwhile, are worried about what the Global Military Police (with their weirdly broad remit) are going to do to Musica given their dubious history with prisoners of war. They decide to keep her out of their hands.

Nova arrives to greet the 15th Squadron back on base and starts asking the difficult questions, like who is that mysteriously armoured trooper they are trying to sneak off the ship on a stretcher?

It turns out to be a grinning Sean inside the armour, insisting that he has shrapnel in his big toe, and Nova is so flustered and confused by his nonsense that she fails to notice Musica in plain sight, as one of the stretcher bearers.

Given that Dana is the only woman in the 15th, it’s highly ridiculous that they get away with this!

Ah but Nova is smarter than they think she is – she checks up on the name she heard them use for Musica, only to learn that the soldier in question died in the first wave. So what is Dana hiding?

Dana, obviously starved for female company, wastes no time in giving Musica a human makeover, dressing her up in her own clothes.

Turns out Octavia and Allegra, Musica’s abandoned sisters, weren’t blown up after all – Zor’s explosion from last week punched a whole in the ship but didn’t actually destroy it – and they are being treated as objects of suspicion. Octavia finds the whole thing very frustrating and blames Musica for this, while Allegra tries to smooth over her hurt feelings.

The Sgt Pepper Robotech Masters and their elderly uncles discuss the impending doom clock that is upon them. The lost protoculture matrix (which they are still no closer to finding) is going to sprout the Flower of Life any day now, and that will bring the Invid down upon the Earth. The Robotech Masters plan to be long gone when that happens!

Zor has been given a clean bill of health, and so Dana throws a party at one of Bowie’s skeevy piano-playing clubs.

Nova crashes the party to the lilting tune of a Minmei song, and smiles suspiciously at Musica. Dana covers for her by claiming she is Bowie’s new ukelele playing pal.

Musica does not think Bowie’s earnest piano playing holds a candle to what she and her sisters could do, and starts weeping at the table. Zor charmingly informs her that they are both equally undeserving of being forgiven by those who trust them. This does not make her feel better.

“Just bloodhound Nova on the trail of enemy agents.”
Sean sums it up beautifully.

Angelo and Zor get into a fight because Zor is being emotionally insensitive (yes, really) and complaining about having to shoot things. Angie punches him and calls him an ungrateful little skunk, which is not untrue.

Dana thinks that Zor is acting out because of his guilt and becomes his next emotional punching bag, which riles Angie up even more.

Bowie tries to head off a miserable Musica’s natural tendency to weepflee by wearing his heart on his sleeve, and comforts her with the promise that the war will eventually end.

Meanwhile, Zor calls Nova and reports Musica as an enemy agent, because he is a complete and total dick.
As Musica sings an operatic backing track of her pain and loss, Nova prepares for the arrest. Dana eavesdrops some plot-relevant lyrics in the song and asks Musica about the Flower of Life, which sounds a lot like the mysterious flower she and Bowie found that one time.

Louis gives Dana a warning about Nova’s arrival, and Dana goes down to play for time – first acting innocent, then lecturing Nova about her behaviour. Furious at Zor for his betrayal, she leads Nova to Bowie’s room… but of course, it’s too late, and the lovebirds have flown the coop.

Now they’re on the run from the law, and Musica is only wearing ballet flats.

Episode 58: Final Nightmare

Dana gives Zor a serve for betraying Musica, and Nova threatens to arrest everyone. It’s just another night in the 15th’s private break room.

It’s pouring down as Bowie and Musica struggle across the terrain – she’s about to give up when Bowie spots the chance to steal a hoverbike. He gets at least 3 seconds of being cool before he crashes it, which is not helpful to Musica’s morale.

The search party for Bowie and Musica is the 15th ATAC, which – okay. Most of their friends are deeply unenthused about hunting them down, but orders and orders (and Dana, as ever, has her own plans as to how she plans to follow those orders).

Zor is left firmly at home in the doghouse, while Nova (instead of setting up her own search party which would actually seem to be a Military Police responsibility) spies on Dana’s crew from behind a rock.

The Robotech Masters have seen the writing on the wall: this series is nearly over, and their relevance is waning. Time to just full on assault the planet and hope for the best – no more of this tiptoeing around to avoid destroying the protoculture matrix.

Supreme Commander Leonard has the same idea, meanwhile, only without all those parts about the Invid and the protoculture matrix. He just wants to shoot people.

Marie Crystal and Dennis Brown are called into General Emerson’s office so he can break it to them that they are going into a final assault against the enemy, and none of them are expected to come out of this one alive. Crystal and Brown aren’t bothered, because they know how awesome they are.

Bowie takes Musica to the closest thing he has to a romantic hideaway – the secret cave where he and Dana saw all those pink flowers that time.

Musica is shocked to recognise that these are the Flowers of Life – and their spores are rising! They watch the eerie process of golden pollen exploding into the air and soaring up into the atmosphere. As she weeps over the tragic effect this is going to have on the planet, Bowie realises that they must have also inadvertently found the lost protoculture factory, that very thing the whole war has been about. The flowers are feeding on the protoculture and sending up a signal to drawn the Invid to their world.

Dana’s search party arrives hot on their heels, and inhale a whole bunch of the magic disco pollen. No way that can go wrong. They find Bowie and Musica in the middle of a cavern of light, flowers and a strangely compelling melody. Bowie shares his theory.

Nova is the next to arrive, having been tracking them all along. Zor, who was following her, turns up and they head into the cave together.

Nova tries to arrest Bowie and Musica and Dana tries to stop her – but Zor, as usual, makes it all about him. He starts shouting his memories of his former life as a scientist. He assumes that the Masters resurrected him to find out his secrets and science knowledge.

No one really cares about what Zor has to say right now.

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