Robotech Rewatch 50: Damn it, Zor

invidAttention, Micronians! Robotech is back.

Episode 59:
The Invid Connection

It’s a bad season for hay fever, with the Invid Flower of Life exploding pollen kisses all over the cave.

Nova can’t reason with Bowie, and Dana attacks her on the grounds that this is a love story she is interfering with here, just because of stupid old intergalactic military security.

Bowie uses the low blow of questioning Nova’s friendship.

Zor makes the bizarre revelation that Musica’s job was actually placating the clones with her music, and with her taken out of the flagship, the clone communities will be running rampant and causing all manner of chaos. That’s… actually slightly helpful?

Nova decides to be a good friend instead of competent at her job. Why are any of these people in the military?

Speaking of the military, General Emerson is about to head into the battle of his life, but Supreme Commander Leonard decides this is awesome timing to tell him about Bowie going AWOL.

The fighting starts, with great damage being done to the human cities. The Robotech Masters get in touch to point out that they can destroy them with one hand tied behind their backs. They give Leonard and Earth Forces 36 hours to evacuate the planet.

The Robotech Masters send a ship down to fetch the protoculture and preserve the Flowers of Life. Zor faces them down, sending them away.

Dana and Nova start realising that they are merely supporting characters in the Epic Adventure of Zor. They are not especially pleased about this.

Musica and Bowie, meanwhile, are wrapped up in their own little tragic romance bubble, which is threatened when the Robotech Masters demand to have Musica back in exchange for human captives – which include General Emerson, Marie Crystal and Dennis Brown.

The 15th, fully armoured and back in their hovertanks, lead a delegation back into space for the hostage exchange. They are reunited with their friends, but Musica’s creepy non-fiance snatches her. The rest of the ATAC smash their way in for a rescue, including Sean (who cheerily refers to Marie as his little pigeon).

Emerson is shot and dies slowly in Bowie’s arms, begging him and his friends to learn from the mistakes his own generation made – two races must live in harmony! (Dude, where were you, that was the lesson the previous generation were supposed to learn)

Episode 60: Catastrophe

Angelo Dante is having a crap day. They manage to escape the flagship of the Robotech Masters, but Zor has been left behind and Dana goes to rescue him.

To Angie’s complete and total dismay, everyone else starts chiming in with their own reasons for going back, up to and including Nova and Dennis Brown. Damn it all.

Angie lets himself get talked into the rescue mission.

Meanwhile, Zor doesn’t give a damn about any of them, but is off on his own mission of revenge.

“I shall not stop until I destroy this society or it destroys me.”
Yep, that’s about all you need to know about Zor.

Dana saves his life and he tries politely to leave her behind. She won’t take any of his self-sacrifice bullshit!

Angelo and his own motley rescue crew find the ship weirdly empty – and when they look out the window, it’s obvious where they all went. The clones have mostly been ditched into space, floating and abandoned.

A small group of clones are hiding in the bottom of the ship, with Musica’s sisters who are trying to convince them all that maybe there’s more to life than having someone play a Cosmic Harp at you.

The Robotech Masters have zeroed in on the Robotech Matrix, which might be pumping out Flower of Life pollen like nothing else, but is still the key to saving and renewing their society.

Zor turns up to judge them so hard.

Dana, tagging along, receives a whole bunch of exposition including that Zor himself created the Zentraedi people (along with the Robotech Masters themselves). Zor shoots at them and their last jar of protoculture, which blossom and release their flowers.

She goes into a deep vision quest, apparently because of her alien heritage. She is faced by a trinity of selves and rejects them thoroughly, refusing to accept that she has anything in common with the Robotech Masters and their pet clones.

In her dream, she is confronted by a beautiful little blue-haired girl who claims to be her sister, the other daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling.

Pretty clearly, the dream is warning Dana about the spores, and to beware the Invid. The Invid like the spores. Got it? Wouldn’t want you to miss that detail.


Musica is happily reunited with her own sisters, and rescues those of the clones who survived. Nova ends up carrying a baby. I don’t know where the baby even came from. Don’t they create the clones as adults?

Leonard continues on his mission to blow up all the things, while the Bioroids attack and destroy most of Monument City. His grasp of military tactics remains second to none, and he refuses to evacuate because he’s enjoying himself way too much.

Lisa, this is what happens when you take all the competent military personnel on a space quest and leave the dregs back on Earth.

Musica and her not-fiance have an angry domestic about the concept of free will while he and his triplets shoot a lot at Bowie and Angelo’s fighting force.

Sean turns up as the cavalry again, after Angie failed to meet him for “their date” at the rendezvous. As they all make their retreat, Octavia is shot and Musica is devastated to lose one of her sisters.

The elderly uncle Robotech Masters move in to collect the pollen and the protoculture from the cave under the earth with their earth-splitting machine. Dana is determined to stop them, but then realises that the ship they are on is on a collision course with what’s left of Monument City. She wants to force the Masters to tell them how to steer the ship clear, but Zor shoots them instead.

He then kisses Dana and puts her in an escape capsule, only to ride the ship down into the Master-made protoculture gully. His mighty act of self sacrifice is intended to destroy the remaining protoculture once and for all, and to save the Earth.

But because he’s kind of a tool who never listens to anyone, instead he manages to release all of the spores into the atmosphere.


The Earth will now become a fertile garden, awaiting the invasion of the Invid.

Damn it, Zor.

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