annie dinosaurI’m pretty sure I never saw this one back in the day, even though I was still watching obsessively in the hope of catching some snippets of news about the Admirals Hunter, or whatever happened to Dana Sterling.

I would have remembered the dinosaurs, right?

Episode 69: The Genesis Pit

The narrator explains the complex relationship between the Invid and protoculture. It sounds a lot like they travel from planet to planet, eating stuff and talking about how it advances science, like intergalactic stoners with pretentions to academia.

Scott, Rand and Annie park the Veritech and hunt the woods for a good camping spot while waiting for the others to catch up. Within two seconds, they fall into a massive pit, Alice in Wonderland style, and fall through an energy field into some kind of distant underground lake. Honestly, you can’t take them anywhere.

At this point I was idly musing thoughts like: Are there gonna be dinosaurs? They fell pretty far under the Earth. I’m hoping for some Lost World business. Oooh there is a horde of giant dragonflies and some alien-looking plants…


This is officially my favourite episode of this whole Invid saga so far.

Not long after this major plot twist, Rand actually says ‘do you think this is some kind of Lost World’ which, way to show your sources!

So while half of the gang are biking away from giant underground dinosaurs, Lancer, Lunk and Rook are still up top, searching the area for their friends, not seeing any sign of the pit. Is it… a magically disguised pit, or are they just really bad at this?

Enormous heap of triceratopses! Lovely!

Annie tap dances on top of a giant egg and manages to say “I’m being careful, what can happen anyway?” just in time for a giant tyrannosaurus rex to attack her.

Rand and Scott shoot it, but are understandably pissed at Annie for her poor dinosaur egg etiquette. Hey, I think we should just all be grateful she hasn’t tried to crack on to any of these dinosaurs yet. Some of them must surely be older men.

Rand keeps spotting random Invid behind the trees, but the others never see them and assume he’s imagining it. Because of course when you’re surrounded by dinosaurs, you’re going to start hallucinating Invid to… nope, can’t think of a reason.

Rand fishes for their dinner and is shocked that their dinner is just as much a prehistoric creature as all the other dinosaurs. Really? Have you not yet come to terms with the premise of this episode?

Diplodocus are delicious.

While eating something that should have died out millions of years ago, Rand thinks it all out in his brain and comes up with a theory why the Invid would be experimenting with Earth prehistoric biology – to find the best life form to take over this planet.

I don’t know, I kind of think the Invid have proven themselves to be the best life form so far, but okay, let’s go with that.

Obviously Rand’s too smart, because he not only bedazzles Scott with his thinky thoughts, but then an Invid starts speaking to him by possessing Annie – and confirms that Rand is correct, it’s all about evolution and finding something to replace humans.

Again, don’t the INVID want to replace the humans with themselves?

Anyway, what follows is basically a knock down, drag out, dinosaurs vs. Invid battle. Also, Rand gives us a lecture about how dinosaurs really aren’t built for this planet any more, so it’s okay that the Invid blew them all up.

I really hope that all the kids at home with Robotech toys in the 80’s acted out their own dinosaur vs. Invid battles too.

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