Robotech Rewatch 61: Underground Dirtbike Break Up Song

"Yes, Rand, the apocalypse is a bad time and place to confess your feelings. Always."

“Yes, Rand, the apocalypse is a bad time and place to confess your feelings. Always.”

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

Episode 75 – Separate Ways

Having successfully ditched Annie with that random jungle tribe (and not asking nearly enough questions about why there would be a random jungle tribe in a community that’s only been post-apocalyptic quite recently), Scott and Rand and Rook and Lunk and Lancer and Marlene do their thing in an abandoned city – their thing being fighting Invid a lot, and complaining that they’ve almost run out of protoculture.

Marlene hasn’t contributed much lately, but she rides on the back of Lancer’s bike, presumably because he’s the character least likely to sexually harass or be mean to her.

In a skirmish, Lunk’s beloved jeep, which has until recently been able to do anything a lightweight motorbike can do, gets crushed in a rockfall. Twice.

They end up stranded underground in an abandoned subway, and Lunk is so devastated at the loss of his jeep (and their imminent deaths) that he physically attacks Scott, enraged at his obsession with Reflex Point.

Lancer brings Lunk back to reason with a light punch, and points out that it was Rand, not Scott, who led them down to this particular deathtrap. Rand happily agrees, and gets punched in the face.

Everything gets pretty messy after that, mostly because Lunk has lost all confidence in his ability to be part of a team, and everyone else is pretty pissed off.

They separate to look for exits, and Rand and Rook pair up because they haven’t had a good fight lately. She admits she has been thinking of leaving the bikie gang, and he is worrying about whether he’s going to be the next one to crack up.

She suggests that the two of them go off together to find more allies, and Rand takes this as a good excuse to declare his love for her, which makes her throw up her hands in impatience. She was talking about strategy, not relationship stuff, ugh, Rand!

They explode their way out of the subway, fight Invid, and make it into the fresh air only to be confronted with a bright and cheerful Annie who brushes off all questions about what happened (“can you see me as a jungle princess?”) which suggests it was actually horribly traumatic.

Rand and Rook break it to her that they’re splitting from the group, which devastates Annie. They expect the others to all give up, but they instead rally around Scott in his stupid plan to press on to Reflex Point. Rook insists on riding off anyway, but with a little nudging from Rand, decides she can’t abandon her friends after all.

There’s a lot of riding in the rain. It’s very emotional.

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