Robotech Rewatch 62: Awkward Shirtless Holiday Camp

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

EPISODE 76 – Metamorphosis.

Marlene (AKA Ariel) is the worst infiltrator ever, because she has failed to send any spyware back to the Invid Regis.

The Regis transforms two other Invid using ‘biomass reconstruction’ which turns them into conventionally attractive humanoids with adorable hair: Sera and Corg.

She believes that the humanoid form has been categorically proven to be the most flexible and useful life form for surviving this planet, based largely on that time all her dinosaurs got blown up. Cute hair for the win!

awkward shirtlessOur freedom fighting bikie gang are relaxing on a tropical island (bwuh?) because beach time = not throwing hissy fits and quitting the team. Annie finds an abandoned military base from the Second Robotech War, and they get scavenging on the grounds that a boat might be more surprising in their planned attack on Reflex Point than a fighter plane.

Turns out Rand is pretty good at welding. Who knew?

When Rook is injured badly in a skirmish with a patrol, they promptly find themselves an abandoned paradise resort where she can rest up while they swim, frolic and fix up a bunch of mecha.

Rook is a bit of a grinch about fun in the sun, but a shirtless Rand eventually convinces her to enjoy their impromptu holiday.

Lancer finds a secluded grotto in which to have one of his many sexy washtimes, this time in a waterfall. A large candy pink Invid (it’s a GIRL) spies on him… A little while later, Lancer is startled by Sera, a pretty girl with green hair, red eyes and candy pink armour. They have a waterfall wrestle together and she won’t answer any of his questions.

Rand can surf. Scott, meanwhile, refuses to even take his flight suit off. Shirtless Rand cannot be defied, though, and drags him fully dressed into the water. Turns out Scott can’t swim because of that pesky ‘spent his whole life in space’ business. He is horribly awkward and doesn’t want to do it at all.

Rand promises to teach him, which turns out to mean repeatedly ducking and laughing at him. Scott doesn’t take his shirt off, because it turns out the only thing more awkward than being shirtless at the beach is being thrown in the surf while wearing your flight suit.

Annie laments her tragic love life and her fears of becoming an old maid, while she passes wrenches to Lunk who is busy repairing the love of his life, his jeep. He promises her that she’s enough of a heartbreaker to get married five or six times, which she takes as a great compliment, because she’s Annie.

Lancer pursues the pretty mysterious Sera only to find her abandoned mecha. Despite the fact that it is the exactly same candy pink colour as her armour, he refuses to believe it could be hers until she leaps into it and flies away. Co-ordinating beautifully, by the way.

The gang end up in a massive battle against the Invid, and weirdly Lancer (now piloting the love boat instead of his usual fighter) keeps referring to the attacking Invid as ‘he’ and ‘buddy’ even though he knows that the pink one is piloted by a girl.

Ah well, I guess gender-queering goes in all kinds of directions.

Sera fails to shoot the humans because seeing Lancer makes her go all teary and emotional which… ugh, okay.

Now able to fight on land, air and sea, the freedom bikie crew head off on their continual quest to go do a thing at Reflex Point maybe someday.

robotech thirdThis weekly rewatch of classic animated space opera Robotech is brought to you as bonus content for the Musketeer Space project.

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  1. Mortificator says:

    I enjoy the parallel between the series in how each has incredibly obvious alien spies who don’t even understand the culture they’re supposed to be infiltrating, yet no humans ever catch on (except Angelo).

    But maybe I wouldn’t do as well at that either, since I either didn’t notice or didn’t remember that Sera matched her wardrobe with her terrifying war machine.

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