scraps and loose threads

1. It’s been a huge month in Australian speculative fiction – the carnival is over here.

2. I really tried to buy Raeli a Barbie for her Christmas pile. I went into Big W and everything. But they just annoyed me. All of them. From the glam retro Barbies to the mermaids. Even the merchandise tie ins for the Barbie Musketeer movie was annoying, and I didn’t spot any swords! Just fairy tale frocks. I moved on to Polly Pocket and was tempted, but apart from one cool set involving umbrellas, every single piece of Polly Pocket scenery involved beauty treatments or shopping. Bah. She can settle for the Musketeer movie and a yoyo. And, you know, lots of other stuff. Including a slide. She so has nothing to complain about. (coolest and weirdest thing on her Santa list – a net to catch things with. Do they still sell butterfly nets, or is that non-PC?)

3. Hot today. Stinking, sweltering, hot hot hot. The kind that feels like an oven door opening when you step out your front door. I picked up Raeli from her final day of kindergarten (omg she is a PREP student next year) and took her and Inigo back to [info] godiyeva‘s house to make use of her magic-cold-air machine and drink iced tea.

4. Needless to say, no baking of gingerbread daleks happened. Hopefully tomorrow.

5. My review of Rampant has excited a bit of interest, and inspired this fascinating blog post by Diana Peterfreund (the author) herself: You see, boy heroes in fantasy get elderly wizard-types who are conveniently killed by the enemy. Girl heroes get sardonic older-but-sexy types who want to sleep with them. She also talks about how people’s expectations of character types can affect the reading of the book. So true.

6. Postal strikes tomorrow, across Australia. Bloody hell. I knew I should have finished my needs-to-be-posted list today. I’d like to tender my official apology to my agent, and my cousin in England.

7. The government has finally relaxed the security regulations and are allowing knitting needles on planes again! No, this isn’t a frivolous news story. Have you ever seen a nervous knitter? They need their needles, damn it.

Possibly some other things happen today. I’ll try to summon up something intelligent to say about the “clean feed” beyond “I’m against it,” when I am less hot, scratchy and sunburnt. So, you know, April.

3 replies on “scraps and loose threads”

  1. Melander says:

    OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO! I haven’t finished my shopping – Monty wants to give Lessie a barbie for Christmas…….. Agggghhhhhhhhh

  2. Penni says:

    Remember when Barbie was an astronaut? An Ambassador for World Peace? A summit diplomat? A Firefighter? A pilot? A paleontologist? Now she seems to be full time princess. It’s very frustrating. Why is that? I would have thought the demand for interesting roles for Barbie would be higher than ever from enlightened feminista mamas.

  3. tansyrr says:

    Yes, and it’s sad – they don’t seem remotely interested in expanding the notion of what a princess is (unless it involves combining her duties with mermaiding or fairying).

    I think enlightened feminist mamas would totally buy cool interesting career-minded Barbies, but they can’t buy them if they’re not on the shelves.

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