Seven Days of Joyeux: a Musketeer Space novella


It’s festival time on Paris Satellite: that means a seven day whirl of drunken bets, poor decision-making, religious contemplation and tinsel. But mostly, poor decision-making.

Porthos and Athos aren’t going to sleep together, no matter what Aramis says. Aramis isn’t going to marry her girlfriend, Minister Chevreuse, which probably means they’re breaking up. Athos is not prepared to be visited by the ghost of his dead husband. Oh, and the Duchess of Buckingham is totally not going to hook up with the Prince Consort thereby causing an interplanetary diplomatic disaster… right?

When a group of “festive terrorists” start inflicting traditions from a very different midwinter festival on the space station via nano-virus, the Musketeers and the Red Guard are expected to work together to protect Paris Satellite. This isn’t going to end well.

Seven Days of Joyeux


The First Day: Devotions [bringing in the green]

The Second Day: Restraint [the burying of past sins]

The Third Day: Repast [and the rains fall]

The Fourth Day: Misrule [the dance of the elements]

The Fifth Day: Amends [breathing the air]

The Sixth Day: Resolution [leaping the flames]

The Seventh Day: Joyeux [for family]

dark red fleur

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2 replies on “Seven Days of Joyeux: a Musketeer Space novella”

  1. Faith says:

    The art is so fabulous! I love Porthos’s hair.

  2. tansyrr says:

    I know! Writing the physical descriptions of the Musketeers for the artwork is some of the most fun I’ve had for this project.

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