Ticking the Boxes

Hard to get used to the idea that the book is actually out there in the wild, even though I won’t be seeing a copy of it myself for at least a month (wow it is way closer to the beginning of June than I had allowed for).

But today brought the first official review, which has sparked much happiness and rejoicing. Stefen Brazulaitis, whom you might recall (if you remember such finicky details) said something so clever about Siren Beat that we put his quote on the cover, has done it again, this time with a lovely review in the upcoming May issue of Bookseller + Publisher Magazine, which I came across for the first time in my library a year ago, and is a beautifully detailed industry publication here in Australia. (it also has a great web presence including the ability to read every page – how awesome)

Stefen says:

Power and Majesty ticks all the boxes for great dark fantasy and a few more for good measure. Roberts evokes an exotic, renaissance-tinged city full of stylish and decadent characters. Charming, mysterious and occasionally grim, this is a silky and sophisticated new entry to Australian fantasy. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the darker end of the genre, particularly fans of Anne Bishop or Jacqueline Carey.

Possibly there has been squeeing and bouncing. This review at least makes me feel like I’ve achieved something of what I wanted to do with this book – the two authors mentioned are exactly the ones I was inspired by all along, and it’s awfully lovely for someone so immersed in the industry (Stefen is a manager at Borders, Perth) to really ‘get’ it. And, you know, like it. And tell other people how much he likes it.


I promise I won’t do this every time (assuming, you know, I get any more of these), but I am VERY EXCITED right now.

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  1. Kaia says:

    Hooray! That is a very nice way to say AWESOME BOOK.

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