Splashdance Silver Rides Again

finalSplashdanceCover copySo here’s a thing.

Fifteen years ago (YES REALLY) when I was not yet out of my teens (just), I wrote a book and entered a competition and by a blinding stroke of right-place-right-time I won. My fluffy comic fantasy adventure romp about a pirate queen in the making was published in 1998 and it and set me on the course of a writing career.

Now, thanks to FableCroft Publishing and the wonders of the internet, Splashdance Silver – Book 1 of the Mocklore Chronicles, is about to be officially back in print. Well, e-ink, anyway!

Thanks to Cheryl being more organised than Amazon, it was briefly available at Wizard’s Tower before everyone else, shortly followed by Kindle and Weightless Books.
[paragraph edited after the fact]

Liquid Gold, Book 2 of the Mocklore Chronicles, will be available soon too, as will the not-technically-published-before-except-on-Livejournal 3rd Chronicle, Ink Black Magic. We’re also hoping to get up some of the Mocklore stories/novelettes which sprang up around the series back in the day. Because, well, we’re all completists around here.

(and omg since I made Amazon take that suspicious e-copy of Hobgoblin Boots down, the rare second hand print copies of that novelette chapbook are currently priced at $500+ which is bizarre.)

Fan Art of Kassa Daggersharp, by anddarkness on LJ

Fan Art of Kassa Daggersharp, by anddarkness on LJ

Huge thanks to Tehani of Fablecroft, and my own beloved Finchy (AKA the silent producer) for their work on the formatting, proofing and general admin work involved in getting these books up.

Also, to the readers (mostly teen girls) who have discovered these books over the years, lent them to friends and not got them back, hunted up copies in op shops, and swooned on to feathered chaise longues when they saw the price of the damned things on Abe Books or eBay, and then emailed to tell me about it, this one’s for you. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my writing career, and those emails have meant a lot to me, even if I wasn’t always organised enough to reply to them. You guys rock.

Comedy pirates, saucy witches, magical explosions, gratuitous historical trivia and flying sheep. Plus the opportunity to see what kind of writer I was fifteen years ago… (the answer is: a very young one!) If you’ve ever wondered about this book, or never heard of it, now’s your chance to get your own copy.


The story of How I Got My First Book Published, over at Jim C Hines’ First Book Friday.

The new edition of Splashdance Silver on GoodReads

Splashdance Silver available in mobi & epub at Wizard’s Tower.

Splashdance Silver – the Kindle edition.

Splashdance Silver – at Weightless Books.

Tehani announces the arrival of Splashdance Silver at FableCroft.

I’ll update this list with more links as they become available.

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  1. […] You can read more about Splashdance Silver at Tansy’s blog here. […]

  2. Morvidra says:

    Tansy, I have to comment. I am THRILLED to hear of the e-release of Splashdance Silver! I don’t dare lend my hard copies out to people – finding them having been enough of a quest to fill an epic trilogy – so it is just fantastic that I can now point people in the direction of the internet and say “Go. READ!”

  3. tansyrr says:

    Hi Morvidra!

    Readers like you are entirely the reason why I’m doing this! Releasing a 15 year old novel is actually kind of painful to me (proofing it was agony) but I’ve had so many emails over the years from people like you who want to share the book but don’t dare lend it out.

    This is for YOU. xxx

  4. True says:

    I’m another who’s delighted!
    It took me forever to track down my own copies after I first borrowed them from a library. In fact, some friends and I bonded over Splashdance Silver after they noticed it on my bookshelves – we’d all thought we were the only ones who’d read it.

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