Spoilerific Reign of Beasts Post!

Reign of Beasts is out in Australia and NZ, and the Creature Court trilogy is officially DONE.  Here is the post on which to ask me questions, or chat about anything concerning the book.  Nothing is too spoilerific!  I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.


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  1. Katharine says:

    I adored the ending – especially what happened to Rhian – that was utterly beautiful and fitting and guh.

    What I’d like to know more about is Velody and Ashiol. It’s interesting (and perhaps realistic) that they didn’t seem to end up together but I’d love to know how you made that decision 🙂 At times they seem so utterly dependant on each other (whether that’s a good or bad thing!) and almost in love. Or at least as ‘in love’ they could be, what with their pasts and what they’re going through and so on. And then Velody is relieved she doesn’t want his offer to go with him!

    I guess it’s just so done that the main characters end up together, that it’s surprising when it doesn’t happen. So I’d like to know your thoughts on it 🙂

    Apologies for the ramble!

  2. Tehani says:

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! It’s out, it’s excellent & I loved reading it! I was horribly nervous throughout (you’re HARD on your darlings!) but that made the tension so believable!

    A question though – was I reading too fast, because WHAT HAPPENED to Celeste & Lucia??? They just sort of stopped appearing after they reached Ashiol’s mother’s? What did I miss!!

  3. tansyrr says:

    Aww, thank you! Glad to hear you like how it ended. Rhian is dear to my heart, and her ending was one of the things I wrangled most over. It felt right to me, and it means a lot to hear a reader agree with me! (more than one would also be awesome, but I’ll take what I can get)

    I honestly wasn’t sure until right at the end of the first draft how it was going to work out for most of my characters, especially Velody and Ashiol. I think they love each other, but that’s not necessarily a recipe for a happy ever after, and Garnet was still looming large over both of them. It didn’t feel right for that moment for them to pretend that all the potential obstacles to a relationship didn’t exist.

    And yes, the dependency is also an issue – they both need to stand on their own two feet for a bit. Velody doesn’t want to leave the city she has fought so hard for, while Ashiol needs to be far away from it, for a while at least.

    Velody’s such a pragmatic heroine, and while she does love Ashiol, it’s not like she isn’t equally aware that he would be TERRIBLY hard work as a boyfriend. You can love someone and still be relieved that, right now, they’re not going to be your problem.

    I adore them together, as must be obvious from every scene they’re in, in the books, but I do think their friendship was as important as (if not more important than) anything romantic between them. And it’s not like they can’t find each other at some point in the future, if they need or want to!

  4. tansyrr says:

    Thank you, Tehani! Sorry about the nervousness. I feel that way about stories I love and feel (mildly) guilty about doing it to others.

    Celeste and Lucia had a role to play in the Bazeppe storyline, and to be honest I left them out of the story at the end because they kept trying to get themselves killed, and I was NOT HAVING THAT. Celeste in particular was a devil for trying to sacrifice herself, and while I don’t exactly have plans for her future, Lysandor was bad enough.

    Lucia… is a deliberate loose end. One I might well leave hanging in a flaw-in-the-quilt way, or pick up if, you know, anyone ever wants more Creature Court books. In which case, I skip ten years ahead and THERE WE GO.

    Which is a wicked thing to do, really, but the alternative was killing her off, and there was quite enough of that sort of thing going on.

    But yes, Celeste and Lucia stayed at Ashiol’s mother’s place, and didn’t return to Aufleur with the others. Augusta and Celeste get along very nicely, and Celeste now works for her as her secretary.

    And yes, Ashiol is basically going to have to deal with them both as part of his new ‘cleaning up my messes & making reparations to my family while I pull myself together’ plan. Half a plan. Smidgen of a plan?

  5. Katharine says:

    Thank you for the awesome reply!

    Although you realise that means you should totally write another book/novella/short story – so we can see them finding each other once again ;D

    And like Tehani says – congratulations! I’ve bought two copies as my bookstore STILL doesn’t have it in, so I simply had to buy the eBook through iTunes on the 2nd 🙂

  6. Kaia says:

    I neeeeeeeeeed my copy!

  7. Kaia says:

    Also, SO EXCITED that you got the whole trilogy out there!

  8. tansyrr says:

    Katharine – aww that’s so sweet. Authors love it when you buy two copies!

    And while I don’t want to be THAT AUTHOR, and I was determined this trilogy would standalone and have a proper ending – I do love this world, and it is not at all out of the question that I might write something else set in or around the future of Aufleur. Also, all those other countries to visit!

    No promises, though. For now… this is it!

  9. Tehani says:

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure having your city erased from existence counts as an apocalypse, right? *hint hint* 🙂

  10. tansyrr says:

    Hahaha but I had ANOTHER idea for the story I was going to give you! It’s far too soon for me to return to the Creature Court world.

    If the other story fails though, I’ll seriously consider it!

  11. Thoraiya says:

    Well, I already said this on Goodreads, but since you want more than one, I second the motion about the excellent ending for Rhian. She was my favourite character of the trilogy. Like I said at the very beginning of Power and Majesty, I love surprises, and that was an awesome one (and yet still telegraphed enough that it wasn’t cheating) 🙂

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  13. Thacky says:

    Congrats on the whole trilogy, but particularly RoB – I really enjoyed it and stayed up way too late to finish it in one day.

    I particularly liked getting the details of the backstory of all the Lords fleshed out – it all made sense without seeming too neat – a really neat trick!

    Thanks for answering what happened to Celeste and Lucia – I figured they’d stayed behind but it’s nice to know for sure.

    I think another book or books set 10-15 years on could be fabulous – but it’s hard, after saving a world once, not to either have to settle for smaller stakes or have the original struggle seem cheapened because, apparently, the world is ALWAYS under threat.

    Looking forward to whatever you next release on our unsuspecting heads.

  14. tansyrr says:

    Hi Thacky

    Thanks, I appreciate your comments!

    Those are exactly my concerns – while I love this world and these characters, I would never want to cheapen this trilogy for the sake of extending the story. If I did come back here, I would want a burning, crashing, can’t-die-without-writing-this kind of story and I would certainly want any threat to the city or the people to be something different to the story I told this time around.

    I would also want to have gone away and written a bunch of other stuff in the mean time, to prove there is more in my head than Aufleur, and to let the ideas bubble away until they reach boiling point.

    Writing: it’s mostly cooking metaphors!

  15. Thacky says:

    More thoughts on this – maybe a follow up story could be much smaller, and that would be part of the challenge for the characters – after saving the world, you’d think anything less drastic would be easy, or at least the smaller stakes would lower the stress levels – but would it? I suspect that fighting inappropriate development in the house next-door would feel just as (or nearly as) bad – having your corner of the world disrupted is still really important to you – and to the audience if we care about them.

    I often wish more series would trust us to be on the heroes’ side because we like them and care about them, not just because all life on earth is at peril. It creates some interesting moral dilemmas, too – if the world is at stake, anything is permissible, maybe? But defeating evil property developers (just an example, plenty of developers are perfectly lovely, or at least neutral) can’t justify violent extremes, can it?

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