Swords Down, Flappers!

Happy birthday to me! My Flappers With Swords blog tour is now done. It was a boutique tour in the end, largely because I found myself writing substantial essays instead of short, easy posts, and I exhausted myself all too quickly. Still, I had great fun talking about history, women, and some of the crunchier (and occasionally, sillier issues I came across while writing the Creature Court series, and fantasy fiction in general.

If any new readers discovered me and my Kindlicious editions of the Creature Court books in recent weeks, do let me know! These things make authors very happy.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out all the posts, here they are below. Much gratitude to everyone who has written a review for the Creature Court books on Goodreads or Amazon, and an extra special multitude of thanks to the many awesome bloggers who let me borrow their space & their readership to help get word of my books out there. You all rock!


“What Epic Fantasy Could Learn From Batman” at Confessions of a Curator

“Classics Nerdery” at Karen Healey’s blog

“Where Costumes Collide”, at Fangtastic Fiction

“Looking for the Women in Ancient Rome” at Kate Elliott’s I Make Up Worlds

“Food for Thought (in Fantasy Fiction)” at the Voyager blog

“Oops I got History in my Fantasy (again)” at Bibliophile Stalker

“Stealing Stuff from History (the Roman edition)” at Stephanie Dray’s blog

and Charles Tan interviewed me for SF Signal

Special extra MEGA thanks to the awesome Kathleen Jennings who produced the flapper with sword who has been getting such a workout over the last few weeks. If you’re not following her gorgeous blog (indeed all the blogs who hosted me in recent weeks) you are missing out.

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