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Galactic Suburbia Episode Freaking Forty!!!

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In which we hug the Hugos, plug the Stella, lament the loss of the Weird Tales team, and contemplate (briefly) our podcasterly mid-life crisis. Alex delves into the wonderful world of classic cyberpunk, and Tansy demands to know why on earth Alisa is still watching Doctor Who if she doesn’t actually like it?


Weird Tales Sold, Editorial Staff Kicked Out

Strange Horizons Fundraising Drive

The Stella: new Australian novel prize for women

Galactic Chat
Kelley Armstrong
Ben Peek

Tansy’s win

What Culture Have we Consumed?
Alisa: Doctor Who Season 2, Outer Alliance Podcast
Alex: Trouble and her Friends, Melissa Scott; Only Ever Always, Penni Russon; Synners, Pat Cadigan; Blake’s 7.
Tansy: SF Squeecast #3, Panel2Panel, Among Others by Jo Walton, Alcestis by Katherine Beukner, Stormlord’s Exile by Glenda Larke, AM KINDLED WILL TRAVEL

Pet Subject: Hugoriffic!
Were you there for the Hugo Twitter party? Or did you have to resort to sitting in the live audience?
The stats
The results
Hugos commentary round up

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Weird Tales Sold

I woke up this morning to the surprising news that Weird Tales has been sold – and Ann Vandermeer, the editor who has done so much to restore and revive the reputation of that publication as a home for excellent contemporary dark fantasy, has been elbowed out. The new owner, Marvin Kaye, plans to edit the magazine himself.

As a regular reader and reviewer of short fiction, I’ve taken this blow quite hard! It’s always awful to see a brilliant editor lose their platform, but I’m particularly disappointed because Weird Tales had become one of the few print magazines that still actively excites and surprises me with its contents. Also, I have to say, some of the best cover art I’ve seen recent years.

Ann and her (all-female!) team developed a vibe that was modern, diverse and utterly cool, which is no mean feat for a magazine that has been around since 1923. Apparently the new editor is planning a Cthulu-themed issue. Well, then. That’s something for us all to look forward to.


UPDATE: some responses to the news:
Warren Ellis bids goodnight to Weird Tales
Jason Sanford on Weird Tales and editorial vision
Matthew Cheney on Changes at Weird Tales
Lavie Tidhar at the World SF blog