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Award Eligibility Post

It’s a thing. Let’s skip past the apologies for allowing the post to exist.

2018 was a big year for me! In fact I have already been nominated for some awards (woo, the Aurealis Awards are more efficient than me, let’s not all faint in shock).

My fantasy novella “Merry Happy Valkyrie” and the glorious science fiction anthology Mother of Invention, which I co-edited with Rivqa Rafael, have both been nominated for the Aurealis! Also nominated, a splendid story by Lee Cope, “A Robot Like Me,” from MOI.

For the convenience of those wishing to know these things for Ditmar nominations, the fabulous Rivqa has posted a list of our Mother of Invention stories, making it easy for you to tell easily which of our stories are Australian.

Mother of Invention is also eligible to be nominated in the Best Collected Work category of the Ditmars, and our gorgeous artwork by Likhain is eligible for Best Professional Artwork.

Rivqa also outlines the categories for which we are eligible (and not eligible) for those nominating for the Hugo Awards and Locus Poll!

My SFF fiction published in 2019 includes the following:

“Let Sleeping Princes Lie,” Sheep Might Fly podcast (2017-18), self published (2018) – novella approx 26,000 words

“Charm or Die,” Patreon exclusive (2018) — short story approx 5000 words

Cabaret of Monsters, self published (2018) — novella approx 27,000 words

“Girls Who Read Austen,” Patreon exclusive (2018) — short story approx 1000 words

“Halloween is Not a Verb,” Sheep Might Fly podcast (2018) — novelette approx 14000 words

Merry Happy Valkyrie, (Twelfth Planet Press 2018) — novella approx 22000 words

“Tea and Sympathetic Magic,” Patreon exclusive (2018)  — novella approx 17000 words

“Purrfect Criminal,” Welcome to Pacific City (SFFWorld 2018) — short story approx 5600 words

The beautiful new editions of the Creature Court trilogy: Power and Majesty, The Shattered City and Reign of Beasts, were originally published between 2010-2012 and are not eligible for 2018 awards HOWEVER the glorious art by Kathleen Jennings combined with the design by Cathy Larsen absolutely is eligible for professional art awards, so please keep them in mind.

Also don’t forget to nominate podcasts for the Hugo and the Ditmar! Mine are Galactic Suburbia, Verity! and Sheep Might Fly.

Things I Did/Had Published in 2016

bounty_preview_v2An award eligibility post. Wow, my writing resolution to work more at the novelette length has totally paid off!

Personally I think of anything at 15K or higher as a novella, but most awards definitions do not agree with me, so.

I really like novelettes, OK.

Collected Work
Bounty – collection of short stories – Fablecroft

Also HUGE shout out for In Your Face & Defying Doomsday, two powerful anthologies published last year. If you haven’t read them yet, do yourself a favour & check them out before nominations close.


“Did We Break the End of the World?” – novelette – Defying Doomsday/Twelfth Planet Press – 9000 words

“Glass Slipper Scandal” – novelette – Sheep Might Fly/self-published – 15,000 words

“Kid Dark Against the Machine” – novelette – The Book Smugglers – 10,500

“Queen of Courtesans” – novelette – Bounty/Fablecroft – 15,600

“Delta Void’s Day Off” – novelettes – Bounty/Fablecroft – 10,000

“Unmagical Boy Story” – novelette – Sheep Might Fly/self-published – 16,100

“Death at the Dragon Circus” – novelette – And Then: Awesome Adventure Tales Part I/Clan Destine Press – 13,500

“Letters to Cleopatra” – short story – In Your Face, Fablecroft – 1110 words.

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Shiny Silver Rocket

pic by Kevin Standlee

pic by Kevin Standlee

So, I won a Hugo today, for Best Fan Writer. That was… a bit of a shock, really.

Thanks everyone for your congratulations via Twitter, Facebook and email. There were so many of them, I’m just not going to be able to respond individually. But it meant a lot to see so much enthusiasm and support for my win.

Then I got a squeeful phone call from renowned feminist critic Helen Merrick (who is also a new neighbour of mine!) pointing out that I was the first Australian woman to win a Hugo. Like, ever. I am also, as it happens, the fifth Australian ever to join the Hugo club.

Which is… gobsmacking, really. I look around me at the incredibly rich history of SF & fantasy writing and fandom in this country, and so few of us have made it across that fence to receive international recognition. Time for more! I was particularly excited when looking at the comprehensive Hugo Stats (one of the best things about this award) to see who almost made the ballots.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make the Hugo Ceremony happen – the ever-crashing video feed was very frustrating to those of us stuck in our living rooms with hot cups of tea but I imagine that’s nothing compared to the frustration of those on the ground, trying to fix the problem with the hotel’s wi-fi. (not U-stream this time) But thanks also to Kevin, Cheryl and Mur who were working the live-text commentary, to the members of the audience who stopped clapping long enough to tweet the results (it’s harder than you think), to the committee who put the event together, and to Paul Cornell who did a cheerful job of MC-ing the ceremony – must have been nervewracking!

Massive, huge thanks to Deborah Stanish, my good friend and fellow Verity who stood up for me to collect the rocket in person. Thanks also to my partner Andrew Finch who made the excellent e-book sampler of my fan writing for the Hugo packet.

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2012 Aurealis Awards (and having “too many” wins)

For the last couple of years I have attended the Sydney-hosted Aurealis Awards weekend, which is always a blast. Sadly I was reining back on travel this year and couldn’t make it – but it sounds like those who were there had a great time! Check in on the #AurealisAwards hashtag on Twitter to see some of the commentary on the night from those who were there. Sean the Blogonaut also Storified the event which provides the highlights in Tweets and Twitpicks.

Some great results here, and congratulations to all the winners! Special congratulations to Margo Lanagan who had a great night, taking out four awards (each chosen by separate juries!) for Sea Hearts, “Bajazzle” and “Significant Dust.”

I have to say, I found it pretty tiring that so many people (including tons that I love and respect) started trotting out the jokes so early about Margo winning so many awards, or as the jokes implied, TOO many awards. (Note: the jokes started before her first win) It reminds me of the recent commentary about Hilary Mantel in the UK winning “all” the awards and not leaving any for anything else. The jokes might all have been intended as good-natured joshing, but it’s a disappointing aspect of Australian culture in particular that there is such a low ceiling to people (even friends) celebrating your success, before they turn around and start suggesting (in jest or otherwise) that it’s something you should be ashamed of.

Chances are pretty high that Margo found it as funny as anyone else there last night, but as an onlooker on the proceedings the sheer weight and number of those jokes flying thick and fast across Twitter did make me a bit uncomfortable.

Sometimes, as I tweeted last night, an author has a really spectacular year, and awards reflect that. Margo Lanagan is one of our best authors, who happens to have put out a fantastic novel AND a brilliant original collection in the same year, and I know she wasn’t taking those wins for granted.

Margo is aces & I love her as a person as well as for her writing, and I doubt very much she will ever have a night where she goes home with four trophies again, so let her enjoy it, eh?

This might be a good time to link to the article that reworks Helen Garner’s speech for the Stella Prize recently – about how awards can mess with your head as a writer, regardless of whether you win or don’t win.

And now, the Aurealis Award winners! A great range of works being honoured here, very much worthy of a ‘To Read’ list. Too many of the winners are my actual friends so I’ll just say congratulations to EVERYONE. Worth noting that there’s quite a spread of publishers being covered here, from old hands HarperCollins and Allen&Unwin to new kids on the block digital-only publisher Xoum and some Aussies published overseas with NightShade and Clarkesworld. Twelfth Planet Press flew the flag for Australian indie presses with three short stories honoured from two Twelve Planets collections, Through Splintered Walls by Kaaron Warren and Cracklescape by Margo Lanagan. There was even a self-published winner with KJ Bishop’s collection – so, variety!

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Postcards from a Saturday Morning

phpThumb-1The Shirley Jackson Award shortlist is up! This is especially exciting this year because it features two Australians (a pretty rare event, I think?). Even better, they’re not competing with each other!

Margo Lanagan is up for Short Fiction with “Bajazzle” from her wonderful collection Cracklescape, and Kaaron Warren is up for Novella with the deeply troubling, upsetting and horrific “Sky” from her dark and creepy collection Through Splintered Walls. Both these collections are Twelve Planets!

Congratulations to everyone on the Shirley Jackson list – was pleased to see Robert Shearman there with his new book Remember Why You Fear Me, and Kelly Link with the wonderful story “Two Houses” which I heard her read at Continuum last year.

Speaking of Kaaron Warren’s Through Splintered Walls, if you’re anywhere near Rockingham WA today, go and check out the exhibition of paper art made from the ‘printer error’ batch of those books – Lee Battersby let a few sneak peeks out over Facebook and the work looks spectacular!

In other news, the new Board of Directors of the SFWA has been announced:
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Ditmar Pretties 2013

Tansy's Ditmars 2013Conflux crept up on me, as conventions you’re not planning to go to tend to. And so it was that I sat down with my computer yesterday after a long day to find a Twitter party going on – and lo, I won some awards!

The best coverage of the ceremony is here, by Sean the Blogonaut – another member of the community who wasn’t actually present! But he has assembled tweets and images via Storify to try to capture something of what looked like a very fun evening.

I was very honoured to receive the Ditmar for Best Fan Writer, and the William Atheling for my “Historically Authenticated Sexism” piece of criticism.

Also the nice thing about a small community like ours is that the chances of me knowing & being friends with all the winners are very high. So I am delighted to congratulate Russell, Margo, Nick, Kirstyn & Mondy, Kathleen (twice), David, Thoraiya, Kaaron (twice) and Margo again. Hooray to all!

Big thanks to Tehani who accepted my trophies on behalf. They look lovely and I am excited about getting my hands on them. Congrats also to Deb – it sounds like she did a fantastic job of hosting the awards, which was a big ask after Kirstyn & Mondy did so well last year. I think the lesson we can take for this is that the Australian SF community is totally better than the Oscars.

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Ditmars and Geek Chic

The Ditmar ballot is out! I am delighted to be nominated as Best Fan Writer, as well as for various group projects: Galactic Suburbia, Galactic Chat and the Snapshot. I also have two works up for the William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review: my essay on “Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy. Let’s Unpack That.” at Tor.com and the New Who in Conversation series with David and Tehani.

We’ll probably be discussing the shortlists on the next Galactic Suburbia, but I would add that I’m very pleased that my two favourite novels of the year (and others I liked!) are on there,

You can vote if you’re a member (supporting or full) of the National SF Con which this year is Conflux in Canberra.

Elsewhere on the internet, I am a Lady Geek of the Week over at Being Geek Chic as part of their Doctor Who week.

Tiptree Time!

It’s that time of year again, when the Tiptree winners (and Honor List) are released. The award is designed to reward (and call attention to) works that explore or challenge the portrayal of gender, as well as being thought provoking and generally wonderful. The jury is always made up of four women and one man, and the award is administered by the Tiptree Motherboard.

Being on the 2011 Tiptree jury was a wonderful experience, and had up until that point been one of my major career goals.

But it’s a new year now, and a new jury have released their winners and honour list! The winners will be celebrated at this year’s Wiscon, and presented with $1000, chocolate, and a specially commissioned piece of artwork.

Hand-made reversible doll presented to Andrea Hairston as part of her Tiptree prize at Wiscon in 2012.

Hand-made reversible doll presented to Andrea Hairston as part of her Tiptree prize at Wiscon in 2012.

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The Galactic Suburbia Award 2012

One of my favourite things about the Galactic Suburbia Award is the morning after the podcast has been published, when I get to wake up and see people squeeing on Twitter, especially those who discovered that they were honoured on the short list (or indeed, won) by listening to the podcast ‘as live.’ Also the general bafflement of other nominees as people start congratulating them and they don’t know why. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

For those who don’t want to listen to an hour long podcast to get the info, though, here is the winner and shortlist of the Galactic Suburbia Award 2012 (aka the pixel-stained suffragette). In the manner of the Tiptree award, we announced the winner first, and then followed up with the shortlist.

galactic suburbia award

for activism and/ or communication that advances the feminist
conversation in the field of speculative fiction in 2012.

Listen to the podcast discussing the winner and list.

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Award-winning Australian Women (SF, Horror and Fantasy Books) 2012

I can’t believe it’s more than a year since I wrote this post as a resource for the Australian Women Writers Challenge – award-winning books by Australian Women writers, editors etc. for people looking to diversify their reading. Awards are only one way to find a great book, but you know that at least a few people have considered them the best of the year, which is a good start!

The list is a bit clunky and not nearly as comprehensive as I originally planned it to be – it was written in a haze of wild-eyed internet searches. I will update the list with 2012 winners shortly.

So what happened award-wise for Australian women writers of speculative fiction in 2012? It’s certainly looking pretty healthy right now!


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