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Launched! Selkies and Beasts

Many bookloving folk in Hobart and from farther afield gathered last night to celebrate the double launch of two much-anticipated Australian fantasy novels: Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan (Allen & Unwin) and Reign of Beasts: Creature Court Book Three by Tansy Rayner Roberts (HarperVoyager). Sea Hearts was launched by Richard Harland, and Reign of Beasts by Rowena Cory Daniells.

It was lovely to see so many family and friends gathered once again for what has become an annual tradition in recent years – long may it continue! – the launch of one of my books. Even more special was to share this with members of my writing group, who are normally scattered more widely across Australia when an event like this happens.

I began the Creature Court with ROR, who workshopped the first volume through a couple of early drafts, so it felt very appropriate to bring the trilogy to a close with many of them: Rowena Cory Daniells, Margo Lanagan, Dirk Flinthart and Richard Harland, in attendance. Sad of course that we couldn’t be joined by Marianne De Pierres, Trent Jamieson and Maxine McArthur! Their absence was felt.

The Hobart Bookshop put on an excellent launch, as they always do. I was delighted to welcome Tehani, new import to our shores, along with her family, and to finally meet Lian Tanner, another local writer whose path has never entirely crossed mine before.

And, of course, while books and launch speeches and wine are all terribly important things, the MOST important thing is that, yet again, my gorgeous daughters dressed for the occasion, as a lion and tiger respectively. Goodness only knows what I’ll do when I have a seamonster book to launch.

Thanks for coming, everyone who came!

Margo and I were both delighted to see our books hurled into the stratosphere with such panache, and of course those who weren’t able to make the event can assuage their disappointment by picking up copies in good (Australian and New Zealand only for now, sigh) bookshops.

Friday Links is Lost in Translation

The Science Fiction Translation Awards are running a fundraiser, accepting donations now towards the running of their awards, which aim to promote and celebrate great science fiction translated into English, and to provide a substantial cash prize to the original author as well as translator.

It’s a great cause, and there are a bunch of great book prizes up for grabs for a few lucky donors. I’ve contributed a complete Creature Court trilogy (feels so GOOD to be able to offer that!) and it’s in some very good company.

Speaking of the Creature Court trilogy, Sean the Blogonaut wrote a lovely review of Book 2: The Shattered City: “Action, blood and lust and a little bit of dressmaking. If you enjoy well written action, political intrigue, anime like transformation of characters into monstrous beasts and well written sex scenes give the whole series a go.”

I’ve been enjoying Tor.com’s current theme of military SF – I don’t think of myself of a fan of that particular subgenre, and yet I am familiar with so many of the works they discuss! I guess that means something. I liked this post about Starbuck and gender in Battlestar Galactica. Ahh, Battlestar Galactica. You got it so right, before you got it so wrong…

Speaking of military SF, over at i09 Jen Heddle makes a compelling argument that they should have brought Robotech back already. Hell, yes they should! Want me to write it?

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Galactic Suburbia Episode 51

The new episode is up! Go fetch it and consume it with digital gusto!

In which women aren’t funny, don’t write important books, but come in handy as assassins and thieves.


Connie Willis named SFWA Grand Master

Liz Bourke on Strange Horizons & the art of the mean review

Survey shows that men (as well as women) often play characters of the other gender while gaming – in many cases, men are bored with or alienated by the big musclebound male characters, which game designers think they want. Sound familiar?

Hoyden about Town are asking for guest bloggers to crosspost their Australian Women Writers Challenge reviews on Hoyden (ASIF also keen to do so)

More on feminine tosh
: a good solid article in the Australian media (shock!) about the women in literature issues of recent months (and, you know, decades).

Have we been following the “Women aren’t funny” stoush that played out in NYT? This interesting development.

DC Comics – cancellations & new titles – Tansy is especially excited by World’s Finest (featuring the Earth 2 Huntress & Power Girl)

Stranger with My Face – Women in Horror film festival in Hobart, Tasmania – 17-19 February

Tansy’s book launch for Reign of Beasts
(Creature Court Book Three) on 2 February at Hobart Bookshop, 5:30pm.
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Creature Court: the Dolls

I received an early Christmas present this year, courtesy of my mother Jilli, who is the artist behind the Deepings Dolls. Three dolls, one for each of my Creature Court book covers.

I’m only sad that I don’t have a hard copy of Book 3 to hand so I can photograph my scarlet flapper-with-sword like I have the other two!

First, we have Isangell the Duchessa, who appears on the cover of Power and Majesty [Creature Court Book One] in a gown with roses sewn all over it.

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BOOK LAUNCH: Reign of Beasts (Creature Court #3)

When: Thursday 2nd February, 2012

Time: 5:30 PM

Where: Hobart Bookshop, Salamanca Square, Hobart, Tasmania.

What: Reign of Beasts by Tansy Rayner Roberts, third and final book in the award-winning Creature Court trilogy, will be launched by Rowena Cory Daniells.


My book launches for this series have been a thing of joy to me, with so many loved ones & devoted readers (mostly loved ones who ARE devoted readers) turning up to share a glass of wine, point out how adorable my children are, and celebrate the making of a trilogy. This is it, guys, the last book. Let’s make it a shindig…

I’m especially delighted that I managed to schedule the launch at the end of next year’s Tasmanian ROR so that some of my mainland writer friends can come too. I’m sneaky like that.

Hope to see you there.

Creature Court Fashion Challenge Second Wave

Heh well more of a bijou wave (or do we say boutique now?) – a wavelet.

I sent out the first wave of postcards recently and am writing up the last few now, which makes me up to date. So if there are more of you out there who kinda thought you might enter to score a postcard sneak peek of the new books, please do!

Entries are open until 15th December.

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Creature Court Fashion Challenge: First Wave!

Glad to see some entrants right off the bat, especially as I forgot to put up an end date for the Creature Court Fashion Challenge (it’s 15th December, for those of you working on more long-term entries).  Remember, the earlier you enter, the more valuable your sneak peek of Reign of Beasts is.  Which, by the way, went to TYPESETTING today, hoorah!

Oh and for those of you outside Australia wanting to enter, yes, I will send postcards anywhere.  And I meant it when I said everyone’s a winner.   Get entering!


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Galactic Suburbia Episode 44

The new episode is up here! Go, listen.

In which we fight crime, rail against derailing and read a million books.


Our Sisters in Crime, Still Fighting
Why the Faux Oppressed Whinge

Ada Lovelace Day

Wonder Woman gets a father (yesthisisnews)

Alisa’s news:
Thief of Lives by Lucy Sussex now available as e-book

Tansy’s news: publishing date for Reign of Beasts
and the Creature Court Fashion Challenge Contest

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alex: The Fall of Hyperion, Dan Simmons; Yarn, Jon Armstrong; Thief of Lives, Lucy Sussex; Yellow Blue Tibia, Adam Roberts; The Word for World is Forest, Ursula le Guin; Eyes like Stars, Lisa Mantchev

Tansy: The Courier’s New Bicycle, Kim Westwood; Thief of Lives, Lucy Sussex; Catwoman: Crooked Little Town, by Ed Brubaker; Fablecroft blog series On Indie Press wraps up; Sofanauts interviews Paul Cornell; Two Minute Timelord round-table about Season 6 Doctor Who

Alisa: Doctor Who. Shorts: The Book of Phoenix (Excerpted from The Great Book) – Nnedi Okorafor (Clarkesworld March); Younger Women – Karen Fowler (Subterranean Summer), Valley of the Girls – Kelly Link (Subterranean Summer)

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