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Coming Soon to a Pirate Ship Near You!

Fablecroft are repackaging my first 2 novels, Splashdance Silver and Liquid Gold, with a gorgeous omnibus cover by Tania Walker, who also provided the art for the release of Ink Black Magic, the third in the series. Yes, Splashdance Silver and Liquid Gold will be available again in print as well as e-book format!

This is particularly good news for Tansy completionists who have struggled to find copies of the ‘yes the print run was a lot shorter’ Liquid Gold paperback. And also good news for me, because PRETTY COVER.

The Mocklore Chronicles are funny, fast-paced fantasy adventure novels about Kassa Daggersharp, daughter of a pirate captain and a legendary witch, and her crew of scoundrels and traitors. The books contain magical environmental concerns, a flying pirate ship (and, completely separately, a flying pirate sheep), a bunch of ancient history jokes and some really great frocks. Oh, and killer canaries.


In Your Face, Cleopatra

cleopatra-1934-name-titleAnother year, another successful Aussie crowdfunding campaign!

Tehani put up the Pozible campaign on New Year’s Day to gather pre-orders for her upcoming anthology, In Your Face, and it filled its target within the first 12 hours. Hooray! You can still go and pre-purchase your copy of the book, due out by Easter I believe, with some special early bird pledging options.

The anthology is intended to be a showcase of Australian SFF that deals with confronting/provocative themes. When Tehani invited me to submit, I couldn’t think of anything I had ready to go which would be ‘in your face’ enough… in fact, since I’ve had so little time to write on spec for the last few years, I didn’t have anything at all. Except for, you know, this domestic violence piece I wrote that I never intended to submit at all…

Oh, well, that. I have to say, it’s the fastest turnaround I’ve ever had between ‘I have nothing’ to ‘I have maybe something, what do you think?’ and ‘STORY ACCEPTED.’

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Snapshot: Amanda Rainey

headshot-arAmanda Rainey is a graphic designer from Perth who designs books for Twelfth Planet Press and FableCroft. When she’s not designing books she is either: working on a PhD looking at election campaigns, working as a freelance graphic designer for clients who have slightly more money than Australian small presses, or – most likely – talking nonsense on Twitter.

1. You designed the striking cover for Kaleidoscope, the brand new YA anthology about diverse characters that will shortly be released by Twelfth Planet Press after a crowdfunding campaign last year – what was your brief for the project, and how did you get to the final design?

Kaleidoscope was such an exciting/terrifying brief! It’s such an exciting book, and important too – a lot of people were (literally) invested in it so I really wanted to get it right. The brief was that they wanted something that would fit a truly diverse book, both in the sense of the characters, but also the themes and styles of each of the stories. So, quite a bit of (terrible) freedom…

KaleidoscopeCover-679x1024It needed to appeal to YA readers, and stand out on a bookshelf next to other anthologies, so there’s always that question of how similar and how different you should be from all the other books!

The first thing I did was rule out using faces or people. It was kind of a gut instinct, but using faces just creates so many problems when you’re making a book about diverse characters. There’s a danger that you just end up treating faces as “paint chips”, which would have absolutely not been giving proper respect to the book’s purpose.

Finally I just channelled my 16 year old self, and tried to make something she would like. I started playing with the idea of “sugar and spice”, and how just in that concept, which seems to imply that all girls are the same, when really – spices! – there’s so much variety there, right in the phrase.

I messed with the colours to give it more of an alien feel in keeping with the SF/Fantasy themes. Plus, hello, it’s Twelfth Planet Press. It always had to be pink! Then I just spent 1298 hours aimlessly changing the proportions and the patterns until I was happy/the print deadline arrived.

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Roman Snark and Other Bedtime Stories

50romanNew book out! Tehani at Fablecroft is releasing a couple of e-volumes of my collected essays from this very blog. First up is 50 Roman Mistresses, based on a fun retelling of history I did first for Women’s History Month some years ago, and then more recently when I did a “Rock the Romanpunk” blog carnival in honour of my Love and Romanpunk collection.

50 Roman Mistresses is not a history book so much as me telling you a bedtime story based loosely on my PhD thesis – on Good Girls and Wicked Women of Roman history, on the use of the title Augusta, on coins and statues and sex scandals and Vestal Virgins.

Here are fifty extraordinary women of Ancient Rome—virtuous wives and adulterous vixens, abductees and viragos, imperial mothers and mortals who became goddesses, all taking their place in history.

Reworked for publication, this is a novella-length work of pure historical snark that pretty much shows you what it’s like inside my head.

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Cold White, Ink Black, Romanpunk

romanpunk macaronsSome lovely announcements to do with my writing this week, from my two favourite publishers.

Tehani Wessely at Fablecroft has put up freebie copies of two Ditmar Award nominated stories: “Cold White Daughter” by me, and “Mah-Song” by Joanne Anderton. If you’re voting in the Ditmars this year (and even if you’re not), do download the stories and check them out.

I’m very proud of “Cold White Daughter,” which is my love letter to several favourite authors from my childhood: C.S. Lewis, E. Nesbit and Enid Blyton.

You can also download a sample of my Ditmar Award nominated novel, Ink Black Magic. For the month of May, to celebrate the nomination, the book itself is available half-price, so if the sample appeals to you, there’s never been a better time to buy it!

Twelfth Planet Press has also had a busy week! Not content with the frankly awesome Pinterest page devoted to the Twelve Planets macarons that Terri made for a recent cocktail party at Swancon, Alisa has announced that her award-winning series of female-authored collections is going to have a Thirteenth Planet by none other than Isobelle Carmody. I’m so excited about The Moth Cycle!

Here’s Alisa’s speech from Swancon about how the Twelve Planets have been received thus far.

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m also tickled pink (purple!) that my own collection, Love and Romanpunk, is having a second print run for sale during Worldcon in London. The book has been out of print in hardcopy for a while now, so it’s lovely to have it back. I hope to be spending some time at Alisa’s stall in the dealer’s room hand-selling them! The print run will be limited, so you can pre-order your copy here.

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Day 16: Funded!

Tehani and I are overwhelmed by this! We reached our funding goal before midnight today which is the halfway mark of the campaign – and that means of course that we are also eligible for the $2000 Crowbar grant from Arts Tasmania.

In the meantime, you can still pledge if you hadn’t got around to it yet – it’s definitely not too late!

We’ve listed some stretch goals on the page, to help the book be even more awesome. The campaign will stay open until noon on April 1. In fact, we’re actually startlingly close to our first stretch goal already…

Thanks everyone for your support, your pledges and your signal-boosting. We’re not resting on our laurels – lots of work ahead of us.

Day 8 – The Happy Glow of Books Pre-Ordered

It’s been a whirlwind weekend in crowdfunding land! We gained 10% of our goal on Friday thanks largely to the ABC International Women’s Day article, and another 14% or so yesterday…

Ahem. Yes. 74%. On Day 8. That’s beyond extraordinary. $6345, mostly in pre-orders for our lovely book!

Tehani and I get to squee at each other in person today thanks to the lovely book party we’re throwing at the Hobart Bookshop to launch my Ink Black Magic, and Dirk’s Path of Night. Lian Tanner will be there too, to do the launching.

Seeing all the ‘yep I’m coming’ comments on Facebook has made me happy.

Knowing we’re so close now to our funding goal to make Cranky Ladies of History happen, makes me happy.

Kaia blogging about the wacky and wonderful Queen Kristina of Sweden makes me happy.

The internet has brought us some sadness and suckiness this week, so I’ll take the happiness where I can.

Don’t Forget the Book Party!

Not content with having a crowdfunding campaign this month, FableCroft Publishing are also holding a book party!

New novels by myself (Ink Black Magic, the newest installment in the Mocklore Chronicles) and Dirk Flinthart will be launched tomorrow by Lian Tanner at the Hobart Bookshop. We’d love as many readers and book lovers to join us as possible. There will be free wine and juice, there’s a kiddie corner in the bookshop (my daughters will be there dressed as pirates and witches), and what else are you going to do on a Sunday afternoon?

Hope to see you there if you can make it.

ink black magic party

Cover Reveal: Ink Black Magic.

So, I have another book coming out this year. Yes, really!

Tehani at Fablecroft has been e-reprinting my Mocklore Chronicles, the comic fantasy pirate witch adventure novels that were my first publications, back in 1998 and 1999. Which means, yes, this is my 15th anniversary as a published novelist!

After Random House dropped the series, the third volume was doomed to never see the light of day though I wrote and revised it for my own closure as much as anyone else’s. I “published” it on Livejournal because Kickstarter didn’t exist yet, and I wanted it out there for the hardcore fans who were desperately wanting to find out how it all finished, but otherwise I drew a line under Mocklore and moved on.

Now Fablecroft are releasing the long-lost third book, Ink Black Magic, in digital and print formats! The book was designed to introduce the characters to new readers, and is set several years after the original Chronicles, so you don’t have to have read Splashdance Silver or Liquid Gold to get what’s going on.

Tehani has also commissioned a fabulous cover from Tasmanian artist Tania Walker, which I am completely in love with. Check it out after the cut!

I am very fond of this book, which was written during my early postgraduate years and sums up a lot of my jumbled feelings about school, university & coming of age, as well as the classic Mocklore theme of ‘messing with magic is bloody dangerous’, plus oh yes, my love and adoration for superhero comics and parallel world stories. I’m beyond delighted that it’s finally going to be a real book for real people, especially with such a gorgeous cover.

Kassa Daggersharp has been a pirate, a witch, a menace to public safety, a villain, a hero and a legend. These days, she lectures first year students on the dangers of magic. The love of her life is missing, presumed dead. All the adventures are over.

But when an evil dark city full of villains and monsters appears from the pages of a student’s sketchbook, everyone starts to lose their grip on reality. Even the flying sheep.

No one is sure who are the heroes and who are the villains, but someone has to step up to save Mocklore, one last time.

True love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
Happy endings don’t come cheap.
All that magic is probably going to kill you.
You really can have too much black velvet.

The Mocklore Chronicles begin all over again with INK BLACK MAGIC…

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One Small Step and Sassy Crime

New books, new books! A Trifle Dead is now less than a fortnight away, which is squeeful and terrifying. You can read an interview with me over at Angela Slatter’s blog about the new novel and much of my other current writing etc: AKA Livia Day.

She also invents a name for the sub-genre that Livia Day is officially writing in – Sassy Crime!

Sassy Crime

If anyone else wants to interview me for their podcast, blog, etc. this is a VERY good fortnight to be asking. NEW BOOK MONTH, PEOPLE!

In the mean time I had a lovely if brief catching up with Dirk Flinthart this weekend when we appeared on a writing panel together at AI Con, and he handed over my (early) author copy of this other lovely new book which will be officially launched at Conflux in April:


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