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Friday Links’ Eyes Are Up Here

Friday, September 12th, 2014

thorFrom the Mary Sue: Does the Marvel Cinematic Universe Play to the Female Gaze? Well sure, sometimes. Most TV action shows are learning this lesson too – why else do Arrow & Dig whip their shirts off so often? (though sadly never at the same time)

The amazing Nancy Kress argues against the weird idea that living in a science fictional future makes it less interesting to write science fiction – right now, she’s taking inspiration from genetic engineering.

“Science fiction made personal, because the future always is.” Nancy Kress.

Jaym Gates talks about taking inspiration from RPG gaming to take control of her life – On Her Own Damn Game.

Salon on Why The Most Exciting Crime Novelists These Days Are Women.

Katie Schenkel on “I Guess Comics aren’t for me”, how gatekeeping and sexism actively dissuades so many women from an entire creative medium.

Charles Tan on How To Live Safely In an Online Universe.


Friday Links is a Series, Not a Standalone

Friday, September 5th, 2014

You Can't Take The Sky Kanga From Me

You Can’t Take The Sky Kanga From Me

Friday links lives! It lives! The biggest obstacle to Friday links, in fact, has been that my mother has been babysitting for me on Friday mornings, allowing me a blissful several hours a week to type frantically in a library where the wifi is so slow I don’t even turn it on – distraction free writing time!

So in an effort to return to old traditions, I’m putting Friday Links together on a Thursday night. How’s that for a life hack?

Justin Landon at Staffer’s Book Review has proclaimed that The Series is Dying. And The Internet Killed It. I don’t want to agree with him and I’m not entirely sure that I do – but his point about which books are getting buzz feels very accurate to me, and I have turned into that reader who enjoys and raves about the first book in the series, but can’t quite be bothered to pick up the second, so who am I to throw custard pies?

Kameron Hurley has been blogging up a storm all over the internet, promoting her new book The Mirror Empire. Which I am very excited to read, but I pre-ordered which in my world means I get it three weeks after everyone else. #sadfacts I was particularly drawn to this piece she wrote for SF Signal – 5 Things I Learned When I Stopped Worrying About Genre. We could all pretend that I’m not recommending this article purely because Kameron refers to the genre implications of Wonder Woman riding a giant kangaroo through space, but we all know that we would be lying to ourselves.

Speaking of genre, Damien Walter had some interesting thoughts this week on Space Opera and how it’s the thing that’s about to be super hot right now (not his actual article title). This is a thing with no drawbacks.


Friday Links is So Jet Lag. Much Napping.

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

A woman sleeping on a lounge chair in the observation lounge car.I’m home, but keep regularly (or irregularly) crashing to the ground like a redwood in an endangered forest.

Some things I’ve read in the last day or so, since I’m apparently not good for much except staring blankly at a computer, napping, and cuddling my much-missed daughters:

The full masterlist of links is up on SF Signal for the Australian Spec Fic Snapshot – 189 participants this year! That’s amazing. Katharine interviews me here.

Also at SF Signal: the Hugo winners.

Aliette De Bodard on a subject very dear to my heart: writing novels with a baby.

Big Blue YA News reviews Kaleidoscope.

The lovely and charming John Chu – So I Won a Hugo.

Jamie Rubin: To All The Hugo Award Winners, Thank You, You Saved Science Fiction For Me.

A Loncon3 con report by Ana at Things Mean A Lot – plenty of pics here, including a review of a panel (about writing reviews) featuring me and Alisa!

Renay at Ladybusiness has some really interesting thoughts on Kameron Hurley’s iconic and now Hugo-winning Essay: We Have Always Fought.

Kameron herself on Writing, Editing, Inclusivity: We’re All In This Together.

Friday Links Meets Chris and Roz

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Damaged_Goods_book_coverA blast from the past for this week’s Friday Links – Big Finish are finally admitting that they really want to drag more New Adventures material into their stable, with a series of audio adaptations of the mostly-out-of-print original novel range from the 90′s. They recently announced that they were adapting the excellent Gareth Roberts novels featuring the Fourth Doctor and Romana – finally bringing Tom Baker and Lalla Ward in to work together for the first time since their divorce in the early 80′s – but the next announcement was even more exciting for me.

Big Finish recently recorded an audio adaptation of Damaged Goods, the only New Adventures novel to be written by Russell T Davies (and correct me if I’m wrong, but also the first canon appearance of a blowjob in the Doctor Who universe?). This is exciting because we finally get audio casting for Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester, who were the Seventh Doctor’s companions for a good chunk of the 90′s. Given the phenomenal success of Lisa Bowerman’s Bernice Summerfield as a flagship hero and all-around iconic character of the Big Finish range, it’s amazing that they waited fifteen whole years to bring back our favourite Adjudicators.


Friday Links is Watching July Disappear into the Distance

Friday, July 25th, 2014

batgirlnewHey July! You and I had a lot of stuff to get done, didn’t we? How are we going with that, then? July? JULY DON’T LEAVE ME, IT’S TOO SOON!

Ahem. It’s been a busy month. Yesterday was Alexandre Dumas’ birthday, and I spent a good chunk of it writing 1000 words of sports commentary for an imaginary sport I made up for Musketeer Space. It allowed me to channel some deeply held misery that has been lurking in my heart since Cesc Fabregas signed with Chelsea. LET US NEVER SPEAK OF IT. Part of the commentary will appear in Chapter 16 (yes I’m that far ahead!), and the rest will be published in a future issue of the Musketeer Space newsletter of extra content that I send out for Patreon supporters of the $3 per month level and above.

In the mean time, links! I haven’t been as linky lately, and I’m sorry for those of you who miss it as a regular feature of the blog. It may be a phase. Anyway, I have several weeks to catch up on, so here we go!

I appeared on the SF Signal podcast talking about Space Opera – it was super fun!

An interesting post was doing the rounds on my various social media spots today, explaining exactly why Australia Post is suffering so badly at a time when Australians are using online shopping so much more than ever before (and the effect this is having on our book industry).

I’m a bit excited about the upcoming Batgirl relaunch, mostly because it looks like DC are finally trying to aim the comic at young women, and moving it away from the grimdark sensibility that is an unfortunate factor in ALL Bat-related books these days. But no one is more excited about Batgirl’s cool new outfit than Supergirl!


Friday Links is Feeling Neglected…

Friday, June 27th, 2014

carriefisherwilliamshatner…largely because Tansy is busy editing a book with one hand, and typing space melodrama about Musketeers with the other. But I have linkses! Some of them have been waiting patiently for far too long.

Natalie Luhrs collected her tweets (including the conversational additions of others) about speaking out and community support, which are well worth reading.

While the media goes into meltdown about the possibility that Harrison Ford’s leg injury might mean Han Solo won’t be in enough of the next Star Wars movie (really, can we not just have Leia doing the same things he was going to do?), I wanted to point to this lovely interview with Carrie Fisher about being a bit melted, and other things. What she has to say about Leia as a character is pretty cool and brings me back to – why AREN’T they just giving Han Solo’s scenes to her, again?

Kari Sperring wrote two really important posts: Living as a Woman in a Science Fictional Future, and the follow up, Collateral Damage. The first is about the narrow types of femininity we usually see in SF (and the joy of finding examples of a woman like yourself in the fiction you love) and the second is a much angrier, fierce and personal piece about how the older women in science fiction (especially the writers) get left behind while their male counterparts only increase their profile and prestige.

What it comes to is this: most women who are now over about 40 have been told their whole lives to be good, to keep their heads down, to keep on working away quietly and to wait their turn. And now, within sff, at the point when their male contemporaries are celebrated, these same women are being told, No, it’s too late for you, you don’t matter enough; that space is needed. Get out of the way.


Friday Links Destroys Science Fiction

Friday, June 13th, 2014

header-zoe-saldana-on-her-role-as-gamora-in-guardians-of-the-galaxyThis lovely piece by Amal El Mohtar places Women Destroy Science Fiction editor Christie Yant in conversation with other important women of SF’s history.

The Toast on How Not To Review Women’s Writing

Charles A Tan wrote a great piece on When Diversity Is Not Enough for Skiffy and Fanty.

Ben Peek is doing the publicity rounds with his new epic fantasy novel The Godless (which sounds amazing) including this interview.


Friday Links are Team Peppa Pig

Friday, May 30th, 2014

dangerous feminist ideologyTwo days after the bombshell that Peppa Pig might be in danger from the budget cuts to the ABC, she’s still trending. I think we’ve found our figurehead, people! Particularly interesting was the revelation that Peppa might be in the firing line because of her “dangerous feminist ideology.” Is this because she rolls in the mud with her family and laughs at the end of each episode, or just because she is smart and articulate?

Funnily enough, I’m interested in gender-swapping as a literary technique at the moment. Jenny Crusie wrote a thoughtful piece this week on why she thinks it’s not realistic to keep the same story if the genders of the main characters have been swapped. As is often the case for me with posts about writing, I think she is both right and wrong.

Hollywood Reporter “reveals” that thing about Game of Thrones that many fans and bloggers have been talking about for years – there’s a code in them thar embroidery. I find it particularly interesting that the women’s costumes are being used in this way, both in and out of the show’s narrative (Doyleist and Sherlockian perspectives ahoy!). And it makes me want to write another fantasy novel about dressmaking.


Friday Links is Sensational (Featuring Wonder Woman)

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

wonder woman movieWelcome to a bumper edition of Friday Links!

The August solicits for DC Comics had a delicious (one might say SENSATIONAL) announcement to make: a new digital-first comic for Women, bringing back the old school title of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman. (Sensation Comics was the anthology comic in which Wonder Woman made her first few appearances before getting her own title – it is to her what Action Comics is to Superman, and Detective Comics is to Batman)

I’ve really been impressed with DC’s range of digital comics, which have been far more interesting, experimental, female-friendly, modern and shareable with kids than just about anything coming out of the main range since the New 52 began. Even better, this new Wonder Woman will be an outside-continuity anthology, allowing for multiple stories (hopefully none involving hooking up with Superman) and a jumping on point for casual readers. All this AND the list of creators involved is really exciting, including Lauren Beukes, Cecil Castellucci and Cat Staggs. With an opening story by Gail Simone. Sensational!

Courtney Milan blogs about being at the Romantic Times Giant Bookfair, and addresses the recent controversy about the separation of indie (or “aspiring” authors, heh) and traditionally published authors in signing halls at that event. I’ve seen a lot of responses to this event and I think Milan’s seems the most even-handed especially because she is firmly refusing to use civil rights vocabulary to describe a bureaucratic bungle. (having to sit in a separate room to authors you perceive as being your peers is not the same as racism or segregation, FFS)

At The Radish: the value of the backlist for authors. This one spins off the Bookfair topic, as “being stuck in the backlist” has been equated to “the back seat of the bus” YES REALLY. Actually, argues this guest post, the backlist is an awesome place to be. Hell yes, books written by past me, you are the least trouble of all the books in my life.


Friday Links Wants A Dalek and a Novel Contract for Mother’s Day

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Belle_posterAh, Mother’s Day, that time when our media and shopping spaces fill up with the assumption that “What Mum Wants” is a universal concept. Just once I’d love to see a ‘last minute gifts for Mum’ suggestion list that includes a kabuki sword, a new modem, and a chemistry set. Or maybe noise-cancelling earphones, and a new podcasting microphone. And a butler.

New historical film Belle about a wealthy, privileged woman of colour in Regency England (starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, AKA Martha’s sister Tish from Doctor Who) sounds really interesting. And look, it’s made by women of colour too! Bitch Magazine talks about how Belle takes on sexism, racism and class issues of the Regency, and the Mary Sue talks about why this movie is so important.

Terri is chronicling her latest Twelfth Planet Press macaron adventure. I’m biased, of course, but her Love and Romanpunk fig and port wine macarons are the best.

I don’t link to Buzzfeed a lot, but I love this piece where women have rewritten misogynist, mocking headlines about female celebrities, to reflect the actual non-gossip-magazine reality that most of us live in. I think I love “Woman runs in appropriate clothing” best, but you’ll have your own favourites.


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