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Friday Links is on the Side of the Bronies

Tor.com on In Defense of Bronies – the Quest for Gender Equality in Fandom. The patriarchy hurts men too, especially men who like cool cartoons about adorable ponies!

Alisa on The Knitting Olympics, and why the spat between the Olympics committee and Ravelry is a feminist issue for her.

Jennifer Crusie, queen of the collage-your-novel technique, talks about brainstorming with yarn, and other art and craft. It’s all about YARNSTORMING!

Bluemilk responds to the Atlantic article about Women Having It All, pulling the best points from the article and providing a bunch of links to interesting followup blogs.

The fabulous epic fantasy writer Karen Miller talks publishing, fantasy and feminism in Five Questions.

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The Force is With Friday Links

Is this not the best author picture EVER? It’s an illustration by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings from this post at Angela Slatter’s blog, interviewing Australian media tie-in writers Sean Williams and Karen Miller about their individual work writing for the Star Wars universe. So very cool.

(and reminds me it might be time to send my CV to Big Finish again, begging them to let me write a Blake’s 7 novel – you don’t get if you don’t ask!)

The Locus Kickstarter project to restore & archive a huge collection of photographs and ephemera has already met its target, which is fantastic, but they have many other projects in mind so it’s not too late to sign up to support them.

Sean the Blogonaut talks about his platform in running for NAFF
(the National Fan Fund) and links to where you can vote or support the fan fund. I’m voting this year, for sure! Check out the candidates for yourself.

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Galactic Suburbia Episode 2

… is available for download. You can also subscribe through iTunes – just search for Galactic Suburbia!

Alisa, Alex and I gathered around our computers to chat again, this time covering awards shortlists (the Australian Shadows Awards and the Nebulas), Karen Miller’s new book deal, the approaching season of Doctor Who, Scary Kisses, Swancon, Jensen Ackles doing Eye of the Tiger, and whether Nicholas Sparks is really comparable to Euripides, Shakespeare and Hemingway.

We also discussed our latest reading – The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals, by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer; Neptune Noir, edited by Rob Thomas; Boneshaker by Cherie Priest; Mirrorshades, edited by Bruce Sterling; Women of Wonder (1940-1970), edited by Pamela Sargent.

We topped it off with a chat about what we felt about single author collections, which is a nice way of saying that Alisa totally used us as market research to figure out what kind of single author collections we would want to buy (SPOILER ALERT: awesome ones).

The other exciting bit of Galactic Suburbia news is that the simply marvellous Tony C Smith has included our promo in his latest episode of StarShip Sofa. How awesome is that?

I’m really enjoying this podcasting lark right now. It’s lovely to chat to Alisa & Alex more often. Skype is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

UPDATE: I just listened to it and Tony says such lovely things about us! I’m bouncing ridiculously. Hard to get a better recommendation than that! Also he hinted that maybe someday the Sofanauts might come back. I am willing to grasp at straws here!