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Where the Wonder Women Are: #30 Maya

This teen super heroine stems from the period (1993-94) when Justice League Europe transitioned into the second incarnation of Justice League International, and made a serious attempt to be actually globally representative with the team, rather than filling it with mostly Americans and a couple of token “exotic” members. The JLE moved from their Paris Embassy to a haunted castle somewhere in London (handy for the shops) and while they lost the management of the competent Catherine Cobert, Sue Dibny made a very good replacement. Sue had joined the JLE as the wife of Elongated Man, and soon took over the computer and communications systems as her regular job, freeing the others up to actually fight crime.

The new JLE/JLI that set up home in England included Aquaman of Atlantis, Power Girl of Ancient Atlantis (this was the period when they were pretending she wasn’t Superman’s cousin), Crimson Fox of Paris, Tasmanian Devil of Australia, Dr Light of Japan, and occasionally even included British superhero Lionheart. And of course a handful of American male superheroes too (wouldn’t be a superhero book without them): Elongated Man, the Flash and Metamorpho.

The team also acquired a teenage runaway from India, Chandi Gupta. This frightened thirteen-year-old found her way to the JLE castle in the hopes they could help her deal with the water and fire powers that had come upon her with the onset of puberty. Chandi, who took the name Maya for superhero purposes, could transform into an older and more controlled version of herself, whose weapon of choice was to form a bow and arrow from either mystical water or mystical flame.

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Where the Wonder Women Are: #28 Doctor Light

Dr Light is a second rate villain, and a first class heroine. Funnily enough, I prefer the latter version.
Kimiyo Hoshi, AKA Dr Light, a Japanese astronomer, scientist, medical doctor and mother, was introduced in the original 1985-6 Crisis storyline. Struck by an immense wave of power sent to Earth by the Anti-Monitor, she received the powers of “photonics” and could bend and manipulate light with her mind.

She became an occasional member of the Justice League in the late 80’s, dropping in for occasional missions, but joined them full time after Justice League Europe moved to London, eventually taking on greater responsibilities with the UN as Justice League International. She also changed her costume from all white to all yellow, which might seem like a trivial detail, but marks the point at which she became a fully fledged character.

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