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What I did in December/January

And the lesson I learned from putting these links together is that if I want to keep up this particular tradition, I can’t skip months!

aramis thumbnailMusketeer Space Updates:
29: The Husband of Athos
30: In the Cellar of the Gilded Lily
31: Musketeers at War

The Seven Days of Joyeux – a festive prequel novella in 7 parts.

32: Chasing Spaceships
33: The Hotel Coquenard Deluxe Bathroom Experience
34: The New Aristocrats
35: Is it Love or Just Paris?
36: Sexting the Enemy

robotech-the-macross-saga-1-rick-minmei-lisaRobotech Rewatch Updates:
28: Love is a Weapon
29: Azonia is a Sex Kitten Now
30: Dating Tips for the Apocalypse
31: Christmas is Sadness and Snow
32: It’s the End But the Moment Has Been Prepared For
33: Team Hovertank!
34: Death by Ditzy Teenager
35: Field Promotion is for Girls
36: Ground Troops in Outer Space

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Musketeers in Technicolor (1948)

This is my tenth Musketeer Media Monday post!

SPOILER WARNING: As with Musketeers Break My Heart Seventies Style, The Three Musketeers (1948) is a surprisingly comprehensive adaptation of the original novel, so if you’re enjoying reading Musketeer Space without knowing the narrative beats of the book, this might reveal some revealy things. Also, this essay spoils the hell out of the movie, but that’s what Musketeer Media Monday is all about!

Poster - Three Musketeers, The (1948)_02Did you know there was a Technicolor Three Musketeers movie starring Lana Turner and Gene Kelly, with Angela Lansbury and Vincent Price and a bunch of other fairly famous people of the era?


The first thing you need to know about this film, after its mere existence, is that Gene Kelly, in his late thirties, is far too old to play D’Artagnan.

The second thing you need to know is that his performance is basically everything that Kathy Seldon ever said about Don Lockwood in Singin’ in the Rain.

The third thing you need to know is that this D’Artagnan has a hat, though it’s an odd sort of beret with a feather in it.

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Musketeers Break My Heart Seventies Style (1974)

Spoiler warning: sure the essay spoils the entire film, that’s pretty much how these Musketeer Media Monday posts go. But if you’ve been enjoying Musketeer Space without any knowledge of how the second half of the book turns out, this review might reveal a little too much simply because the Richard Lester films represent the most comprehensive adaptation of the original book in all its many fractured glories.



So the first half of The Three Musketeers was adapted by Richard Lester into the film I like to call Musketeers Crack me Up Seventies Style (1973), and the second half screened a year later as The Four Musketeers (1974).

Famously, the actors did not find out that their gruelling marathon shoot was intended for two movies instead of one, and were very unhappy when they found out! It didn’t stop many of them (including at least one whose character dies in this film) signing on for a sequel in 1989, but that’s long in the future.

Things that happened in Musketeers Crack me Up Seventies Style (1973): pretty much everything that usually happens in Musketeer movies, up to and including the matter of the Queen’s diamonds, Buckingham being a fancy clothes horse who can’t keep his lips to himself, D’Artagnan being a D’ork, the Musketeer meet-cute, and a happy ending. If you’ve never seen it and the words ‘Spike Milligan as Bonancieux’ don’t convince you to do something about that, I just don’t know what to do with you.

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Musketeers Are All For Love (1993)

1993Time for another Musketeer Media Monday!

If you really, truly love The Three Musketeers (1993) and hold it in your heart as a great nostalgic fun time, as I once did, you may not want to read this article.

For lo, the thing I most dreaded has come to pass.

And the suck fairy is a cruel, cruel wench.

The 90’s Three Musketeers was my first introduction to the characters, and I loved them dearly. The Golden Age of Musketeers, truly, is 15. In particular, I seem to recall, I adored Kiefer Sutherland’s Athos, Rebecca De Mornay’s Milady, and Oliver Platt’s Porthos. I regularly forgot who played Aramis, and was always surprised on rewatching to discover that it was in fact Charlie Sheen.

(In retrospect, not knowing anything about Charlie Sheen makes this a much better movie)

I always got a kick out of Gabrielle Anwar being Queen Anne (Press Gang actor ahoy!), I never really saw why everyone loved Tim Curry so much (this is an endemic problem for me), and Chris O’Donnell’s chin is VERY LARGE AND PUNCHABLE on the big screen.

But all in all, my memories were happy. Perhaps I should have left them be…

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Musketeers in an Exciting Adventure with Airships (2011)

the_three_musketeers_movie_posterIt’s Musketeer Media Mondays! I love alliterative titles, I can’t help it. If there was a day of the week starting with L, that’s where my Friday Links would be, instead of actual Friday, where they belong.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you will have noticed that I started a web serial last week, Musketeer Space (first chapter available to read here) and also set up a Patreon page to collect financial patrons for the project. To my delight and surprise, quite a few of you signed up straight away, and I surpassed my first and then second milestone goal within a couple of days.

Here, then, is the first series of Unlocked Content made available to all tansyrr.com readers thanks to the generosity of the Musketeer Space patrons. For as long as the page is earning $50 a month or more, I will be posting a monthly review of some kind of media interpretation of The Three Musketeers or its sequels. Upcoming in future months include the BBC series starting Capaldieu (Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu), the two Michael York & Oliver Reed movies from the 1970’s (I have previously seen The Three Musketeers but not its sequel The Four Musketeers), and of course the gender-swapped work of genius (I’m not entirely being sarcastic here) that is Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

All recommendations for Musketeer media, including audio, comics, sequels, prequels, loosely-connected homages and preferred translations of the original text, are gratefully received. (especially if you want to extend borrowing privileges!) Yes, I do want to include Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds if I can locate it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine its existence.

The first Musketeer Media I chose to tackle is the 2011 movie “The Three Musketeers,” starring Orlando Bloom’s flounce and Milla Jovovich’s belated Black Widow audition tape. Some other people might have been there too. I didn’t really notice.

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Patreon and Musketeer Space: The Story So Far

Well, obviously I’m going to be documenting some of this! It’s no fun experimenting with a new business model if you don’t micro-analyse all the details.

So far, 21 patrons have pledged (collectively) over $100 per month to my Musketeer Space project. That’s pretty awesome. Of course, I haven’t actually received any funds yet (Patreon charges cards at the end of each month), but it’s a very good start and much more than I was expecting this early in the game.

I’ve reached 2 of my 3 initial milestones (I keep wanting to call them stretch goals, but that’s not quite what they are!), both of which include a commitment to provide blog reviews and essays relevant to the project: a monthly Musketeer Media review, and a weekly Robotech rewatch.

While Patreon have suggested that we not deliver rewards until after the first payment has been delivered, I’m quite keen to get started. So I’ll be putting up a Musketeer Media review this Monday, and beginning the Robotech posts next weekend. (my nine year old and I sat down and watched through five episodes straight through today – she loves it – so at least finding time to watch and make notes will be less of a problem)

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