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Elsewhere on the Internet: Queer Themes and Crossovers

The internet is a wide and expansive jungle and I am once again popping up in unexpected places!

Julia Rios interviewed me for the Outer Alliance Podcast
– it is a long, sprawling conversation taking in the secret history of Galactic Suburbia, Australian geography and how that relates to the spec fic scene here, and (eventually) the queer themes in my work, especially the Creature Court trilogy and the collection Love and Romanpunk. Talking to Julia was so much fun! I just want to reach into my laptop and bring her to Australia for a holiday with all her favourite podcasting peeps.

Julia tells it like it is. The geographic tragedy that is Galactic Suburbia.

Meanwhile, in another part of pixel-space, I get to appear on my first MindMeld! The theme for this one is what crossovers we would most like to see, and it’s full of fun & creative ideas. I get bonus points for not mentioning to them that my favourite ever wacky real life crossover was the fanfic I read about how Xander from Buffy hooks up with Batman and hijinks ensue, right? Right??

Galactic Suburbia Episode 57 Show Notes

You can check out the new Galactic Suburbia episode on our website or at iTunes. You’ll notice we were really subtle about the Hugo nomination, because we didn’t want to be tacky.

In which this Hugo nominated podcast is Hugo nominated and discusses the Hugo nominations while being Hugo nominated. Also, the internet is full of things. Some of those things discuss gender, feminism and equality, some have wide ranging implications for the future of SF awards, and some of them are nominated for Hugos.


Hunger Games Hunger Games Hunger Games

Build up to make a hit
The reviews are in:
Topless Robot
Our Alisa

But in the real world, the character Katniss Everdeen faces an even greater challenge: Proving that pop culture will embrace a heroine capable of holding her own with the big boys.
It’s a battle fought on two fronts. First, The Hunger Games must bring in the kind of box office numbers that prove to Hollywood that a film led by a young female heroine who’s not cast as a sex symbol can bring in audiences. And second, for Katniss to truly triumph, she must embody the type of female heroine — smart, tough, compassionate — that has been sorely lacking in the popular culture landscape for so very long.

The Clarke Award Shortlist:
Christopher Priest’s original post
Cat Valente responds:
“Because let’s be honest, I couldn’t get away with it. If I posted that shit? I’d never hear the end of what a bitch I am.”
And further she responds

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