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The Internet is Full of Tansy

Angela Slatter includes me in her drive-by interview series.

New Power and Majesty reviews at ASiF and Fangtastic Fiction.

The recently relaunched Galaxy Bookshop blog asks me some crunchy questions about books and hosts a guest post from me about the writing of Power and Majesty.

I also wrote a post for the Voyager blog, about how I created the place names for my fantasy city.

One last reminder about the Tansy podcast goodness for this month: I read “Fleshy” for TISF, Tehani Wessely reads my story “Relentless Adaptations” from the upcoming suburban fantasy anthology “Sprawl,” and I chat with Alisa and Alex about boots and many many et ceteras over at Galactic Suburbia Episode 12.

Galactic Suburbia Episode 12 Show Notes

Episode 12 is available for streaming here, downloading here, and can also be found on iTunes by searching for ‘Galactic Suburbia’

In which we talk about publishers behaving badly, authors self-publishing, the future of reading and the price of a short story. Also we talk about books. Shocking, isn’t it?


Night Shade apologises for any problems they’ve caused any of their authors

SFWA puts Night Shade Books on probation as a qualified SFWA market for a period of one year, effective immediately.

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Power and Majesty Trailer!

What is the one thing that would make the recent release of Power and Majesty: Book One of the Creature Court even more awesome? A BOOK TRAILER, YOU SAY?

My good friends Rowena & Daryl at R&D Studios have made this beautiful thing for me. I would be absolutely delighted if some of you reposted it on your blogs or linked to it. No point in a gorgeous book trailer if no one sees it, right?

Linkage of Wonder

Cat Valente talks about That Twist Ending (with spoilers for Lost, The Sixth Sense) and how much of a letdown it can be.

Tehani talks about Judging Books by their Cover, specifically at Australian SF and fantasy of 2009 and 2010. I particularly like this bit about Power & Majesty: “Power and Majesty is not only already receiving rave reviews – promising to be one of the hottest fantasy novels of the year – but it has the most gorgeous cover, ensuring it will fly off bookstore shelves.”

Mari Ness writes a brilliant snark version of the new Robin Hood movie.

Lucy Knisley on Live Nerd Girls.

Mean Streets and Fight Scenes

The new CreatureCourtCast is up! I talk about some of the processes that went into creating the city of Aufleur, why I love cities in fantasy generally, and the influence Ancient Rome had on the whole thing. I also read a chunk from later in the book (I tried to pick one that avoided most spoilers) with some geography and a juicy fight scene.

If you want to stream the podcast on the site you can do so from the main page and you can also subscribe by searching for creaturecourtcast on itunes.

It’s a longer ep than previously but not by Galactic Suburbia standards! Just about half an hour or so.

Galactic Suburbia Episode 10 Show Notes

Ep 10 downloadable/available to subscribers now from itunes & for streaming/download from the Galactic Suburbia website.


In which we chat about branding and female inclusion in the SF Hall of Fame, discuss our childhood genre loves, and keep derailing ourselves with excitement about the Australian leadership spill & the possibility that we might get a female prime minister tomorrow… GO JULIA! (featuring extra commentary from baby Jem, our political correspondent)

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Reviewy Goodness

I’ve been slammed by edits the last few days and feeling a bit at a low ebb – the pretty book plates went a long way to cheering me up, as did this long and thoughtful review essay by Alexandra Pierce.

Alex unpacks a lot of things I have been hoping people would notice about Power and Majesty – some I’ve talked about publicly and some I haven’t. I’m delighted she got so much out of it and was particularly pleased to see her discuss it in relation to the urban fantasy genre – I always intended P&M to bridge urban & otherworld fantasy, and in fact spent a chunk of this afternoon discussing that on what will be my next episode of the CreatureCourtCast!

Here’s a few good quotes:

“The thing about Roberts is that her style is deceptive: descriptions of clothes and setting are so lovingly detailed and not scary that when a nasty thing happens it feels totally unexpected. And she doesn’t hesitate to use those finely-honed descriptions for fights, injuries, and other nastiness.”

If the next two books fulfil the promise of Power and Majesty, the Creature Court looks set to win a definite place in my heart. More importantly, it sets out new directions for urban fantasy in its construction of magic and in its genuinely ensemble cast that I think and hope will have implications for the whole genre.”

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Cat on a Hot Book Plate

I went by my post box today to pick up the June issue of Locus and to hope vainly that maybe my just-shipped copy of The Demon’s Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan might have miraculously arrived already (it hadn’t).

What I found instead was even more exciting – a box full of my very own bookplates!

These were designed for me by the marvellous and multi-talented Rowena Cory Daniells (whose own trilogy King Rolen’s Kin is due out from Solaris in a month or so) – I like particularly that it reflects the colours and style of my Creature Court website, but of course also the black cat who represents Ashiol, one of Power and Majesty’s many anti-heroes.

If anyone would like a signed book plate to personalise their copy of Power and Majesty, and/or for a friend, or if they have a use for a larger number of bookplates – like if you work for a bookshop – please send me an email at creaturecourt@gmail.com, or DM/tweet me on Twitter at @tansyrr to let me know how many you need/what names to sign them to if any, and also a postal address (apparently you can’t DM me unless I follow you, so email may be best option for most).

I’m happy to post bookplates anywhere in the world, though I’m not sure if any actual copies of the book have made it outside Australasia yet – let me know if you’re a non Aussie/New Zealander who has managed to secure a copy and let me know how you did it! I haven’t heard of any successful purchases from online booksellers yet and would love to be able to recommend some that can provide actual copies to o/s readers.

Some weekend reading

Mary Anne Mohanraj’s excellent WisCon GOH speech about heroism. Her descriptions about the hardships of looking after a small baby, and balancing traditional women’s work with your own professional work, which can be struggle even with an enlightened feminist partner, hit home for me in particular. She also talks about educating people on the internet through 101 and RaceFail type discussions, and how hard and painful that can be to do.

An article about the parental leave payments in Sweden and how they are still working to enact social change. I wasn’t going to read this article when I first saw it widely linked because, let’s face it, do we need another article about how great parental support is in Sweden? I was glad I finally did, though, because it addresses some aspects I didn’t know about, and shows that yes, you can make social change that genuinely improves the life of both genders. Though as always, there is the question of choice, and I do wonder if the changes (potentially making up to 4 months of the 12 months parental leave payments compulsory for men to take) are going to reduce benefits for single women. There isn’t a mention of non-nuclear-families in the article at all. One thing that genuinely shocked me that I didn’t know about Sweden is that they also have a system for paid leave days for sick children – what a difference would that make to working parents around the world!

Finally, a great post at Tor.com about the importance of accepting criticism in order to improve your writing. This is of particular interest to me this week because, you guessed it, it’s editing time! My structural edit for Book 2 of the Creature Court (which will not now be called Cabaret of Monsters, though we don’t have an alternative yet) has arrived, I’ve discussed it with my editor, and as soon as the school holidays end, I’ll be digging into that for three weeks. The reward at the end of it will be a) a better book, obviously b) it next goes to my favourite freelance editor for the copy edit, she only being available in July and c) once it’s done I can go back to finishing Book 3! Hooray! My reward for work is more work!

In the mean time I have been utterly spoiled on Twitter by a whole bunch of my favourite people finding my book “in the wild” or indeed “in captivity” and sending me a series of pics of Power and Majesty on shelves across the country. Very exciting! Even nicer is to hear word of shops where it is already sold out. Still no word yet on anyone from outside the country managing a successful purchase. Where did you get YOUR copy?


It’s funny, you can be keyed up and preparing for a big event like, oh I don’t know, a book launch, for weeks and weeks, and then suddenly it’s over in under two hours. Blink blink blink. I’m pretty sure it was good, because we came home, got the kids to bed and then promptly collapsed in a heap of exhaustion.

That might have something to do with the cold meds I’m on.

The Hobart Bookshop put on a lovely, cruisy book event. New authors, I recommend you fling yourself on their mercy! They give good launch. The bookshop started filling up slowly with lots of people I love and quite a few people I don’t even know. The former is lovely and comforting and heartwarming and all those things, and the latter is rather startling.

I didn’t do a head count but my honey thinks there were about 50 or so people there – I know I signed around 30 books!

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