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The Epic Robotech Rewatch!

ep31_kamjin_celebratesIt’s finally finished! 85 episodes, 67 posts of mecha world-ending alien romancey goodness. The Zentraedi, the Robotech Masters, the Invid, oh my! Come and re-experience the cheesy glee of Minmei’s music, Rick’s failtastic lovelife, Max and Miriya’s crazy courtship, Admiral Gloval’s accent, Dana Sterling’s hovertank, and a whole mess of dirtbikes.

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Robotech Rewatch 67: Where In The Universe Is Admiral Hunter?

Okay everybody up. Robotech is back! (one last time)

dark finaleChapter 84: Dark Finale

The penultimate episode of classic Robotech presents the shadow fighters of the Robotech Expeditionary Force, preparing to launch an attack on Reflex Point. But the really exciting thing is that everyone has totally been telegraphing the imminent return of Rick Hunter. Any minute now.

“Any sign of Admiral Hunter yet?”
“No sir, no indication at all.”

It turns out that Admiral Hunter’s group failed to come through space fold in time, so they’re going to launch the invasion without him. Oh no! They must be saving his cameo until the very final episode, to maximise its impact.

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Robotech Rewatch 66: The Great Reflex Point Conspiracy

Marlene_cutKeep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

Chapter 83: Reflex Point

This is exciting! Reflex Point! The whole story has been heading towards this point for so long! My expectations are very high.

The Regis muses on irony, and how protoculture allows the Invid to change into any form they like, but their extensive research has concluded that HUMANS, HUMANS ARE THE BEST DESIGN.

“We are Invid, we cannot fail, I will not allow it.”

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Robotech Rewatch 65: Legwarmers of Liberty

1653849-dusty_ayres_02Okay everybody up. Robotech is back!

EPISODE 81: Hired Gun

So this is the serial killer episode.

Our heroes, the dishevelled freedom-fighting Robotech bikie crew, arrive in a town where soldiers are being mysteriously killed by a figure called Dusty Ayres. Scott reluctantly agrees to help track the dude down, for no apparent reason. Even Rand and Rook think this is a surreal change in focus for Captain One Track Mind, and wonder how exactly this is going to help with the whole Reflex Point business.

Rook is assisted in an Invid fight by a mysterious long-haired stranger, and patches him up afterwards – only to discover that he has a metal arm. He’s the Winter Soldier! (sadly, he’s not the Winter Soldier)

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Robotech Rewatch 64: Chill City

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

This review is best consumed while humming your favourite musical number from Frozen.

frostbiteEPISODE 79: Frostbite

After Rand and Lancer have made their moves, it’s finally Scott’s turn to get romantic with Marlene. (Lunk doesn’t count, because large men in Robotech are generally only allowed to have love affairs with beef steaks)

It’s a snowstorm (yes, we’re back in snow, after last week’s desert antics), so our crew are all wrapped in slankets, and attempting to slowly move their mecha via a complicated sledding arrangement. Instead of, you know, being inside the nice cozy metal suits Not surprising that the episode title is Frostbite with this kind of ridiculous cold weather behaviour. Stay inside, chaps! It’s chilly.

Rand spots a city preserved beneath the ice, and suggests they get down somehow to raid it for supplies despite Scott’s disinterest in setting up shop as an archaeologist.

The ice makes the decision for them, cracking under the weight of the Alpha and sending them all down without any injuries whatsoever.

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Robotech Rewatch 63: Rick Hunter’s Sure Spunky

Warning, Rick Hunter does not appear in these episodes. Or at all. Ever. When the excitable narrator implied otherwise in the ‘next week on Robotech’ at the end of The Midnight Sun, Ms10 (who was on Minecraft and firmly Not Interested in Robotech) perked her ears up.

HER – Is that?
ME – No.
HER – But he said Rick Hunter.
ME – He lied. It’s there to make you think he’s going to be in it.
HER – He’s not in it?
ME – Didn’t I tell you that Rick Hunter never ever comes back?
HER – But maybe?
ME – No.

See? See? Even the modern generation of kids who have access to Wikipedia still get their hearts broken by this damned show pretending that it’s going to follow up on the adventures of the original Robotech crew and then not doing it.

This is a particularly dire example of that.

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Robotech Rewatch 62: Awkward Shirtless Holiday Camp

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

EPISODE 76 – Metamorphosis.

Marlene (AKA Ariel) is the worst infiltrator ever, because she has failed to send any spyware back to the Invid Regis.

The Regis transforms two other Invid using ‘biomass reconstruction’ which turns them into conventionally attractive humanoids with adorable hair: Sera and Corg.

She believes that the humanoid form has been categorically proven to be the most flexible and useful life form for surviving this planet, based largely on that time all her dinosaurs got blown up. Cute hair for the win!

awkward shirtlessOur freedom fighting bikie gang are relaxing on a tropical island (bwuh?) because beach time = not throwing hissy fits and quitting the team. Annie finds an abandoned military base from the Second Robotech War, and they get scavenging on the grounds that a boat might be more surprising in their planned attack on Reflex Point than a fighter plane.

Turns out Rand is pretty good at welding. Who knew?

When Rook is injured badly in a skirmish with a patrol, they promptly find themselves an abandoned paradise resort where she can rest up while they swim, frolic and fix up a bunch of mecha.

Rook is a bit of a grinch about fun in the sun, but a shirtless Rand eventually convinces her to enjoy their impromptu holiday.

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Robotech Rewatch 61: Underground Dirtbike Break Up Song

"Yes, Rand, the apocalypse is a bad time and place to confess your feelings. Always."

“Yes, Rand, the apocalypse is a bad time and place to confess your feelings. Always.”

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

Episode 75 – Separate Ways

Having successfully ditched Annie with that random jungle tribe (and not asking nearly enough questions about why there would be a random jungle tribe in a community that’s only been post-apocalyptic quite recently), Scott and Rand and Rook and Lunk and Lancer and Marlene do their thing in an abandoned city – their thing being fighting Invid a lot, and complaining that they’ve almost run out of protoculture.

Marlene hasn’t contributed much lately, but she rides on the back of Lancer’s bike, presumably because he’s the character least likely to sexually harass or be mean to her.

In a skirmish, Lunk’s beloved jeep, which has until recently been able to do anything a lightweight motorbike can do, gets crushed in a rockfall. Twice.

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Robotech Rewatch 60: A Couple of Vines and a Coconut

annieKeep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

EPISODE 74 – Annie’s Wedding

The rebel bikie flyboy bikie gang are running low on protoculture, which is bad news, so they decide to transport their gear to Reflex Point via raft.

Annie is totally into this plan, and Rook put her enthusiasm down by pointing out that this isn’t some silly jungle movie where all you need is a couple of vines and a coconut. I don’t know, Rook. We’ve covered just about every other genre lately. A little Tarzan action would liven things up!

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Robotech Rewatch Part 59: Cactus in my Pants

Rand in a Viking helmet. You're welcome.

Rand in a Viking helmet. You’re welcome.

Keep your scanner tuned to this station. Robotech is back!

Episode 73: Sandstorm

Funnily enough, the Invid are pretty pissed off about that whole destroyed fortress business. The Regent has decided that it’s time to retrieve ‘the simulagent’ AKA Marlene before the humans discover their plans.

Our sweeties, meanwhile, are trapped in a cave after a three day sandstorm, and about five minutes away from killing each other. Annie is thirsty, Lunk feels guilty that it was his job to bring water and he didn’t bring nearly enough for them all (he was under fire at the time and his jeep is not great for keeping off the bullets), and Scott is furious at Lunk for screwing up his orders and basically angry at the universe that he has to deal with these amateurs instead of real soldiers. Rand yells at Scott for having unreasonable expectations of them all, and for constantly going on about Admiral Hunter all the time. Even Lancer objects to being ‘turned on and off like a music box’ when Rook suggests that he sings to take their mind off it.

Oh, and Marlene has a fever.

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