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The Force is With Friday Links

Is this not the best author picture EVER? It’s an illustration by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings from this post at Angela Slatter’s blog, interviewing Australian media tie-in writers Sean Williams and Karen Miller about their individual work writing for the Star Wars universe. So very cool.

(and reminds me it might be time to send my CV to Big Finish again, begging them to let me write a Blake’s 7 novel – you don’t get if you don’t ask!)

The Locus Kickstarter project to restore & archive a huge collection of photographs and ephemera has already met its target, which is fantastic, but they have many other projects in mind so it’s not too late to sign up to support them.

Sean the Blogonaut talks about his platform in running for NAFF
(the National Fan Fund) and links to where you can vote or support the fan fund. I’m voting this year, for sure! Check out the candidates for yourself.

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Night of Necklaces, Day of Ferries

I felt like such a jet-setter, getting on a plane yesterday morning for a single night in Sydney for the Aurealis Awards. I arrived in the early afternoon and met up with Tehani, Helen and baby Max at the airport so we could taxi in to the hotel together. It felt so decadent to hang out and chat with friends I normally don’t get to see more than once every few years – twice within a month!

We went down to the hotel restaurant for a (very) early dinner, correctly guessing it would be our last chance to eat for the night. Some familiar faces were already down there, with the same idea, and we added a table on the end of theirs – and as more and more people arrived, kept doing so, until we had at least 20 people there, and the table had turned into a long L-shape!

Then of course we all had to disappear to frock up, as the new arrivals were looking increasingly glamorous.

The Aurealis Awards were held at the Independent Theatre, a lovely venue only a few minute’s stagger (a bit longer in high heels, but I was wearing flats, hehehe) from the hotel. We met and mingled at the cocktail party (sponsored by HarperCollins), many of us marvelling at how utterly weird it was to be together again so soon after Swancon – when we’re used to an 18 month separation! Of course there were people there who hadn’t been at Swancon, too, so it was a general crowd of happy reunions, gossip and hugging. With champagne. I had lots of lovely conversations with lots of adorable people, though the highlight for me was getting to meet IN PERSON the amazing Nicola, who has edited all three of the Creature Court books with me, one way or another. To get to talk to her in person about the choices we made and how much we love each other’s work was very, very cool.

And oh, the fashions! We are a gorgeously dressed bunch. Tehani referred to it as the ‘night of necklaces,’ and there was certainly some spectacular jewellery on display. Kirstyn wins the prize, of course, for her bird skull necklace that made people go ooh, and then, erkhhhh when they looked more closely…

The theatre itself was the perfect size for an event like this – grand but cozy at the same time, if that makes sense? Tehani and I decided to start a trend by sitting in the front row, since we knew I had to go on stage at some point to present (and we knew Helen would be going up too, but more on that later!). Spec Faction deserve a huge amount of kudos for the event – it ran smoothly, with any dramas rendered pretty much invisible to the rest of us. Cat had put together a hilarious and touching montage of Aurealis Awards photographs (the overall theme was people we knew looking overheated, a bit drunk and terribly happy) which broke the ice marvellously, and there was a really good vibe in the theatre, all that community spirit stuff.

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Galactic Suburbia Episode 32 Show Notes

New episode up! Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site.


In which we bid farewell to Joanna Russ, talk e-publishing (again) and Alisa reads a real live actual book. With bonus raving about Doctor Who and Alistair Reynolds – in other words, another episode of Galactic Suburbia.


On Joanna Russ:
Making Light
Broad Universe Samuel Delaney interviews Joanna Russ
Aqueduct Press

Barb & Jenny on e-publishing
Part 1
Part 2

Book Country launched by Penguin USA
Jim Hines on Book Country
Ellen Datlow on the role of the short story editor, at Book Country

Brimstone Press closing

Shaun Tan named judge for Illustrators of the Future

What Culture Have we Consumed?
Alisa: Madigan Mine, Kirstyn McDermott, Fringe Season 3
Alex: Deep State, Walter Jon Williams; Shattered City, and Love and Romanpunk, Tansy Rayner Roberts; Pushing Ice, Alastair Reynolds; Troubletwisters, Garth Nix and Sean Williams.
Tansy: Doctor Who & Big Finish audio plays. The Eighth Doctor Adventures.


Announcing upcoming Spoilerific Book Club on Joanna Russ with particular focus on The Female Man, How To Suppress Women’s Writing and short story “When it Changed.” Read along with us!

Galactic Chat interviews Glenda Larke

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The Con of Conversations

If I don’t blog now, I never will! I am home after one of the most intense and inspiring long weekends of my life! Swancon36/Natcon50 was definitely one of those legendary events of the Australian SF community. Cat Sparks called it ‘the con of conversations’ and it’s absolutely true that the set up of the hotel bar, and the lovely mix of people we had, meant that all the pieces were in place for some amazing conversations. However, it’s usually true that the cons which are the most fun socially are those with the suckiest programs, and that was definitely not the case here. I found so much to interest me in a professional development sense, even if I didn’t get to nearly as much as I wanted to, and the feedback I got from other authors/professionals was the same.

The thematic streams (educational, academic, romance, writers etc.), run by different programmers, gave a real structure to the program and meant there were several flavours to each day of the convention – I only participated in and saw some of the writers stream but I heard great things from friends who spent time in the others. I’m glad to hear that the romance stream went well as that’s something you don’t often see given much time/space in a traditional con.

Jonathan, Tansy, Alex & Alisa, taken by Cat

The design of the bar, in the centre of the hotel lobby, gave a really nice vibe to the convention for me. It often feels like ‘the bar’ is a hub of private little groups in a dark squished-in space, which can feel exclusive and a little intimidating, especially if like me you’re someone who actually doesn’t spend a lot of time in those kind of spaces the rest of the year around. At this con, the cafe-bar seemed to allow for a lot more of spotting people you knew, and a lot more mixing up of people rather than always sticking to the same crowd. Also their homemade lemonade allowed for some serious injections of Vitamin C, which I was grateful for.

On the whole I found the staff really friendly and helpful – Good Friday was a bit of a nightmare day for them as they were understaffed as usual on public holidays – but I appreciated the cheerful waitstaff, bartenders, receptionist etc. It didn’t hurt that Alex and I were sharing a club twin on the top floor which allowed access to a very swanky breakfast/coffee lounge. Lovely for when you needed the quiet moments.

I really enjoyed the panels I was on – I never cease to be appreciative when I am put on something other than the usual suspects. Yes I do remember the years where I only ever had the same panel (comedy and fantasy, who knew you could combine them?) at every convention. Which was fun and all, but being able to talk about adventures/quests, indoor v. outdoor fantasy, my TV influences, social media, feminism and gender, and all manner of other things was lovely, and with so many different people.

Particular thanks to Kitty who did the ‘awesome women in comics’ panel with me – I was very wary of that after the awful mess that happened at Worldcon, and because I still don’t feel like enough of an expert on the comics field to talk about it for a whole hour, but it went well, was probably my biggest attended panel, and it was fantastic how we both had such different reading lists for people to look at. That and the other gender panel, the one I did with Justina Robson and Sarah Xu, were probably the most audience-participationy of the ones I did, and for the most part in a very good way. Let me hear a No Derailing Woohoo!

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Going to Swancon, lalala

I’ve been having trouble joining my friends in their enthusiasm and excitement about Swancon this year. Not because I’m not looking forward to it – it’s a CON, and I always have an awesome time. The reason my feelings are so mixed is because I am completely fixated on the fact that I have to say goodbye to my girls for four days. And um. Haven’t *entirely* managed to wean my 19 month old yet. So basically whenever I think about Swancon, I think GUILT GUILT GUILT GUILTY GUILT.

We experimented last night with my honey comforting the baby in the night, offering her a drink of water and a cuddle that was not boobie-related. She was unimpressed.


Worldcon was wonderful in many ways, but hard, and there was just as much guilt from all the small goodbyes than there will be this time from one big one. I know in my heart that as soon as I’m on the plane and away, I will be able to enjoy the freakish luxury of four days in which the only person I have to look after in myself.

(secretly, I’m looking forward to the 5 hour plane trip – so many hours on my OWN to listen to stories and read books without someone jumping on me or needing a drink of water. Possibly *I* will be the one receiving drinks of water from someone else. UNTOLD LUXURY)

But then I think about the fact that my girls may well be having the annual Easter Egg hunt at Glammer’s house without me and I crumple, just a little…

I haven’t paid much attention to what is actually happening at Swancon – a bunch of my friends are going to be there and I’ll get to talk non-stop about books, science fiction, publishing, and podcasting. Not on panels or anything – I have no idea what my programme will look like – but to a crowd of my favourite people. Really, I just heard ‘con’ and I was there – plus I get to share a room with Alex, and we’ll be working hard to kidnap Alisa from her duties as chair from time to time, just so we get a chance to hang out with her too. Did I mention that I still haven’t *met* Amanda or Cranky Nick or Chris in person yet? Virtual will become reality!

But it’s probably time I looked at what the convention has to offer.

Swancon 36 – Natcon 50!

*swish, fancy hotel with actual room for all the stuff a convention needs
*Guests of Honour Sean Williams, Justina Robson, Ellen Datlow, Sarah Xu and many more invited guests.
*Writerstream – a whole stream of programming on Saturday 23 April, devoted to writers trying to break into the industry, with workshops/presentations as well as panels and discussions.
*Romancing the West – a SECOND stream of programming for writers, this time with a focus on romance, paranormals, etc.
*Edustream – on the Friday, a series of professional development workshops and panels with a focus on the uses of SF in schools for teachers and librarians as well as those with an interest in YA.
*Future Imperfect Art Show, various Awards ceremonies, everything else you expect from a Natcon

Okay. Now I’m getting a teeny bit excited. ROLL ON EASTER.

Galactic Suburbia Episode 3 Show Notes

Episode 3 is available for download/live play here, or subscribe to us through iTunes. I’m posting the show notes here as well as some versions of Firefox struggle to load them on the GS page…

Galactic Suburbia Episode 3 – 2 April


Alisa’s live report from Swancon!

Tiptree winners & Honours List including Wives Wives Wives

Arthur C Clarke shortlist

Hugos – largest number of votes ever received. Shortlist out Easter Sunday, UK time:

Launch of new Asif website

Stephenie Meyer to release a novella for free to fans online followed by the hard copy version from June 5.

Shaun Tan’s Eric

k9 to screen on Australian tv tomorrow on Channel 10! [heh this is officially old news now]

Garth Nix and Sean Williams, teaming up with Troubletwisters

What have we been reading?

Tansy – Lifelode, by Jo Walton & Chicks Dig Time Lords

Alisa – The Women Men Don’t See/ What I Didn’t see and commentary, Alice Sheldon’s Biography

Alex – Lord of the Rings, also “To Write like a Woman,” collected essays by Joanna Russ.

Pet Subject: Media Tie-Ins

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, talking about Star Wars – initially in Star Wars on Trial, a BenBella collection

See also http://theswivet.blogspot.com/2010/03/guest-blogger-ari-marmell-on-writing.html


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2 April 2010