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Galactic Suburbia Episode 31 Show Notes

There’s a new ep up! Yes, already. This is the one with the things in it we couldn’t quite squeeze into our live episode. Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site.


In which we do a quick (ha) awards round up and squee about the Swancon that was.


We wanted you to read this review and be appalled
An issue to be addressed that we want more women reviewed … but not like that.
(but then they edited the review out from under us, so you can be appalled by that instead)

Hugo nominees have been released.

Ditmar, Tin Duck & other Australian award winners (including us!)

Wanted to draw attention to when Tansy won the Atheling and Grant Stone as MC said she was the first woman (invisibility of women)

1979 – Susan Wood, “Women and Science Fiction”, Algol 33, 1978
2007 – Justine Larbalestier for Daughters of Earth: Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century
2009 – Kim Wilkins, for “Popular genres and the Australian literary community: the case of fantasy fiction”
2010 – Helen Merrick for The Secret Feminist Cabal: a cultural history of science fiction feminisms (Aqueduct Press)

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On Awards, At Length

As I mentioned earlier, the awards night on Sunday (full results here) was a very emotional one for me! And brought in a rather hefty stack of what we football fans refer to as ‘silverware’ for myself and some very good friends. I’ve been to a lot of Ditmar ceremonies over the last decade or more that I’ve been attending cons, and this is only the second time that I’ve had fiction even nominated, so to win Best Novel with what is, let’s face it, my ‘comeback’ novel, means a lot to me.

Especially because this year’s shortlist was so strong, made up of books I love and works by writers I really respect (didn’t quite manage to read the whole shortlist before I got to the con) and I would have been genuinely glad to see any of those novels win.

But I’m so proud of Power and Majesty, and so pleased by its overall reception, and it’s hard not to be supremely grateful that people are

Winning the William Atheling for Criticism and Review for my Modern Women’s Guide to Classic Who was also deeply meaningful to me – I love this blog, and writing reviews, and you all know how I feel about Doctor Who & feminist commentary, so the fact that it was that particular series of posts that earned me another shiny trophy is something I feel very good about. Having a set of book ends like this does suggest I’m doing a good job of balancing my professional and fannish work!

Then there are the awards I shared – Galactic Suburbia won the Ditmar for Best Fan Publication in Any Medium, and the Tin Duck (Western Australia specific fan award) for Fan Production. As you can see, both sets of awards don’t have a problem with the ‘are podcasts fanzines’ debate! I had been delighted to see GS nominated for these awards along with many other podcasts because I tend to see the awards shortlists as important historical documents, and it was lovely to see the ‘year of Australian podcasts’ commemorated in this way. But much though I love all of our fellow podcasters (and projects) I was awfully delighted about these ones. We love our podcast and it has been completely humbling both at Swancon this weekend and at Worldcon last year to have so many people come up to us and say “you changed the way I read.”

Considering feminist commentary is often thought of as a rather niche concern, it’s also very exciting how often those people are men, though I have to say it’s no less awesome to hear women tell me the effect that Galactic Suburbia has had on the way they look at things.

Finally I had a very small share of the Ditmar for “Best Achievement” which was won by last year’s Snapshot. Yes, another new media project! Taking part in the Snapshot is always frantic and exciting, and inspiring at the same time. Last year, it was Kathryn Linge who took the helm, organising and encouraging us all, and while many of us have our name on that award (and we all got to kiss Sean Williams when accepting it, of course!) she was the one who put in the hard yards to make it happen.

So you know it wasn’t just about me, I was also squealing and whooping about many of the other winners. Alisa puts in so much work at Twelfth Planet Press, and I think has really lifted the bar of what we expect from indie SF press in Australia – I loved Sprawl, and I think it’s her best anthology yet, so hooray for her taking out the ‘Best Collection’ Ditmar and ‘Best Professional Production’ Tin Duck. Other Sprawl related awards included Amanda Rainey getting the Tin Duck for Best Professional Artwork for the cover art, Pete Kempshall getting the Tin Duck for Best Short Story for “Signature Walk,” and Cat Sparks’ “All The Love in the World” (one of my favourite stories from last year!) getting one of two Best Short Story Ditmars (tying for first place with Kirstyn McDermott’s “She Said” from Tales From the Second Storey).

Random Alex and Tehani have both been reviewing furiously and consistently for some years now, and so it was exciting to see them take out the Ditmar for Fan Writer and Tin Duck for Fan Written, respectively. I also yippeed for Thoraiya Dyer (whose “Yowie” from Sprawl is up for an Aurealis Award) getting Best New Talent. I not only love Thoraiya’s work, but have been excited to see how quickly she has gone from first publication and first award noms last year to – with her sale to Cosmos early this year – her first pro sale. All that plus her excellent TPP stories! Thoraiya caused many people to go “awwww” when she took her 2 year old daughter on stage for both of her Ditmars, the other being for “The Company Articles of Edward Teach” – this was a story I really loved last year, and thought would fall under the radar because it was published so late in the year. So hooray for that too!

Fan Artist of the Ditmar went to Amanda Rainey too, in this case for the Swancon 36 logo, which I have to say is hard to argue with when you’re staring at the gorgeous design of this year’s Ditmar & Tin Duck trophies (in true cyclical fandom tradition, she designed this year’s trophies featuring said logo, and promptly won several of them). She also tied for first place with Christina Lorenz for Fan Artist in the Tin Ducks. Amanda’s been doing such great work in the SF community over the last few years, mostly unpaid despite her high professional skills, and it’s lovely to see her time and effort rewarded with some trophy love.

Oh and yes, Shaun Tan and Andrew Ruhemann won for “some short film” as Jonathan charmingly put it, while presenting the award. It was one of those things where – well, it would have been completely embarrassing if anything other than the Oscar winner had taken the prize, though it would have been rather amusing if Shaun had beat himself with his other nominated work.

Back to the Tin Ducks, I think the only award I haven’t mentioned is Juliet Mariller’s Best Long Form for Seer of Sevenwaters – I loved her original Sevenwaters book, and didn’t know this one existed, so hooray for awards, now I can seek it out!

There were a few other non-affiliated awards, of which the one of most interest to me was the NORMA, of course. This year it was won by A A Bell’s Diamond Eyes, which I shall promptly seek out. The thing that seems most interesting to me up front is that they changed the award this year to include disability along with race, gender, etc. as themes that the award was looking for, and it seems from the blurb I have read that disability is a strong theme in this particular book. Watch this space for my feedback!

OK I have to go now and record another Galactic Suburbia, so I will just close by saying that it would be hard to beat the energy and love and positive vibes that I felt in the room when I picked up my own awards, and cheered on so many of my friends and colleagues while they did the same. So many smiles, so much genuine happiness! There was a time when I definitely did not feel as much a part of this community as I do today, and it was just plain nice to have so many people express their support. I do apologise for my (honestly I don’t remember what I said) rather garbled thank you speech, but I was so completely overwhelmed at that point that I’m surprised I was able to form words. That was probably the only moment of the con when I really wished I had after all brought my honey and my daughters all that way on the plane with me, so they could be a part of it all.

This whole winning trophies thing is aces, but it’s really, really new to me, as is this huge wave of excitement about my work. I am well aware that it’s not something that happens every year in a writer’s bumpy career, so intend to enjoy it while I can.

Galactic Suburbia Episode 30 Show Notes: Swancon 36 Edition

Image courtesy of Cat Sparx

Episode 30 is up, recorded live from Swancon on the morning of Sunday 24 April 2011 with an audience of loyal followers who were prepared to come to a panel at 9:30 AM!

Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site.


At Swancon 36/Natcon50

In which we talk convention gossip, awards, go through piles and piles of reading for Tansy and Alex, while Alisa patiently explains her position on ebooks.


Recorded Live from Swancon!


Shirley Jackson nominees

PK Dick winner announced

BSFA winners announced

SF Hall of Fame Inductees for 2011

What Culture Have we Consumed?

Alex: Kraken, China Mieville; Doomsday Book, Connie Willis; Contact (the movie), Mappa Mundi, Justina Robson; Brasyl, Ian McDonald; Nightsiders, Sue Isle

Tansy: The Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare, The Last Stormlord by Glenda Larke, Fun Home & Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel, [http://tansyrr.com/tansywp/clockwork-rocks-and-a-tragicomic/] Tales of the Tower: the Wilful Eye edited by Isobelle Carmody & Nan McNab, especially “Catastrophic Disruption of the Head” by Margo Lanagan, Nightsiders (twelve planets 1) by Sue Isle.

Pet Subject: Indie Press: Alisa talks Ebooks!

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Galactic Suburbia 29

Episode 29 is up and it’s a doozy! Grab it from iTunes, by direct download or stream it on the site.

Then, if you can, come join us at Swancon on Easter Sunday for the live recording of EPISODE FREAKING THIRTY!



In which we rant about feminist issues and gender disparity (are you shocked?), Alisa proclaims the death of bookstores and publishing, we look at branding and internet dramah, plus a million zillion award shortlists, TANSY BEING A TIPTREE JUDGE, a Swancon preview, and… um. It’s a bit long. But full of crunchy Galactic Suburbian goodness.


Diana Wynne Jones passed away, many people said good things about her on the internet

Shaun Tan wins the Astrid Lindgren Award
Guardian coverage; Shaun’s personal take on the award

Carol Emshwiller’s 90th birthday celebrations

25 A&R franchises in Australia go indie
(apologies original link vanished)

Strange Horizons – dealing with the low numbers of female reviewers
Original post, counting up numbers of female reviewers and women’s books reviewed in SF markets

The Age on the poor numbers of women’s work being reviewed (in the literary “mainstream”)
and coverage of a panel on the gender disparity, again in literary mainstream

Prometheus Awards nominees, from the Libertarian Futurist Society:

Running Press, Tricia Telep and Jessica Verday


Aurealis Awards: www.aurealisawards.com/finalists2010.pdf
Ditmars: http://2011.swancon.com.au/2011/03/natcon-fifty-ditmar-awards/
Tin Ducks: http://2011.swancon.com.au/tin-duck-awards/
Chronos Awards: http://arcadiagt5.livejournal.com/362522.html

Livejournal not so live this week – AK has existential crisis about blogging & identity.

Aishwarya, Kaia, Adam

Competition winners!

Swancon Preview
Our live panel is 9:30 am on the Easter Sunday, bring coffee!

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Going to Swancon, lalala

I’ve been having trouble joining my friends in their enthusiasm and excitement about Swancon this year. Not because I’m not looking forward to it – it’s a CON, and I always have an awesome time. The reason my feelings are so mixed is because I am completely fixated on the fact that I have to say goodbye to my girls for four days. And um. Haven’t *entirely* managed to wean my 19 month old yet. So basically whenever I think about Swancon, I think GUILT GUILT GUILT GUILTY GUILT.

We experimented last night with my honey comforting the baby in the night, offering her a drink of water and a cuddle that was not boobie-related. She was unimpressed.


Worldcon was wonderful in many ways, but hard, and there was just as much guilt from all the small goodbyes than there will be this time from one big one. I know in my heart that as soon as I’m on the plane and away, I will be able to enjoy the freakish luxury of four days in which the only person I have to look after in myself.

(secretly, I’m looking forward to the 5 hour plane trip – so many hours on my OWN to listen to stories and read books without someone jumping on me or needing a drink of water. Possibly *I* will be the one receiving drinks of water from someone else. UNTOLD LUXURY)

But then I think about the fact that my girls may well be having the annual Easter Egg hunt at Glammer’s house without me and I crumple, just a little…

I haven’t paid much attention to what is actually happening at Swancon – a bunch of my friends are going to be there and I’ll get to talk non-stop about books, science fiction, publishing, and podcasting. Not on panels or anything – I have no idea what my programme will look like – but to a crowd of my favourite people. Really, I just heard ‘con’ and I was there – plus I get to share a room with Alex, and we’ll be working hard to kidnap Alisa from her duties as chair from time to time, just so we get a chance to hang out with her too. Did I mention that I still haven’t *met* Amanda or Cranky Nick or Chris in person yet? Virtual will become reality!

But it’s probably time I looked at what the convention has to offer.

Swancon 36 – Natcon 50!

*swish, fancy hotel with actual room for all the stuff a convention needs
*Guests of Honour Sean Williams, Justina Robson, Ellen Datlow, Sarah Xu and many more invited guests.
*Writerstream – a whole stream of programming on Saturday 23 April, devoted to writers trying to break into the industry, with workshops/presentations as well as panels and discussions.
*Romancing the West – a SECOND stream of programming for writers, this time with a focus on romance, paranormals, etc.
*Edustream – on the Friday, a series of professional development workshops and panels with a focus on the uses of SF in schools for teachers and librarians as well as those with an interest in YA.
*Future Imperfect Art Show, various Awards ceremonies, everything else you expect from a Natcon

Okay. Now I’m getting a teeny bit excited. ROLL ON EASTER.


Over at the Swancon blog, I guest-posted about retro-futurist fashions with particular reference to June Hudson and Blake’s 7, and a healthy side helping of Doctor Who.

Get an early e-book edition of Aussie spec fic anthology After The Rain (Fablecroft) in exchange for a donation for QLD flood relief.

While you’re at it, you can also bid on one of a huge selection of writerly donations for flood relief in the Authors for Queensland auction. There are lots of signed books here, and many offers for manuscript assessments and mentorship from some of the best in the business. Pick up a bargain and help Queensland recover!

And it’s never too late to read Joanna Russ. Always cool to hear someone else’s take on trying to educate yourself about one of SF’s most important women.

Galactic Suburbia Episode 3 Show Notes

Episode 3 is available for download/live play here, or subscribe to us through iTunes. I’m posting the show notes here as well as some versions of Firefox struggle to load them on the GS page…

Galactic Suburbia Episode 3 – 2 April


Alisa’s live report from Swancon!

Tiptree winners & Honours List including Wives Wives Wives

Arthur C Clarke shortlist

Hugos – largest number of votes ever received. Shortlist out Easter Sunday, UK time:

Launch of new Asif website

Stephenie Meyer to release a novella for free to fans online followed by the hard copy version from June 5.

Shaun Tan’s Eric

k9 to screen on Australian tv tomorrow on Channel 10! [heh this is officially old news now]

Garth Nix and Sean Williams, teaming up with Troubletwisters

What have we been reading?

Tansy – Lifelode, by Jo Walton & Chicks Dig Time Lords

Alisa – The Women Men Don’t See/ What I Didn’t see and commentary, Alice Sheldon’s Biography

Alex – Lord of the Rings, also “To Write like a Woman,” collected essays by Joanna Russ.

Pet Subject: Media Tie-Ins

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, talking about Star Wars – initially in Star Wars on Trial, a BenBella collection

See also http://theswivet.blogspot.com/2010/03/guest-blogger-ari-marmell-on-writing.html


If you have any feedback or comments for us, please email galacticsuburbia@gmail.com

2 April 2010