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Friday Links is Shipping Iced Tea

Yes, I said shipping, not sipping.

It’s a stinker of a hot day, I’m drinking iced tea poured from my shiny new T2 iced tea brewer jug into stylish citrus-coloured glasses, and trying not to spend all the electronic money I don’t have on Doctor Who themed tea. My favourite thing about this site is not just that they know who my beloved Hexy Scofield is (oh, Big Finish companions, why do I love you so?) but they allow you to ship tea blends together and give you discounts for doing so. Hex, for instance, is in a ship with Ace. OH YES HE IS.

Sure, there are people who design fandom tea based on the actual Doctors too, if that’s your bag (did you know tea fandom was a thing?). But I’m having more fun reading the blends for the companions. (Aww, Turlough isn’t shipped with anyone but OMG his blend is Earl Grey Moonlight, Caramel and Ginger!)

Speaking of Doctor Who, my favourite written response to the Doctor Who Christmas Special The Snowmen so far is this great Doctor Her article by Nightsky: My bustle’s stuck!: Women vs. Victorian values in “The Snowmen”. Brilliant stuff about Victorian women, Doctor Who, and why talking about clothes is not necessarily frivolous as a woman – sometimes it’s a matter of survival.

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My Little Friday Links

OK the news that really sparkled for me this week was the availability of the My Little Pony comics on ComiXology – which means I can actually access them! Oh, ComiXology, you are so convenient, if only your DRM-based platform wasn’t so inflexible and slightly evil. DID I MENTION PONIES?

Alisa passed on a link to this inspiring article about Nicola Beauman and Persephone Books. There’s a lot to unpack in this one, particularly about the value of aesthetically pleasing books, but also the human side of “building a brand”. Warning: this article may make you buy books while reading it.

Mary Shelley blogs about the origins of her classic story Frankenstein. Yes, really. Well, a bit.

Jennifer Mills talks about reading Australian classics for the AWW challenge, and Elizabeth L Huede writes about the year’s challenge over at the Huffington Post.

Rebecca Fitzgibbon responds to the Hobart ABC closure
, discussing some of the roll on cultural effects that come from not producing TV in Tasmania any longer. Sigh.

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Tea in the TARDIS

My friend [info] godiyeva is the best enabler in the world when it comes to high tea – every time someone has a win, she declares it is high tea time, regardless of whether we can actually schedule an outing (sadly the school pick up times of our children makes tea a very difficult possibility). I think this year we are several high teas behind, especially since I just found out that I won an Arts Tasmania grant for FURY, to go with my Australia Council grant. People really want me to write this book! I’m also excited that the excellent new Tassie YA writer Kate Gordon got a grant too – luckily we had already planned to meet for coffee tomorrow, now we can add cake to the menu! Celebration cake!

Meanwhile, my friend Kaia in Sweden only recently discovered that when Australians and Brits talk about having their tea, they don’t necessarily mean drinking a cup of this:

Instead, we mean eating an evening meal. The origin of the term is of course the nursery tea which involves cakes, crumpets, toast and jam, or sandwiches, served to the kids nice and early in the evening, possibly in the nursery with Nanny so the parents don’t have to make their oyster stew or roast whelk child-friendly (oh, how I sympathise). According to Jane Brocket in her splendid book Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, tea gets higher and higher the later in the evening it is, and you are allowed to add things like sardines or sausages and finally, if it’s eight o’ clock, you can call it supper instead and have bacon and eggs with it.

High tea, on the other hand, is best served in a fancy or old fashioned hotel, with pretty bite-sized desserts on a tiered cake stand. Our favourite in Hobart is still the one at Hadley’s, which offers scones on the top layer, pretty sandwichable savouries on the bottom layer, and delicious tiny cakes in the middle.

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that tea in the TARDIS is automatically high, regardless of whether there are sardines involved. In fact, I would venture to say that this particular Tea is not only High. but Far: