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ROBOTECH REWATCH 29 – Azonia is a Sex Kitten Now

Robotech will be rewatched after these messages.

They’re using the word ‘protoculture’ a lot these days. Anyone would think that’s going to turn out to be important. Stay tuned.

This is just embarrassing for everyone, Azonia.

This is just embarrassing for everyone, Azonia.

31 – Khyron’s Revenge

The Earth Forces have scored themselves a Robotech Factory, which means they should be able to build themselves a bunch of Battlepods, plus they have an excuse to talk about protoculture around the protoculture water cooler when not making things out of protoculture because protoculture.

Sadly the factory was damaged in the fight, so that was a slight waste of everyone’s time.

Turns out the Robotech Masters, light years away, have co-workers to argue with. These co-workers are also a matching trio, with different shades of hair, and as my daughter points out, they look a bit like David Bowie (AKA androgynous and dressed like glam rockers). They still aren’t totally relevant to the main plot, but maybe someday.

Back on Earth, Rick is called to deal with a disturbance at New Detroit City, where they find rebel Zentraedi stealing a protoculture chamber – i.e. a sizing chamber, the essential tool that Khyron needs to keep his people happy, and whatever size they like.

Rick prevents the theft with a side order of judginess at their poor life choices.

Azonia and Khyron chew out the officer who failed to prevent the theft. Weirdly, close contact with Khyron has turned her into a flirtatious sex kitten, which he finds vaguely embarrassing (you’re not the only one, Khyron) and is serving as his second-in-command despite the fact that I’m pretty sure she outranked him before.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 28: Love is a Weapon (featuring: Babies are Adorable)

Robotech will be Rewatched After These Messages

A couple of episodes ago, I mentioned that I remembered the novelisation of Robotech by Jack McKinney as adding a sexual aspect to Rick and Lisa’s relationship during this time – and no, I wasn’t imagining it, thanks Chip for confirming that I was right! (of course I could have gone and just taken the books off the shelf but you know, that requires effort)

Unfortunately, if you do take the reading that Rick and Lisa are currently sleeping together but not actually talking, dating and he’s still acting all lovesick about Minmei then.. yeah, it makes him look like even more of a jerk than usual and her look like a complete doormat. So possibly not recommended.

Miriya_VivaEpisode 30 – Viva Miriya

So what have Max and Miriya been up to apart from having their adorable baby? Turns out they’re both still working as pilots, in this case on a mission under the command of Breetai.

The mission also includes Lisa, Claudia, Exedore and Rick, who don’t know why they’re here when they arrive.

Breetai, who is still giant-sized, is an awkward but affable host as he welcomes them to his old ship. They still don’t know why they’re here – and it turns out that Breetai has requested not only Max and Miriya, but their baby Dana.

Wonder what the occupational health and safety forms for THAT look like.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 27: Who the Hell Are The Robotech Masters?

ep30_robotech_masters_resurrect_zorRobotech will be rewatched after these messages.

Minmei is sad, the Zentraedi are cranky and oh look, mysterious clones in another galaxy! I wonder if they’ll turn out to be significant at all?

Episode 29 – The Robotech Masters

Unexpected Robotech Masters! Three mysterious men talking about Zor and the Invid suddenly turn up, talking about the missing protoculture factory and the secrets of Robotech. To some extent, they are explaining the plot so far, as far as what’s been going on with the humans and the Zentraedi, though it’s mostly lucky guesswork on their part.

They seem quite skeptical that humans might have been able to destroy Dolza’s fleet because, 1 ship against 4 million? So unlikely, though it does lead to the charming quote:

“The destruction of 4 million Robotech ships doesn’t happen every day…”

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 26: Whole New World

Picture 2Robotech Will Be Rewatched After These Messages.

We’ve entered a new phase of the story – and the one that I really think of as mine. I was a sporadic watcher of Robotech when I first discovered the show. Hey, remember the days when if you missed an episode you couldn’t just jump online for a catchup? It was years before I saw a lot of the early parts of the saga. But the New New Macross era (no it’s not called that) marks the stage where I was watching religiously and, let’s face it, obsessively.

Later when I got into the novelisations, the first one I owned was a collection of books 4, 5 and 6, which is the second half of the Macross-Rick-Lisa-Minmei story, and gave me an even more intense familiarity with these particular scenes and storylines.

So it’s this world-weary Lisa and shellshocked Rick who first made a strong impression on me, not to mention drunk and abusive Kyle, and the older, sadder version of Minmei.

Jack McKinney’s novelisations, by the way, are some of my favourite space opera novels of all time. They’re based on a cartoon, and yet he invests them with a great deal of gravitas, building up the storylines into something that feels tailored for an adult audience. I particularly love the chapter headings which are matched with snippets from “historical” documents, giving a larger sense of the history that these characters are making, and the story still to come. This includes academic texts, pop culture essays, and snippets from Lisa’s memoir.

The fact that she’s gonna be an Admiral someday doesn’t make the thing where she does Rick’s dishes any less weird.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 25: Ships Fall, Everyone Dies

EPS_40_4_9928Robotech will be rewatched after these messages.

Try not to cry as the world is destroyed.

Even my hardboiled, steel-coated nine-year-old was slightly distressed by the death toll in this episode.

Episode 27 – Force of Arms

So this is it, the big battle is about to happen. Space is “literally stuffed” (thanks, narrator) with Dolza’s ships. After Rick sends lovebirds Max and Miriya off to their ships, he catches sight of Kyle and Minmei. On the grounds that he’s probably about to die, he confesses to Minmei that he loves her, salutes and leaves.

Minmei runs after him after shaking off that jerk Kyle, who tries to stop her.

Gloval is still wrapping his head around the fact that he is fighting alongside Zentraedi now. It’s a headspin.

Minmei catches up with Rick during his important pre-battle glove-putting-on ritual and they do the awkward pause thing a lot despite time being distinctly of the essence. She tries to apologise about the whole Kyle thing but is basically having a panic attack about feelings while Rick is noble and self-sacrificing. Nothing is resolved.

Before Rick can even get in his ship to make a smooth exit, Dolza’s forces open fire on the Earth, razing it across the entire surface. Everyone, like EVERYONE on the Earth is killed (with only a few exceptions to be revealed). Minmei mourns her parents, and Rick whispers Lisa’s name. He pulls himself together quickly, asking Minmei to sing. He has a plan.

Because yet another rendition of Stage Fright is going to put a bandaid on this apocalypse? Okay, then.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 24: Provocative Pairing Rituals.

orange juiceIt’s all kicking off in Robotech – within an episode or two, the entire premise of the show is about to change. This one’s all about a meeting of the minds, and military secrets.

Episode 26 – The Messenger

The Zendraedi are approaching again, and so the humans on the SDF1 get their big gun ready, same as always. To their surprise, they get a message that the Zentraedi want a ceasefire and to actually… talk. Peacefully.

Naturally, Khyron takes this opportunity to try to attack, but Breetai’s Zentraedi fire on him until he behaves himself.

Rick is seriously weirded out at having to escort a Zentraedi pod ship directly to the SDF1.

On the podship, Exedore has been Micronised and is ready to visit the SDF1, though his guard is still super big.

Exedore introduces himself as Minister of Affairs upon arrival. His giant-sized pilot is asked to remain at the ship, and to their horror, a couple of human soldiers are asked to bring him a snack. They’re left trying to figure out how to acquire the world’ biggest sandwich.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 23: Fastest Wedding Plot Twist Ever

Picture 3 (1)Robotech will be rewatched after these messages.

THIS episode, people. THIS episode. Even knowing what happens, it blows me away every time. Of all the Robotech WTFery, and there’s a whole bunch of super uberWTFery still to come, this is the WTFest of them all.

And yet.

I ship it so hard.

Max and Miriya, you put the “whuh” in whirlwind romance and I love you to bits.

Episode 25 – Wedding Bells

Once Ms9 saw the title of this one, it was all I could do to make her watch it – and thanks to the spoilery Next Time announcement from last week’s episode, she knew whose wedding it was gonna be. Thanks for that, overly-invested and weirdly precognitive narrator. I only dragged her back to the show (words cannot describe how much she hates kissing and romancey stuff) with the promise of a knife fight.

Her eyes lit up. “With the happy couple?”


“Well all right then.”

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 22: Video Game Romance

24-miriya-not-amusedRobotech will be rewatched after these messages.

We’re up to one of my favourite subplots, the Max-Miriya romance. In my head, it always takes a lot longer for the two of them to, uh, settle things between them. But this episode is one of my favourites, and the game duel between them may have inspired an early scene in Musketeer Space…

Team Miriya all the way!

Episode 24 – Showdown

Lisa is off on her secret mission to convince the top brass on Earth that it’s a good idea to let the Zentraedi deserters integrate with their own society. Sami is taking her temp gig seriously, and she’s on fire with new confidence – so much so that she ends up chiding Captain Gloval for interrupting her. It’s adorable the way he lets the bridge crew scold him.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 20: Old Songs For New

Picture 3Robotech will be rewatched after these messages!

This is the one where the aliens think Kyle is magical, and Minmei sings a song.

Episode 22 – Battle Hymn

Dolza catches up on the Micronian kung fu movie via Netflix – and once again, Kyle’s magic powers and anti-gravitational kicking ability impress him. He’s a teeny bit concerned that all Micronians will have these skills. Meanwhile, the rest of the Zentraedi soldiers are melting at the heart about the tinny voice of the Minmei doll that Konda, Bron and Rico have been showing off behind the bike sheds.

Soldier: This singing really makes me feel funny.
Konda: Just wait until you hear the next song.
Soldier: Oh there’s another song?
My daughter: Nope.

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ROBOTECH REWATCH 19: Make Movies, Not War

21-a-new-dawn-300x229Robotech will be rewatched after these messages!

This one has a film premiere, a love square and an extra blog commentary by my nine-year-old co-conspirator in this rewatch.

Episode 21 – A New Dawn

Minmei’s movie Little Green Dragon is about to be released, and her drunken agent promises her anything she wants since she’s such a big star. She asks for a front row seat to be reserved at the premiere as a surprise for Rick.

Remember Jan, the “famous” Hollywood actress who thought she was going to win Miss Macross? She turns up in a bitchy cameo, attempting to pour red wine over Minmei’s “quaint” dress. Hilariously, because Minmei is made of diamonds and lucky unicorn glitter, the wine gets nowhere near her. Don’t mess with the Minmei, you cannot win!

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