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Where the Wonder Women Are: #5 Wonder Girl

We tend to assume that most superheroes with ‘girl’ in their names are spin offs from better known male character, but it’s not always true, even in DC Comics. Wonder Girl is probably the most prominent and iconic of the ‘girl’ superheroes who isn’t spun off from a man.

There are several characters who have used this name in DC Comics continuity. The first, most straightforward version of Wonder Girl was found in the junior adventures of Wonder Woman herself, Diana, just as the original Superboy was the junior version of Superman – in the early days of comics, there was a lot of time jumping and indeed universe jumping without anyone worrying too much about continuity issues. Then there was the Wonder Girl of the Wonder Woman TV series: Drusilla, younger sister of Diana, played by Debra Winger. (Carolyn Jones AKA Morticia played their mother Hippolyta – how cool is that?)

Besides Diana herself, though, there are two iconic women in the comics who have been Wonder Girl: Donna Troy, and Cassie Sandsmark.

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Friday Links Wants to be BFFs Forever

I generally try not to get excited about TV shows before they happen, despite that being one of the main themes of the internet, but Lauren Faust (new My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls) is creating a series of DC Shorts entitled Super Best Friends Forever, featuring Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Girl. And I think this is the cartoon I have been longing for! Sure, it’s going to be girly as hell. That’s the ENTIRE POINT. There’s enough Batman/superhero related material out there with only occasional girl cooties in it. I am hugging this one to my chest.

Possibly I’m also going to share it with my daughters. But only if they’re good.

Tehani at the Book Nut talks about the new TV series Outland, some of the more curmudgeonly criticisms of the show coming from some corners of Australian fandom, and how it has made her reassess her own fannish identity. You can be a fan without the seal of approval from fandom! People express their fannishness differently! These should not be revolutionary ideas, and yet…

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