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Send Charles A Tan to World Fantasy Con 2011!

Lavie Tidhar, Cheryl Morgan and a bunch of other international SF personalities have done a fabulous thing by setting up a World SF travel fund to help one person a year travel from a remote corner of the world to a major SF event. The inaugural recipient will be Charles A Tan, who was recently nominated for a World Fantasy Award – hopefully this fund will enable him to attend the convention. Please consider donating: there are some great booky rewards up for grabs, and it’s a wonderful cause.

Charles is one of those tireless people who throws bucketfuls of energy into our community – while he has edited small press projects, he is mostly visible for the work he does to promote the work of others. He blogs all over the place, but his own particular corner of the internet is Bibliophile Stalker, an essential daily source for links about what people are saying about our field on the internet. His passion is World SF, and helping to bring awareness to science fiction from countries (such as his own Philippines) which don’t have the huge SF communities and publishing infrastructures of the US or UK.

I know that I have personally really appreciated not only Charles’ promotion of my books (indie press and mainstream-published titles alike) in the last year, but also the perspective he brings to issues such as ebook piracy and copyright. He’s a cheery presence on Twitter every day as well as the many blogs he frequents, and I look forward to hearing him tweet from World Fantasy Convention!

You Can’t Go Wrong…

…when a fantasy writer as talented, hardworking and inventive as Glenda Larke thinks your books are worth recommending!

“Tansy Rayner Roberts’ book Power and Majesty (Voyager) won the Aurealis Fantasy prize in May (a thoroughly deserved win). You may not have heard of her, because she hasn’t been published abroad with a major publisher. Yet. Tansy writes powerfully sensual, literary fantasy that is both unputdownable and inherently commercial – story and characterisation at its wildest and most intimate best. Tansy hails from Tasmania and she is going places. Remember the name; you’ll hear it again.”

Check out the current SF MindMeld for a variety of recommendations of writers outside the UK & US who are worth checking out – from many corners of the globe!

unexpected tuesday links!

I skipped my Friday links post last week, because… well, you know. It was one of those days. I have so many links building up, though, I thought I’d better get one in now or I’ll end up having to produce a whole magazine by the time Friday comes around again! Also, some of my links are in danger of looking severely dated…

In other news, it is raining. Grim, vengeful rain. How else would you expect rain that holds off all day and then starts while I am EN ROUTE to pick up my daughter for school, with the baby in the back seat, so I don’t even get a head’s up that maybe today was not the day to put the baby in soft slippers? In other news, Jem has grown so much now that her feet entirely stick out of the stroller, and the plastic rain cover for said stroller. All of these facts are related.

Deb Biancotti is interviewed by Alisa at Galactic Chat!

Fabulous roundtable about (global) Women in World SF
– every comment is packed with intelligent, thoughtful ideas. I am delighted such a thing exists in the world. Some important questions are asked, like – why is it so easy for urban fantasy to be excluded from any discussion on spec fic? And why is it that crime readers are so much more open to female authors than SF readers?

The roundtable was in response to this original post by Joyce Chng about women outside the English speaking world are doubly marginalised in the science fiction field.

Maureen Johnson takes on the writer of that Wall Street Journal article (podcast), on the topic of whether YA fiction is getting too dark for teenagers to be allowed to read – fabulous radio and it’s cool to see how articulate Maureen is in person. It’s irritating that the final word goes to a caller who is obviously just out to plug his own book and hasn’t actually been listening to much that has been said in the conversation, and I was disappointed Maureen didn’t get to comment on what he said, but for the most part I think her point of view came across clearly and the conversation was absolutely one worth having.

This post by Tricia Sullivan is getting a little long in the tooth now, but I think it’s absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t already. To put it and the conversation it responds to into context, it’s also worth reading these two posts by Cheryl Morgan: Here We Go, and Further Thoughts. There is some intelligent, interesting conversation in the comments of all three of these posts.

I’m still chewing over my thoughts on the upcoming DC reboot, and this is one of the best posts I’ve seen exploring some of the problematic aspects of regressing storylines, particularly when it comes to female and minority characters.

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