The Bromancers: it’s a book!

My new novella The Bromancers is available to download this month, only to patrons. You can become a patron at any time for as little as $1 a month – at $2+ you get exclusive stories and access to the Galactic Suburbia Slack!

The Bromancers will go on general sale later in the year. It’s part of the Belladonna University series of stories which also includes “Fake Geek Girl” and “Unmagical Boy Story.”

Featuring: epic BFFs, obsessive fans, camping is the worst, basilisks make terrible parents, smooches, snark, geeky music, obsessive coffee (and not coffee) drinkers, even magical camping is the worst, broomsticks, cauldrons, silk shirts, tragic backstories unlocked, and a brand new Fake Geek Girl song (eventually).