The Epic Robotech Rewatch!

ep31_kamjin_celebratesIt’s finally finished! 85 episodes, 67 posts of mecha world-ending alien romancey goodness. The Zentraedi, the Robotech Masters, the Invid, oh my! Come and re-experience the cheesy glee of Minmei’s music, Rick’s failtastic lovelife, Max and Miriya’s crazy courtship, Admiral Gloval’s accent, Dana Sterling’s hovertank, and a whole mess of dirtbikes.

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1 – So Much For World Peace
2 – Who Put Pluto There?
3 – To Be In Love
4 – Welcome to the First Chinese Restaurant in Space
5 – Saturn Ahoy!
6 – Death by Flashback
7 – Dating in Deep Space
8 – Beauty Queens & Battloids
9 – It’s Not Easy Being Vermilion
10 – Even Educated Fleas Do It
11 – Single Sex Spaceships are for Girls Too
12 – Earth Sweet Earth
13 – Can’t I Smoke Anywhere?
14 – The Pacifist’s Fighting Feet
15 – Electric Dreams (in Outer Space)
16 – Don’t Make Dinner Plans
17 – Don’t Make Dinner Plans II Revenge of the Steak
18 – Popaganda
19 – Make Movies, Not War
20 – Old Songs For New
21 – Breaking into the Asylum
22 – Video Game Romance
23 – Fastest Wedding Plot Twist Ever
24 – Provocative Pairing Rituals
25 – Ships Fall, Everyone Dies
26 – Whole New World
27 – Who the Hell are the Robotech Masters?
28 – Love is a Weapon
29 – Azonia is a Sex Kitten Now
30 – Dating Tips for the Apocalypse
31 – Christmas is Sadness and Snow
32 – It’s the End But the Moment Has Been Prepared For

33 – Team Hovertank!
34 – Death by Ditzy Teenager
35 – Field Promotion is for Girls
36 – Ground Troops in Outer Space
37 – Prince Charming in a Red Bioroid
38 – I’ll Patrol the Discos!
39 – Romancing the Clone
40 – Who Are the Invid?
41 – Spies Make Terrible Boyfriends
42 – The Great Hospital Caper
43 – “Debriefing” the Dreamboat
44 – Three’s Probably Relevant
45 – Clone Emotion
46 – Drunken Weepy Jeep Song
47 – Your Humanitarian Ethics Are Spoiling My War
48 – Spy Hijinks Among the Clones
49 – Weepfleeing Justice
50 – Damn it, Zor

ROBOTECH REWATCH INTERLUDE: Dana’s Confusingly Vague Super Dimensional (Non-)Ending.

51 – Cool Rider
52 – You’ve Run Out Of Protoculture
53 – Rook Vs. The Red Snakes
54 – Lost in Translation
55 – All Roads Lead to Jonathan Wolff
57 – Aliens Cloned My Girlfriend
58 – True Snowmance
59 – Cactus in My Pants
60 – A Couple of Vines and a Coconut
61 – Underground Dirtbike Break Up Song
62 – Awkward Shirtless Holiday Camp
63 – Rick Hunter’s Sure Spunky
64 – Chill City
65 – Legwarmers of Liberty
66 – The Great Reflex Point Conspiracy
67 – Where in the Universe is Admiral Hunter?

2 replies on “The Epic Robotech Rewatch!”

  1. Gubaba says:

    I started reading these last night and finished up today. Absolutely brilliant!!

    (As a Fun Police Macross Purist (living in Los Angeles, with a large Japanese population, the truth wasn’t hard to suss out, and by the time Robotech had finished airing, I had the Macross Movie on VHS), I feel compelled to point out that most of the stuff you like about Robotech is present in the original Japanese versions, while most of the stuff you dislike was added to it for Robotech (except the shower scenes), but really, I don’t want to belabor the point… Your Rewatch posts were excellent.)

  2. Mortificator says:

    Wooooh Robotech finale! I don’t know what got me searching the series earlier this year, but I’m glad it led me here, reading your rewatch was a lot of fun.

    Since I first experienced the Invid part of Robotech in novel form, I went from Symphony of Light to The End of the Circle, which brought back the Hunters (and Sterlings) and avoided that unfinished feeling.

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