The Force is With Friday Links

Is this not the best author picture EVER? It’s an illustration by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings from this post at Angela Slatter’s blog, interviewing Australian media tie-in writers Sean Williams and Karen Miller about their individual work writing for the Star Wars universe. So very cool.

(and reminds me it might be time to send my CV to Big Finish again, begging them to let me write a Blake’s 7 novel – you don’t get if you don’t ask!)

The Locus Kickstarter project to restore & archive a huge collection of photographs and ephemera has already met its target, which is fantastic, but they have many other projects in mind so it’s not too late to sign up to support them.

Sean the Blogonaut talks about his platform in running for NAFF
(the National Fan Fund) and links to where you can vote or support the fan fund. I’m voting this year, for sure! Check out the candidates for yourself.

Some gems from regular linkee Sarah Rees Brennan: a Sleuth Thursday post on Roxanne Ritchi of Megamind, and a very inspiring Tumblr post about embarrassing yourself on the internet.

A wonderful radio interview with Lalla Ward
, mostly about the recent release of the novelisation of Shada (she read the audio book) but also about her history with Doctor Who, and with her dear friend Douglas Adams. Worth it too for her reaction to the question ‘so you were married to Tom Baker?’

Seanan McGuire talks about the importance of actual, open sexual diversity in fiction.

Which leads well into this discussion of gay characters in YA dystopia over at the Outer Alliance. Lee Wind has done a follow up post looking at some of the other blog responses.

Foz Meadows talks about normative sexism in geek culture.

There’s a new Tumblr celebrating Diana Wynne Jones life, books and career.

And now, a blast from the past, courtesy of Calapine:

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