The Rampaging Return of Liquid Gold.

Liquid Gold Cover LASTRemember those comic fantasy novels I got published back in the 20th century when beer was 5p an ounce and children all had excellent manners? Here’s one I prepared earlier!

Liquid Gold was the second book in the Mocklore Chronicles, often erroneously referred to as the Mocklore trilogy. A sequel to Splashdance Silver (though intended to work as a standalone novel) it continued the adventures of Kassa Daggersharp, pirate queen (and occasionally witch) and her slapstick crew of half-arsed criminals. Liquid Gold introduced a time travel plot, a new tough female character in sensible armour, and a bunch of classical history and mythology references (I was in third year university when I wrote it, had just chosen my Classics major and was terribly impressed with myself for taking a Latin reading course of The Aeneid from which I borrowed copiously).

Sadly the print run and distribution for Liquid Gold was much smaller than for Splashdance Silver, and so over the years I have heard that many people who had enjoyed the first book never managed to source a copy of the second.

Well, now you can! Thanks to Tehani at Fablecroft (and the ebook production work of my own silent producer) Liquid Gold is now available for sale in e-edition. You can currently pick it up via Amazon/Kindle or in any preferred format from Wizard’s Tower Books, and it will soon also be available at Kobo and Weightless Books.

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4Original Blurb:

Liquid Gold – the most seductively dangerous substance in the history of the cosmos – has just been discovered in the Mocklore Empire. But no sooner does its creator, Mistress Opia, realise its breathtaking capacity to manipulate time than Sparrow, the troll-raised mercenary, steals it away.

With the Liquid Gold unleashed, nothing will ever be the same again, certainly not for Kassa Daggersharp, who is unexpectedly killed by a rampaging trinket. As the Underworld’s latest client, Kassa is in a position to notice that something is terribly wrong with the afterlife – and everywhere else.

Meanwhile, an escaping Sparrow teams up with Daggar, a profit-scoundrel doing his best to be unscrupulous. But neither are prepared for the repercussions of tampering with the Liquid Gold.

Tansy Rayner Roberts’ hilarious sequel to ‘Splashdance Silver’ has a full complement of dysfunctional gods, dastardly villains and butt-kicking heroines.