Thoughts from Worldcon

I’m awake crazy early and if I don’t catch up on blogging the early days of the con now, I never will.

Typingn on the iPad, which is an odd experience – I miss my laptop like a sucking hole in my chest. Next time I do a con I am totally leaving my children behind and taking my laptop.

Not that the iPad has not been awesome to us this trip, providing children’s entertainment, instant 3G access to internety stuff so we don’t have to rely on the super expensive rates everyone else is complaining about, and so on. I am desperately regretting my refusal to upgrade my phone, as I do miss twitter rather a lot, actually. I suppose it’s good for me.

We arrived Wednesday evening and before even coming to the hotel, landed on Random Alex and her husband for delicious snack and a catch up with friends Alisa, Tehani, Kathryn & Jonathan Strahan plus significant others, etc. Raeli took an instant shine to J’s girls, which was to be a theme of the convention. She has been making small female friends constantly!

The Riverside apartments are lovely, with a view of the south bank which light up with gushing flames every hour. Raeli was delighted with the trains rushing by far below us. It turned out we were much closer to the con centre than we had dreaded, and the promised storm has not yet made the walk untenable.

Thursday began with the setting up of the dealer’s room, and was especially memorable for the grand opening of the box of Glitter Rose hardbacks, direct from the printer, which turned out to be perfect and pink rather than blue, and actually having pages rather than just being composed from bubblegum wrappers and string, which I suspect was one of GJ’s many nightmares. I’ve heard so much buzz about this book at the con, how pretty is is, and how excited people are about it, so hooray. With nine books on display the biggest problem at TPP was how to stack them all up on the table without it collapsing.

Other notable dealers room antics were provided by Raeli, who befriended a certain junior member of the Girl Genius family, and spent what seemed like hours playing hide and seek with her under tables. I still have not as of Sunday morning actually looked at all the stalls in the dealer’s room. It’s always so busy and has been a fantastic hub to the convention.

I spent several hours in an ebook information afternoon for Harper Voyager authors which was very enlightening. It seems as if they, as with many other Australian publishers, are now rushing headlong into embracing the ebook revolution. It will be very interesting to see how this all eventuates. The future is here! It was also a great chance to catch up with Voyager authors and staff I knew and many I didn’t. Plus there was exquisite tiny food on offer, which I am still raving about days later because omg, tiny food!

I missed Helen Merrick’s book launch, which was sad but inevitable, and then went out for dinner withTerri, Tehani, Alex, and the redoubtable Flintharts – Dirk has brought his Elder Son along for I think his first real con experience, at the age of ten, which is many kinds of awesome. The best bit was young Jake and Alex competing for who loves Girl Genius more, and who was more excited at discovering the Foglios here at the con.

Friday I had actual programming to worry about. We started the day with the “live” Galactic Suburbia panel which went great. We had far more people there than we had expected, and it is hilarious how many have congratulated us for keeping it under 50 minutes, thereby proving how week they know the show. One of the most awesome things about this con is in fact how many people have talked to me about Galactic Suburbia! The recording has come out week, though Jem was a bit too authentic and had to be taken out, while Raeli played the perfect child and sat beside me one the stage, patiently joining the dots on the official presenter notepads, and eating sweets out of the jar.

I took Jem to Kaaron and Angela’s book launch after that, which may at this point be the only programming I’ve attended as an audience member. Not deliberately, as there are so many panels I wanted to see, but I’m just so busy!

Then it was a panel on non traditional publishing in YA, which was notable at first because the room had originally been scheduled for something with China Mieville in it, and when we announced we were not China Mievile, all but two people walked out! The next person who walked in seemed quite alarmed to be sternly informed that we were not China Mieville, as she had actually come to see us!

This was the panel of which I had been most worried about not having much to say, as all my experience with non traditional publishing forms had little to do with YA, but luckily this was the case for most of the panelists, so we carried on quite nicely and talked about Cat Valente a lot. I later discovered that the panelist who actually is starting a YA ezine had been inspired by Shiny, which was very cool.

Having left my copy of Power and Majesty back in the apartment, I had to quickly buy a copy of it in the dealer’s room and picked up a copy of Blameless at the same time. My reading went well, I think, and I was very pleased afterwards to discover that Mondy and Scottish Liz were in the audience. I presented Liz with the book on the grounds that my bag was heavy, and there need to be more copies of my book in Scotland. Maybe if I send one, the rest will follow!

After that, Alisa and Alex and I frocked up in the secret baby change room and prepared for the evening events. First the Voyager 15th anniversary party which was mighty and grand, involving coat checks and more tiny food and purple daiquiris. Possibly we lost cool points for squealing every time my book flashed up on the big screen (other people’s books were up there sometimes too) but it was great fun and there was much mingling, circulating and of course gossiping.

It was sad to tear ourselves away from that, but there was the Ditmars to go to, and so we took out frock age elsewhere. I won’t go into the specifics of the Ditmar ceremony here because we recorded a Galactic Suburbia mini ep about it, and you can listen next week!

The night was still not over. We returned to Terri and Tehani’s apartment for a mellow gathering which was a lovely way for me to chat and socialize, knowing I was only a 30 second lift ride from my baby, should she wake up. I got to spend some quality time chatting with Rob Shearman which almost made up for missing the con at which everyone else got to make friends with him!

And now I think I am caught up, though obviously I have missed a million people and details. Such as the time I was at the TPP stall and met both Rob Shearman and John from Boxcutters in the space of 30 seconds, and my head exploded from fansquee. Or when I met Paul Cornell and he told me that he reads my blog!!! Hopefully he won’t read this bit.

Did I mention that today is the Doctor Who panel I am on? Eeeeeee! This is really a fantastic Worldcon. I am so glad I came.

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