Verity!Extra! and the Andy Pandy Overalls Revelation

sarah jane andy pandyThanks to the wonderful editing skills of Erika (@hollygodarkly) we have put up a Verity!Extra! podcast this week – featuring a discussion on Doctor Who Companions and their Clothes.

We’ve all had those conversations, right? About the crazy Jo Grant Couture, Amy Pond’s tiny skirts, the adorable go-go boots worn by Polly and Liz Shaw, the alarmingly short shorts sported by Turlough in Planet of Fire, and OH what horrendous crimes against the human body did they force Nicola Bryant into for almost all of her run as Peri? Not to mention Ian’s obsession with Barbara’s combat cardigans, Tegan’s endless flight attendant uniform, Nyssa’s crushed velvet, the modern vs. classic companion attitude to high heels, and whether or not you could actually hunt a Sontaran while wearing Leela’s leathers.

Miraculously I think we remain the only Doctor Who podcast not to have discussed Zoe’s silver catsuit in The Mind Robber at length. GO US!

204421270558004960_Tq1lgchM_cIt’s so lovely to have people who will rant with me about how Downton Abbey has a Book Of Costuming and Doctor Who does not. I even put together a Pinterest board to illustrate our Verity!Extra! It was fun to hunt up all the costumes we mentioned, and especially to answer Deb’s challenge to prove that Sarah’s overalls were a LEGITIMATE 70’s fashion thing for women.

I put in a picture of Andy Pandy too, for those who didn’t get the reference to the old TV puppet show only to blow my own mind by discovering that while his outfit is indeed candy-striped, he doesn’t wear overalls! Shock!

This does explain why googling ‘Andy Pandy Overalls’ brings up Sarah Jane in The Hand of Fear as the first page, though.

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  1. Elanor says:

    I just listened to the episode and enjoyed it thoroughly. I would probably wear Martha’s clothes, though I’m developing a soft spot for Jo Grant’s boots. Also, I would happily kill for Miss Hartigan’s red gown.

    I would like to point out that Amy also wore trousers in The Girl Who Waited – and that armour costume was awesome! 😀

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