Week 2! Post-Continuum.

So, I’m wrecked, basically. Between travel, a long weekend of intense socialising, my current work commitments and oh yes, my daily radiotherapy appointment, I don’t have a spare second to breathe, let alone do my nails.

Also, every spare minute is being siphoned into Kickstarter promotion, so there’s that.

Look, we made it to $12,000 before the end of Week 2! And $130 backers! Why yes, I have created adorable robot icons for many upcoming milestones!!!
Storify of my recent Twitter thread about how awesome our authors are — look at me, developing new skillz!

It was lovely to meet many of our fabulous backers (and authors!) at Continuum last weekend, and to see the backer numbers rising after every public discussion/presentation about Mother of Invention.

We had Galactic Suburbia ribbons! And Verity ribbons! Stage 1 of our plan to “bring the ribbon thing” to Australian cons, achieved! I also acquired a gorgeous ‘Feminist Killjoy’ embroidered necklace from Tiddles Emporium in the dealer’s room. I ate the most perfect cake ever designed at the Luminescent Threads book shower. We recorded Galactic Suburbia live!

I presented the Peter McNamara Achievement Award to Rose Mitchell at the Ditmar ceremony which went down rather nicely. I also won a couple! Well, I won a small percentage of the Aussie Snapshot Ditmar, but I also won Best Novella for “Did We Break The End of the World,” my Defying Doomsday story. (The anthology also co-won Best Collected Work!) The trophy is designed by the glorious Kathleen Jennings.

Here is the full list of Ditmar winners:

Best novel
The Grief Hole (Kaaron The trophy is designed by the glorious Kathleen Jennings.

Best novella or novelette
‘Did we Break Thee End of the World?’ (Tansy Rayner Roberts in Defying Doomsday, Twelfth Planet Press)

Best short story
‘No Fat Chicks’ (Cat Sparks, In Your Face)

Best collected work (tie)
Defying Doomsday (Tsana Dolichva & Holly Kench, Twelfth Planet Press)
Dreaming in the Dark (Jack Dann, PS Publishing)

Best artwork
Shauna O’Meara for illustration of Lackington’s #12

Best fan publication
2016 Australian SF Snapshot (Greg Chapman, Tehani Croft et al)

Best fan writer
Foz Meadows

Best new talent
Marlee Jane Ward

William Atheling Jr Award for criticism or review

The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower, (Kate Forsyth, FableCroft).

Congrats to all the winners, nominees, and people who came along to the ceremony for the heck of it. It was a great night. I may still post my full Peter Mac speech, and I have also promised to put together a reading list post from our Forgotten Mothers of SF panel but I have been so swamped this week. It’s coming!