@WeTasmania, Cupcakes and More.

loveromanpunkcupcakesIn a surprise plot twist, I will be taking over the @WeTasmania tweetstream for a whole week starting tomorrow.

Follow the account for my adventures in The First Week School Is Back. The idea behind the account is for Tasmanians in different parts of the state to share their world with, well, the universe. Here’s a spoilerific hint: my world is going to involve a lot of iced tea and typing. I HOPE.

For the occasion I will also learn how to Twitpic. Yes I’m almost certain that’s a verb. BE WARNED.

In other exciting domestic adventures, the astounding Terri has started back blogging about the awesome book-themed cupcakes she made for the Twelfth Planet Party at Continuum last year and all the other cupcakes can go home now, because she has put up a post about MY LOVE AND ROMANPUNK CUPCAKES.

It’s actually been a week for cupcakes because I invented black forest cupcakes for my honey’s birthday, but let’s move on, shall we?

Over on the Verity! podcast, they made an episode without me (pout!) which involved some fascinating discussion about the Tenth Doctor, and particularly the negative perception of “Tennant Fangirls”, and geek girls in fandom in general.

Doctor DistractingI got to write a “My Two Cents Post” AKA what I was yelling at the air while listening to the podcast going on without me, and addressed my own issues with School Reunion, and why it’s impossible to imagine that Sarah Jane fancied Tom Baker, but I’m okay with her fancying David Tennant. A bit.

Please note: every time there is a complaint in the comments that the Verity! podcast or blog is making het male fans uncomfortable by acknowledging the relative hotness of Tennant (or indeed any other Doctor), I am totally going to post a picture of Turlough wearing short shorts in Planet of Fire. IT IS RELEVANT TO THE CONVERSATION.

Oh, and my slightly less regular Doctor Who podcast, the companion piece to our Doctor Who in conversation blog series (with David McDonald and Tehani Wessely) is discussing Genesis of the Daleks this week for our Episode 2. Sadly Daleks appear to have attacked Skype, which is the only explanation we can offer for the very dodgy sound quality.