Winning at November

So I finished Nanowrimo and ‘won’ in that I completed 50,000 words of novel this month (though I think it doesn’t technically count as a win because I wrote them on two different novels, too bad, I’m counting it). I didn’t do much ELSE this month, of course, but I also was glad to feel that I didn’t completely neglect my house, children, reading obligations, etc. It’s almost like I’m getting the hang of this novel thing. Only the first week was teeth-grindingly hard.

Which of course has made me raise the bar of expectations as to how many words I can put on the plate when I am officially writing a novel – the old 1000 words 5 times a week is starting to look somewhat shabby. Still… no use thinking about that now, I have months and months before I can be actively writing new words every day again. Though the collaborative novel I am writing with the magnificent Kate will continue on and off over the next month or two I guess… at least I get whole days when I am not actively supposed to be working on it!

So I wrote 40,000 words of weird Shakespeare necromancy novel, to the point where I think I know the plot and the shape of the series, which is exciting, even if the chances are I won’t get to finish it any time soon (at least, if the Nancy series takes off, this one will have to wait, which will be GOOD NEWS).

The holidays are racing fast towards us, and I realised today why it is I try to arrange things so I have hardly any writing work to do in December – school only has a few weeks to go and it’s all assemblies and haircuts and homework and Christmas preparation and extra social engagements and general domesticity taking over, and I totally have to let it do so otherwise my head will explode.

Mind you, my ‘summer holiday’ is also going to consist of critiquing a bunch of manuscripts for ROR, a sekrit editing project, an extra mini-sekrit writing project (just for fun), and you know, I did half think I should be writing some short stories pretty soon. Plus super mighty Tiptree reading. So… there’s that.

Also I have to be prepared for the fact that at some point the part of my brain that I like to call the Gingerbread Zone is about to go ‘ping’ at any moment, and whip me into a frenzy of baking, decorating and menu preparation. Because it does that. One has to allow for these things. If you’re going to occasionally go into berzerker mode where pre-soaking dried fruit in brandy or melting icecream in order to refreeze it in interesting shapes makes ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD then you’ve got to plan your schedule around those times when the ginger-nutmeg haze comes down and there are sudden gaps in your memory…

Yep, that’s right, it’s beginning to look a lot like (NO, DON’T SAY IT, NOT ALLOWED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE COMING SEASON UNTIL IT’S DECEMBER)

Oh, wait.

December is tomoooooorrrrrow!

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  1. Holy crap, December *is* tomorrow!

    I also included my short story in my 50K 🙂 These things happen.

    I am pondering gingerbread houses this year. I’ve kind of stopped eating wheat and sugar, which really puts a downer on a ginger bread house! Plus with John’s 40th on Saturday, my 37th on the 12th, a party here on the 13th and everything else going on from going away parties, christmas tree decorating parties and everything in betweem… Maybe I should ignore the urge to make gingerbread houses…

    Though I did offer to decorate if my friends bake…

  2. tansyrr says:

    You could always make one as a gift for friends or family! If you want the fun of making it, it would be a spectacular gift to receive.

    A gingerbread house decorating party would be fun – everyone pre-bakes their own slabs and turns up to one house for a frenzy of royal icing and sprinkles…

    I’m still a little dizzy by the one from this year’s Masterchef where they made their own jubes!

  3. That is what we do – we go to Mel’s house and bring our own pre-baked gingerbread houses. It’s so much more fun with other people. I just don’t know if I can be bothered to bake it this year.
    I do like the gift idea. This is why cakes for gifts are brilliant. I get the fun of doing it all, and then I get rid of the corpse and other people eat it! Yay!

  4. Thoraiya says:

    Everyone who ‘won’ NaNo is awesome. Congratulations!

    And yes, today is the first day of December. Confused by the Small One with “the First Day Of Christmas”, ie. “But Mummy we are supposed to do something Christmassy, it is the first day of Christmas! We can make a Pet Tree in a Pear Tree!”

    Pet Tree in a Pear Tree, eh. Maybe I can make one out of gingerbread 😉

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