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Day 28 – First favorite book or series obsession

I’m going to take a leaf out of Alex’s book and instead of talking about my childhood series obsessions (mostly in various shades of Enid Blyton) I’ll talk about the first fantasy series I really obsessed about as a teen. Not Eddings, though he was certainly my gateway drug.

Jennifer Roberson. Chronicles of the Cheysuli.

Looking back on those books now, they are one hot mess of problematic gender relationships. Every female protagonist ends up raped, and most of the male characters I initially liked turned out to be rapists. Which kind of sucks. It’s a little disturbing how little that meant to me as a fourteen year old discovering fantasy fiction – I didn’t *enjoy* reading about women being raped, but it was something so common in the fiction I was reading, that much like the grotesque violence in David Eddings books, it was something I shrugged off.

Wow, teenagers are kind of sociopathic creatures, aren’t they?

The other thing about the books which I remember, looking back, is that the romances really frustrated me. If I had known about the existence of fanfic back then, I would have been writing my own emo stories about Finn/Alix and all the other couples I WANTED which never happened, while systematically erasing all those boring canon couples.

Wow. These books have not aged well in my memory.

So why did I love them so much? Shapechangers was I think the first fantasy novel I ever read which had a female protagonist, and I loved Alix deeply and fiercely, even if she did go off with the wrong bloke. I loved Keely as well, who I think was Alix’s great-granddaughter. The whole thing was a gorgeously textured family saga, covering many generations, with magic and politics and diplomacy all tangled up together. I loved the scope of the story, the uncomfortable relationship between the rulers of Homana and the shapechangers who began the series as outcasts and ended up, through marriage and strategic policies, as the rulers themselves. I loved the epic, tangled family tree and how the “heroes” and “villains” were ultimately united through love and children.

And, of course, I fell in love with the characters. Doesn’t it always come down to that?

The funny thing is, while I also followed Roberson’s other series, about the Sword Dancers, which was far more feminist, had a far more innovative and unusual fantasy setting and had a fabulous romance at the heart of it, I never loved it quite as much. Teenagers. Also with the rubbish taste!

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