Writing for Children!

In addition to her work for adults, Tansy has written one novel and several short stories for children and teenagers.

“Nine Times,” written with Kaia Landelius and published in children’s SF & Fantasy anthology Worlds Next Door (Fablecroft 2010), was nominated for the Aurealis Award for Best YA Short Story.

“Like Us,” (published in YA zine Shiny, 2009) was nominated for the Aurealis Award for Best YA Short Story

Seacastle: The Lost Shimmaron #1 (ABC Books 2007) by Tansy Rayner Roberts was the first of a series of magical adventure novels, each written by a different member of the ROR writing group. The Singing Stones: The Lost Shimmaron #2 was written by Margo Lanagan, and The Evil Overlord: The Lost Shimmaron #3 by Rowena Cory Daniells.

Long ago, a craft of mystical beings, the Shimmaron, crashed in country Australia. Water filled the crash site forming a mysterious purple lake which the locals called Shimmer. The town of Amethyst was built around the lake. The force of the crash scattered the Shimmaron through time and space. They long to go home but they can’t until enough of them return to the lake. Only the children of Amethyst can hear their cries for help.

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